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School subjects have specific competitions depending on the subject. Currently, there are three school projects to participate in.

They have unique rewards and puts the player's skills to the test. They require the player to be resourceful, looking in places that they may otherwise wouldn't look. Additionally, these projects may also require the player to enter dangerous areas at their own risk.

All competitions will be held exactly twenty-five days after the quest is received from a respective teacher for that project - at the Town Hall on Cliff Street, near the Café. Take the bus to get there quicker.

They are held between 9AM to 6PM. Don't miss it!

Competition List

How to Unlock

  • Science Fair - Attend Science class again after attending the first initial class. The earliest day to receive the quest is on the 6th of September, 2 days after the game started. Starting from that specific day the quest is obtained from Sirris, the player has exactly twenty-five days to enter the competition and complete the quest.
  • Maths Competition - Attend Maths class about three to four weeks (21+) into the school term. The earliest day to receive the quest is on the 27th of September. Starting from that specific day the quest is obtained from River, the player has exactly twenty-five days to enter the competition and complete the quest.
  • English Stage Play - Attend English class around November (this is the only project that is in a specific month and can be fully missed for the year if the player does not receive it in time). The quest is obtained from Doren, the player must pick one of three characters to play. the player then has 25 days to practice their lines and participate in the play.


Participation in School Competitions are solely optional, but highly recommended to do so for the rewards. Note that it is possible to enter with an unfinished project, as there are other ways of increasing chances of success.

Working on a School Project

Once the player has advanced enough in the quest, they can then return to a place to work on the solution itself. This can be within the confines of the player's bedroom (one of several safehouses, and the starting one) at the Orphanage, otherwise they can work on the project at the school library. For the Stage Play the player can rehearse with Sydney and/or Kylar after school on Wednesdays in the English classroom.

Adding to the project takes away a few in-game hours. The more the player adds to their project, the more complete the project will become, increasing the chances of it winning - potentially up to 100% if the player has everything they need.

The Journal will inform the player of how complete their school project is as well as the chance of the project winning the competition. Ideally the player would want to win it fair and square, though it may make things easier to find alternative ways of winning, such as means of sabotage.

Competition Rewards

  • Winning a Competition grants the player with the unique "X Winner" trait, the X standing in for either the Science Fair and/or Maths Competition. They will also receive a feat of the same name.
  • The player will win £500 regardless of the competition, but they also receive a £2000 reward when winning the Maths Competition, as well as massive decreases to Trauma and Delinquency.

See the specific competition pages for more info on rewards.

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