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The Science Fair is the first out of the three School Projects found within Degrees of Lewdity. Winning the Fair will grant the player with beneficial rewards, each reward determinant based on what project the player picks.


  • Attend Science class again after attending the first initial class. No other requirements.


Sirris has assigned their science class the task of putting together a unique science project of necessary "items" gathered across the world before the deadline. They inform the class of one such project they can pursue, more specifically where it can be found - Lichen. After which, the player must present their project at the Science Fair held at the town hall on Cliff Street.

The player has only just a few weeks (twenty-five days) to produce a project that impresses not only Sirris, but Leighton as well.

There are three potential options for projects to present at the Science Fair - the Lichen Project, the Mushroom Project, and the Local Phalli Project. Note that the player can only present one project at the Science Fair, meaning it is best to focus on one project instead of multiple.

  1. Lichen Project - gather four specifically-coloured lichen scattered around the Town to complete the project.
  2. Mushroom Project - gather five mushrooms and wolfshrooms within the Forest to complete the project.
  3. Local Phalli Project - Measure genitalia on the Beach ten times. To unlock this lewd idea, the player will need Promiscuity 3 or above. The player may get this area during class when daydreaming, or after waking up.

Unlocking More Projects

The default project task assigned to the player will be the lichen project, however the player can also unlock the mushroom and phalli project through specific means.

  • Lichen Project - Automatically assigned to the player.
  • Mushroom Project - Wander the Forest for a while until an event where the player stumbles across some growing mushrooms. Instead of eating them, choose to take one for the school project - discovering the idea for the new project.
  • Phalli Object - Requires the player to reach a Promiscuity rank of 3. This unlocks a lewd idea the next day.


All will greatly reduce Trauma and reward the player with a prize of £500, but they have specific benefits as well.

  • Lichen will endear the player to their teachers, increasing their opinion of the player.
  • Mushrooms will increase the player's school Status, making the player more popular with the other students.
  • The Local Phalli project will make the player more famous, granting them with a boost to Sex Fame.

Making Progress

To make progress with a project, the player must choose one out of the three given. As stated above, the player can choose to complete all three projects, but they will only be allowed to present one on the day of the science fair.

Lichen Project

For this project, the player will need to find four uniquely-coloured lichen. These are the white lichen, pink lichen, violet lichen and purple lichen respectively - all found in different places around the game's world.

This is the default project task assigned to the player.


White Lichen

Found at the Park. Regardless of what the player may pick, asking for help or choosing to climb, this is where the player can meet Avery for the first time.

Pink Lichen

Found within the Temple, behind the window of a tower. The player might need some assistance in order to get it, unless they have high Skulduggery. Be warned, the temple assistant the player asks may have some lewd ideas they will act upon after the lichen is obtained.

Violet Lichen

Found within the storm drain, exiting into the sea. The best route to go is to Elk Street, then through the Industrial Drain System. Once there, choose the option that leads to the drain ocean exit. This is where the lichen will be found.

Purple Lichen

Found within the Forest Lake Ruins. Head to the Lake at the center of the Forest (use School Grades to unlock a quick shortcut with the History skill to deeper within the Forest, then head slightly further to reach the lake) and then dive down until the ruins is reached.

Be sure to monitor the Air level carefully. The Swimming skill will come in handy here. If the player runs out of air at any point, they will have to resurface to breathe. Otherwise, once depleted, there will be a massive boost to Stress each turn - eventually resulting in the player passing out if they are not careful..

Once the player touches this lichen, they will be affected by a hallucinogen. They will then be forced into a combat encounter with the Ivory Wraith. Once over, return safely to the surface with the lichen in hand.

Mushroom Project

For this project, the player will need to find five different mushrooms and wolfshrooms, adding up to a total of ten mushrooms for the player to complete their project to the best of their ability.


They are scattered deep within the Forest, but fairly close to the Town. The player will randomly come across one at each interval, in which they can choose to eat them or leave them alone, but there is a third option to take it for their own project. To remain safe, stay near the entrance of the Forest, up to about the Forest Lake.

For wolfshrooms, however, the player will need to search deeper. Beyond the Lake and near the Wolf Cave is where wolfshrooms are typically found, where wildlife flourishes without human intervention. It is only deep within the Forest that wolfshrooms appear to the player.

Local Phalli Project

For this project, the player will need to measure penises/clits ten times. Note that this project is only unlocked if the player has a Promiscuity level of 3 or more, otherwise it will not appear.


Check the Beach, on a sunny day. A good time to do it is during midday, on the weekends. To proceed with this project, simply go up to people and ask to measure their genitalia. Avoid asking when multiple people are around.

To avoid any potential trouble, choosing to ask people asking for money is generally a good idea, as they tend to not mind what the player asks of them - after all, they are asking for money in the first place. While others may still let the player measure them, they will only choose to do so in exchange for sexual favours - other NPCs may flat-out refuse, or simply have their way with the player regardless.

How to Win

The Social tab is the best way of indicating how complete the project is as well as the chance of it winning the fair. Ideally, the player would want to win it fair and square, but they can use tricks on the day of the fair to gain an advantage over the competitors.

  • One specific-coloured lichen will add 25% towards the Lichen Project.
  • One mushroom/wolfshroom adds 10% towards the Mushroom Project.
  • One penis/clit measured adds 10% towards the Local Phalli Project. The last option is Phallus Measuring Project and it requires at least Promiscuity 3 or higher to unlock. The player can head to the Beach on a sunny day and ask people to measure their dicks (or clits); with sexy results. Completing this one will give a pretty large boost to fame and a £500 prize.

Presenting the Project

On the day of the fair, the player will present their project. Their main competition is a rival of sorts that has a unique flower collection. If the player has not completed their project in full, they can use this opportunity to use their Skulduggery skill as a way of sabotaging their competition. When the judges come to inspect the project, they will be displeased with the rival's "carelessness" - with them almost being in tears.

Regardless of the choice that the player makes, the PC can flirt with Leighton for a 10% extra chance of winning, or sabotage the competition for another 10% chance. As stated above, even if the player does not have a fully finished project, they can use the bonus 20% chance to get better odds of winning the fair. Going over 100% doesn't seem to have any bonuses.


  • The unique "Science Fair Winner" trait, as well as the titular feat of the same name.
  • A total of £500
  • Big decreases to Trauma and Delinquency. The latter gets reduced by 1/6.

One of three extra rewards depending on which project the player entered:

  • Lichen: Big decreases to Delinquency, a reduction of 1/3, resulting in halving Delinquency with the above reward.
  • Mushroom: Big increases to Status.
  • Local Phalli: Large boost to Sex Fame (100).

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