Sex Toys

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Sex toys are accessories for assisting sexual activities. Most characters can interact with these items in some way shape or form. When used volunteeringly by the player character, they can use them to pleasure themselves or others, including masturbation and encounters.

Where to Find

After the Adult Shop opens, sex toys can be purchased during opening hours (4pm-9pm on weekdays, 9am-9pm on Saturday). From there on, sex toys will be more popular among NPCs.

Breast pumps can also be purchased in the hospital pharmacy.

Available Sex Toys

Under "Sex toys" section in a safehouse, the player can choose to carry, wear, or throw away any sex toys they own. Five items can be carried at a time.

  • Dildo
  • Small Dildo
  • Anal Beads
  • Butt Plug
  • Bullet Vibe
  • Strap-on (normal sized)
  • Horse Cock Strap-on (enormous sized)
  • Knotted Strap-on (large sized)
  • Stroker (fleshlight/onahole)
  • Aphrodisiac pills (can be used during masturbation)
  • Lube (used in encounters, will make insertions easier)
  • Breast Pump (allows for more efficient milking, stores breast milk in bottles)


Most carried items can be used when masturbating if the player has Awareness 3. Using them when masturbating does not take the player's virginity. With Awareness 4 and D grade vaginal/anal skill, the player can place a butt plug, anal bead, bullet vibe or dildo on the floor and ride it.

The player can wear anal beads or butt plug if they aren't wearing a chastity belt fitted with anal shield. Wearing them slowly increases arousal. During combat, monsterpeople and humans can pull it out with their hands, but beasts can't.

With Promiscuity 3, most carried items can be used on an NPC in consensual encounters. This counts as hand skill.

The player can also wear a strap-on. Penetration using the strap-on doesn't take away the player's virginity, and doesn't break chastity vow. In non-consensual encounters, this isn't counted as rape, so the player doesn't suffer additional control loss.

Strap-ons can be gifted to Eden (needs 50% love), Robin (needs 20% confidence), Alex, Kylar and Sydney (needs chastity belt to be removed, and in Lustful state if not Corrupt).

There's a chance for NPCs to react positively or negatively to the player using sex toys in an encounter. If enabled in settings, Random NPCs in an encounter can carry dildos and whips (deals pain to the player).


Sex Toys were added in version 0.3.8.x along with the Adult Shop.