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Smugglers are NPCs that can be found around the town. They are known in the criminal underworld for their valuable goods.


Smugglers have no set description, as they tend to deal their wares in the shadows. It can be assumed that they wear light-weight clothing to get around easier, and dark clothing to match to remain hidden.

First Meeting

The player's first meeting with the smugglers will probably not be directly with them, but rather hearing about them and potential goods they may have. It is rare, but possible, to stumble upon smugglers without knowing about the haul.

Tracking Down Smugglers

Listening in when working as a bartender at the Strip Club will work well for gathering information about smugglers around the town. The player will overhear someone leaning close to another person, whispering something about smuggling. Choose to eavesdrop on them.

For higher rates of success, use the Skulduggery skill to get an advantage.

Upon succeeding with Skulduggery, the player learns of the "big haul" coming in at a specific time, on a specific date, and at a specific location.


Typically smugglers will do their business just before midnight, though it may be possible for them to be encountered earlier. There are a few potential meet-up hotspots for where the smugglers will smuggle their goods through. These are listed below:

Note that these will always take place from 9PM onwards, up to 12AM. They disappear after midnight.

  • Old Sewers: The Algae and Crumble tunnels are hotspots, although this may vary.
  • Bus Station: Loading goods onto one of several buses stationed here. Pick the lock using Skulduggery and enter.
  • Simply encountering them at random anywhere on the town's streets during late hours.
  • Forest: Go deeper once from the forest shop. Indicated by a flickering flame.
  • Beach: Swim over to the rocks when swimming in the sea.

Once you're informed of the smuggling deal, head to the location on the day the meeting is planned. For example, they may be bringing goods through the old sewers.


The smugglers' relationship with the player will stay the same, regardless of what the player does. Their relationship cannot be expanded upon.


The player's interaction with the smugglers will be minimal, at most. Their task is to take the smuggled goods for themselves.

Smuggling Deal

Check the Journal for when smugglers are bringing something valuable into town. It will state the date, as well as the location they are bringing the items through.

Upon reaching the exact location, the player will see a figure sat on a stool, warming their hands over a makeshift fire. It's noted that an open bag or box lies besides them. Inside it is a glowing metal tube, with purple glow in a small window and writing in a unfamiliar language that the player is uncertain of it's contents and how they should even open the object.

Using Skulduggery, steal the object. Successfully retrieving the item triggers a prompt to appear:

"Someone with underworld connections might give you something for it."

Once obtained, like other stolen goods, it can be cashed in to Landry for £2,000.


  • While they do not fall under the same category as named NPCs, they are of more importance than a typical town NPC.


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