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The statistics for Sexual Skills completely maxed out.

Sexual skills are levelled through the use of their corresponding body parts (or seducing people for Seduction). Every turn, the body parts the player is currently using for sex will gain a small increase in their corresponding skill.

The skills are graded F, D, C, B, A and S. They do not degrade over time. Note that a female will not have a Penile skill and vice versa. The Chest skill is not exclusive to women, as both men and hermaphrodites can also have breasts (implants; parasite-induced growth...). A higher grade in a particular skill will give the player a higher chance of success when using its corresponding body part during combat.


Seduction is levelled by flirting with NPCs. It increases regardless of its success. This skill is especially important, as it allows the player to escape from many situations using their body and make more money with certain forms of prostitution. Hanging out at the pub, working at the spa, and helping with Robin's Lemonade stand on the weekends are some good ways to grind it. Certain NPCs have higher or lower standards, and some events have steeper requirements.

The success of seduction depends not only on the player's seduction skill, but also their attractiveness. The average of these two is compared to a required minimum grade required to seduce the target. Note that there is not a random element to this (a player with a total seduction rank of B will always seduce NPCs which require a C or lower, for example).


How good the player is with their mouth. This is a good skill to have for if the player is trying to maintain their virginity, as they will be more successful at using their mouth to pleasure the other party and will bring them to climax faster. The player should always have a backup plan though, as during non-consensual encounters, the player's mouth may end up being covered and therefore unavailable for sexual favours.


How good the player is at using their genitals. This skill can still be levelled without engaging in penetration and even when wearing a Chastity belt. A person with an S grade of these skills can end some encounters in just a couple of turns!


How good the player is at using their anus. Just like the Vaginal/Penile skills, it can still be levelled without engaging in penetration and even when wearing a Chastity belt (Even if equipped with an Analshield).


How skilled the player is at using their hands. This skill is one of the easiest to level up, as the player can pleasure two partners at the same time using their hands, however, it is also potentially the least reliable, as during non-consensual encounters, it is not uncommon for the player's hands to start out restrained by the attacker, not giving them a chance to use them.


How skilled the player is at using their feet. Foot jobs, basically! This is a useful skill to have should the player find themselves bound or restrained. Together with the Hands, Chest, Thighs and Buttocks skill, this skill is particularly useful when trying to avoid being penetrated.

The Feet skill is also closely tied to high heels (Shoes with the trait "High Heeled") - high heeled shoes require the player to have a Feet skill at least equal to their "Reveal" value (the exact value for each pair of shoes can be checked here). If the player does not meet this, they will tend to trip and fall, and walking will be noticeably more tiring for them.

The player can increase their Feet skill in non-lewd ways by attending heel lessons at the Dance Studio. These are available every Tuesday and Thursday. Note that the player must bring their own heels to lessons!


One of the three alternative ways to pleasure a partner. When there is a penis near the player's anus, they have the option to "Try to keep it away with your cheeks" (Promiscuity 4). The player can also keep a tongue away in a similar manner. The success of this option and if the player can keep the penis occupied is determined by their Buttocks skill. The safest way to level this skill is by wearing a chastity belt with an Analshield.


This lets the player use their thighs better, generally for keeping lewd things away from the player's groin.

This works as the second "alternative" to penetration. Similarly to the Buttocks skill, when a penis is near the player's vagina, they have the option to "Try to keep it away with your thighs" (Promiscuity 4). There is also a similar mechanic for keeping a tongue away. The easiest way to level this is to wear a Chastity Belt.

The Thighs skill is closely tied to the Riding school - riding horses increases the player's Thighs skill and in turn their Thighs skill makes them better at controlling their horse.


The Chest skill is the last alternative skill and one of the most difficult skills to level in the whole game. The player must have a penis hovering near their lips, which gives them the option to "Grab between breasts" (Promiscuity 3). Note that when attempting to do this with beasts, it is impossible to initiate by the player, as the beast's penis will be too close and pulling away will not work. When attempting to initiate this with humans, the player must first move their mouth to their penis and then pull away to get the option to give a so-called "titjob". The easiest way to level this is to work at a glory hole.

Note that players with a flat chest (even if male) will be able to perform all chest-related sexual activities (without any penalty).

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