Smuggler's Cave

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The Smuggler's Cave is a remote location west of the Beach, hidden among rock formations along the coast. It is home to lurkers, tentacles and other dangerous entities, but treasure awaits those who dare venture into its belly.


First time description upon entering the cave: "You swim into the cave, towards the soft light. Your hands grasp rock, and you pull yourself into a pocket of air. Bioluminescent lichen clings to the walls."

People of Interest

  • Smugglers

How to Enter

The player will need to go to the Beach first and go out into the sea. The player will then need to swim west, in the direction of some rocks. Upon climbing onto the rocks, away from view of town, a sheltered space atop one of the rocks stands above a deep pool. Slipping into the pool and diving inside will reveal a dim light all the way in the bottom of the pool. The player will need excellent Swimming in order to dive all the way in without drowning, since 11 turns are needed to reach and grab the white jewel. The player can then surface into the cave.

First Steps

The only way into the Smuggler's Cave is through the pool mentioned above. After swimming all the way to the bottom, the player can surface at the cave. After this the cave can be explored, or the player can return into the water and swim back up. Going back will not take 11 turns like the descent did.

The player's location within the Caves is tracked based on how far they have gone into the caves, by a number between 0 and 100. The player begins at a depth of 0 and movement into or out of the cave, increases and decreases the player's depth by 5 respectively.

  • Journey deeper (0:10)
  • Journey towards the sea (0:10)

Thus it would take the player 20 steps into the cave to reach the end of it. The player is given an idea of their depth by the following text:

  • At a depth of 0 (the entrance):
    • Water comes up to your neck. The cave ceiling dips beneath the surface nearby. That way leads outside, but you'll need to swim.
  • Up to a depth of 19 (1-3 steps in):
    • Water comes up to your neck.
  • Up to a depth of 49 (4-9 steps in):
    • Water comes up to your waist.
  • Up to a depth of 99 (10-19 steps in):
    • Your feet are submerged in rushing water.
  • At a depth of 100 (20 steps in, the end):
    • You're at the back of the cave. A decayed wooden throne sits in front of you.

10 steps into the cave, the player can stumble upon the Smuggler's Pub, this entrance is identifiable if the player can recognize the Smuggler's Pub. This is possible by either having an A* in History or been in the pub previously by using the tunnel in the Old Sewers or successfully escaping the Smuggler's Pub before by the method described in the 'Leverage' feat below.



  • Six Antiques can be found in this location:
    • A White Jewel at the bottom of the pool, obtained upon entering the cave. On the Museum it will be displayed as a "Diamond".
    • A Silver Dagger in good condition tucked away in an adjacent cave.
    • Either a Rusted Cutlass or an undamaged Steel Cutlass which can be found locked in an ancient chest that can be picked open with Skulduggery.
    • A Treasure Map which can be found in the chest at the very end of the cave (One time only).
    • A Silver Compass that can be found in the same chest as the Treasure Map (Refreshes every sunday).
  • Four Feats can be earned here, "Spelunking", "Leverage", "X Marks The Spot" and "Abnormal Mollusc"
  • The only way into the cave is through the pool in the rock formations of the coast, but the player can exit this location via a hole in a wall of the Algae-coated Tunnel in the Old Sewers. However, the only way to exit the cave through there is after getting captured by the Smugglers. Alternatively, the Smugglers may let the player go away and climb some stairs through the Sewers and out into Town.
    • This may indicate that there is an extensive cave system beneath Town, spanning the Old Sewers, the Smuggler's Cave, and possibly including the Underground Brothel.
  • This is a very dangerous location, for the player is at risk of non-consensual encounters with tentacles, slugs, and also getting gangbanged by Smugglers.

Smuggler's Cave

There are two possible persistent threats as the player spends time in the Smuggler's Cave. Both pursuits take 6 points of progress to catch the player. The type of pursuit is only chosen when the threat reaches the player, not beforehand. Opening most chests and going for loot will add one point of progress to the pursuit. The encounters can be:

  • The Smugglers
    • This can be a nonconsensual encounter with up to six smugglers. If the player manages to fight them off, they can escape and continue exploring the cave.
    • If the assailants cum, they decide to take the player back with them, blindfolding and tying the player's arms.
    • The player is brought to the Smuggler's Pub, giving the opportunity for the 'Leverage' feat.
  • Slugs (if enabled)
    • This begins a creature attack with giant slugs. If they player does not pass out by the end, they will escape and can continue exploring the cave.
    • If the player passes out, they will wake up in the Giant Slug Cave, giving the opportunity for the 'Abnormal Mollusc' feat.


There are number of events the player may encounter while in the Cave:

  • Your foot kicks something hard and hollow.
    • The player may trigger a Skulduggery check, possibly finding the Steel Cutlass and the Silver Dagger.
  • Your foot kicks something heavy, but not as hard as a rock.
    • The player may trigger a Skulduggery check, possibly finding the Rusted Cutlass and the Silver Dagger.
  • A tunnel leads away from the main cave, the ceiling dipping below the surface of the water.
    • The player may trigger a swimming check, possibly finding the Silver Dagger.
  • The cave branches in two directions.
    • The player is put to a History check to decipher markings on the wall. The player could be sent back out of the cave (-10 depth), or to a chest and finding the Silver Dagger or the Rusted Cutlass.
  • The water surges around the player.
    • Starting at depth 50 (10 steps in), the player's Dancing skill is checked, with the player either keeping their footing or falling to the cave floor and suffering + Stress and + Pain.
    • Starting at depth 20 (4 steps in), the player holds onto an outcropping as the water damages the player's lower wear.
    • Otherwise, the water will carry the player out of the cave (-10 depth) unless the player can swim against the water and manage to resist its pull.
  • You hear a weighty groan above, as if the cave were about to collapse. + Stress
  • Something brushes against your ankle. + Stress
  • There are gems embedded in the walls here.
    • With sufficient Awareness: The "thousand watching eyes" will inflict + Stress, the players can reply for + Awareness and - Trauma.
    • Without Awareness: The gems will give - Stress
  • The pursuit escalates.
    • The threat pursuing the player grows closer and a point of progress is added to the pursuit.
  • If pursuers are closing in, a tentacle (rope if tentacles are disabled) from the ceiling grasps the player. + Stress - If the player has sufficient Skulduggery, the player will automatically notice and avoid this trap.
    • This adds a point to the intensity of the pursuit, the player can either Squirm free, sacrificing their top, or Wait, if they are unwilling or unable to sacrifice their top.
    • Wait will lead the player's pursuers to find them, freeing them from the trap but immediately beginning the player getting caught. However, less smugglers will show up if the player was further from the pursuers when being caught. The tentacle variation will additionally inflict + Arousal.
  • Something seizes your ankles. Tendrils wrap around them. + Stress
    • The player can attempt a sing a soothing song using Tending to escape. Failure leads to the same outcome below.
    • Otherwise, the player enters a nonconsensual encounter with tentacles.
    • If tentacles are disabled, the player only finds a harmless jellyfish, suffering only the stress.
  • You notice a crack in the wall up ahead. + Stress
    • The player can walk normally by, which becomes more difficult as pursuers get near the player.
    • Or rush by, which depends on the player's Athletics. + Stress
    • Failure of either adds one progress to the pursuit. If this hits the threshold, the player will be caught.
  • The floor gives way, and your foot sinks several inches into silt. + Stress
    • The player Wrest it free from the silt (+ + Pain) or Take their time (0:05), adding one point to the pursuit.


After grabbing the Jewel while swimming down the pool to the Smuggler's Cave, there are 5 further antiques that can be acquired:

  1. Found with a Skulduggery check, the Rusted Cutlass can be found in a chest. The cutlass may also be found with a one in two chance if the player picks the correct path at an intersection in the tunnels.
  2. Found only at depth 30 or greater (6 or more steps) with a Skulduggery check, the Steel Cutlass can be found in a chest.
  3. There is a one in three chance of also finding the Silver Dagger in any chest found above (with the Rusted Cutlass only if at least 3 steps in). The dagger may also be found if they successfully swim through an underwater tunnel or with a one in two chance if the player picks the correct path at an intersection in the tunnels.
  4. Found at the end of the cave (20 steps in), the Silver Compass (refreshes every sunday) can be found in a chest at the end of the cave. This compass can only be collected once a week.
  5. If not acquired before and with a Skulduggery check, the Treasure Map (one time only) can also be found in the same chest as the compass.

Spelunking (Feat)

When entering the cave through the pool at the rock formations in the coast, the player needs to dive all the way to the bottom and grasp the White Jewel. It will take eleven turns of underwater swimming to do so, and for this reason good Swimming skill is recommended.

X Marks the Spot (Feat)

Reaching the end of the cave where the Treasure Map and Silver Compass are located can be very difficult, due to the size of the cave and the possibility of getting captured by smugglers. The player could consider turning back if having poor luck and picking up watchers early. Stopping to open every chest found along the way is not recommended, as doing so increases the number of enemies in pursuit. Wearing some kind of upper clothing is advised, as this will let the player escape the tentacle trap by wriggling free, sparing them from being caught at the cost of losing the piece of clothing. Players should remember that they can create Seaweed Tops when on the rock formations at the entrance of the cave at the coast.

The Slug encounter is significantly easier to get through than the smugglers gangbang due to the fact that the slugs will not kidnap you like the smugglers do. This will let the player continue navigating through the cave and escape without passing out. If getting to the end of the cave is your goal, it may be worth enabling slugs in the game settings, as this will reduce the likelihood of encountering the more dangerous smugglers.

When reaching the bottom of the cave, the player will find an old wooden throne with an elaborate chest. There the player can find the Compass. If possessing good Skulduggery, the player can discover a hidden compartment in the chest that can be pried open to find the Treasure Map, plus unlocking the feat 'X Marks The Spot'.

Should the player visit the throne again on another occasion, only the Compass will be found.

Smuggler's Pub

The player will be pulled onto a stage in front of a pub of smugglers and be pressured to dance. Here, the player can escape to earn the feat below, dance, or refuse and be forced into a nonconsensual encounter. This can be very dangerous due to the gangbang that occurred immediately before.

Unless the player escapes, depending on the player's actions, the player will likely be attacked by a number of smugglers before being rescued.

You hear a whistle, and the room quiets.

The mysterious person convinces the smugglers to release the player, as they push them blindfolded down a tunnel and then up and out of a manhole. The player is released back in town, and if their arms are unbound, they can remove and discard the blindfold.

Leverage (Feat)

In order to achieve this feat it is necessary for the player to get captured by the Smugglers. After being found and gangbanged by 6 smugglers, they will blindfold and restrain the player, taking them to a deeper part of the cave where other smugglers are. When prompted to dance, the player can demand their arms be unbound, and then snatch the knife from the smuggler's hand and threaten them. Good Dancing skill and the Defiant trait are necessary to anticipate the smuggler's movements and hold the knife against their throat. The player will get the feat after escaping the cave and entering the Old Sewers. However, it is very likely the player will pass out after this is done, for all the stress accrued in the previous gangbang.

Giant Slug Cave

You awake in time to feel yourself be pulled beneath the surface. The rushing water takes you, dragging you through some hidden crevice. You soon emerge, plummeting several feet, your fall broken by something soft. Soft, and slimy.

The player quickly realizes they are in a separate smaller cave with the Giant Slug. If vore is disabled, the player will jump off the slug and begin the chase. Otherwise if the player is clothed, the slug will have a tight grip on their clothes. The player can remove their clothes or struggle using Physique for the chance of keeping their clothes and starting the chase. Failing this struggle with begin a vore encounter against the Giant Slug.

The slug will chase the player, catching the player if 3 points of Distance are lost. The player can not have more than 3 Distance on the slug at any time. The player is presented with four tunnels that lead away from the chamber, one will randomly be the exit. Each time the player selects a tunnel to check, a random event is selected:

  • You approach a pool of slime.
    • Jump over (Athletics)
      • Success yields no effect
      • Failure forces the player into a swarm encounter where every ten turns of combat causes - Distance.
        • Simply causes - Distance if swarms are disabled.
    • Run Around | - Distance
  • The giant slug rears up and points its mouth at you.
    • Dodge (Dancing)
      • Success allows the player to move while the slug recovers (+ Distance)
      • Failure forces the player into a creature encounter where every ten turns of combat causes - Distance.
    • Brace | - Distance
  • The giant slug slams against the ground. (Physique)
    • Success allows the player to quickly escape without distance lost.
    • Failure causes the player to take too long to escape. (- Distance)
  • The rocky ground is smoother than normal up ahead.
    • Sprint (Athletics)
      • Success gains the player some distance. (+ Distance)
      • Failure causes the player to tumble and fall before getting up again. (+ Pain | + Stress | - Distance)
    • Be Careful

If the player loses their distance on the slug, they are caught. This begins a vore encounter with the slug if vore is enabled, or causes the player to immediately pass out and wake up on the Beach if not. If the player escapes the vore encounter, the player must start over the whole slug cave if they were not in the right tunnel to exit before getting caught. If the player passes out or is eaten, the player wakes up on the Beach.

Abnormal Mollusc (Feat)

Having the slugs toggle enabled in the game settings is necessary to achieve this feat. Exploring the cave for a prolonged period of time may end up in the player getting attacked by slugs. It is necessary for the player to pass out in this encounter, because after waking up the player will face a gigantic slug, which is presumably the parent of the smaller ones encountered before. The player will need to escape it in order to achieve the feat. Very good Athletics is recommended to do this.

Escaping the slug allows the player to follow the tunnel out and back to the surface, with the player dropping back into the sea near the beach, the sewers, the forest, or the underground lake, depending on the tunnel that was used to escape.


  • White Jewel (Displayed as a Diamond at the Museum)
  • Rusted Cutlass
  • Steel Cutlass
  • Silver Dagger
  • Silver Compass
  • Treasure Map
  • Spelunking (Feat)
  • Leverage (Feat)
  • X Marks the Spot (Feat)
  • Abnormal Mollusc (Feat)


  • This location was first introduced in Version
  • The Smuggler's Cave was planned for several updates before 0.2.19, but was pushed back due to time constraints.
  • The Smuggler's Cave may comprise a very wide network of caves, since it is connected to the Old Sewers as well. Smugglers can be intercepted both in the Old Sewers and in the rock formations of the coast near the beach shore, which is quite telling of the clandestine operations happening inside the cave itself.
  • The Treasure Map, if handed to Winter in the Museum, is noted to depict the town and surrounding area. The X marking the treasure is located somewhere in the Harvest Trail, suggesting that the player will be able to uncover more high-value antiques in this area. In the deepest part of the moor, the map is used to dig up the Sonorous Bell antique.
  • In the Smuggler's Pub, the mysterious smuggler that stands up for you is Wren.