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Soft bad endings, otherwise known as "failstates", "prisons", or simply "bad ends", are one of several choices the player can make within Degrees of Lewdity. These will typically be locations or states the player can end up in. They usually involve the player being abducted and taken to that location.

All soft bad endings share a similar state in which the odds are purposefully designed to be stacked against the player.


While Degrees of Lewdity has no true good or bad endings due to being a sandbox game, it does have 'failstates' that operate as a sort of bad ending, albeit ones that can be escaped with effort and some planning.

Most of the events that transpire in these locations aren't within the player's control for the most part - the player will be forced to do several things against their will. Screaming for help, pleading, demanding, trying to seduce one's way out of a situation, etc are pointless actions and can often make the situation even harder to manage.

Additionally, certain NPCs may also have direct involvement with these locations, such as Harper.

Failstate List

There are several unique failstate locations the player can end up in if they're not careful:

Failstates exist for potential Love Interests, allowing the player to choose an option that essentially removes them from the game entirely so they cannot be interacted with for the rest of the playthrough. This is done through their respective dismissal event and can only be performed for specific named NPCs.

A list of NPCs that can be dismissed is shown below:

Additionally, certain NPCs may also have direct involvement with these locations, such as Harper.

Obtaining Failstates

Obtaining a soft bad ending is generally not recommended, but if the player wishes to do, a list on how to access these failstates is provided below.


To get to the Asylum, the player's Trauma state needs to reach Visibly Disturbed or higher. They must then proceed to pass out somewhere, or schedule an emergency appointment with Harper should the player have appointments set up with them every Friday, prompting them to order the player be moved from the Hospital over to the Asylum for further "treatment". The player will then be held here until the player's Trauma/Awareness drops to a relatively healthy level or after a successful attempt to escape the Asylum. This ends Hard mode if the player is in Hard mode.

Underground Farm

There are eight specific ways the player can access Remy’s farm. Some methods may only be obtained if the player has already been there before.

  • Bailey - As a third punishment for not paying them.
  • Moving Boxes - When offered a job to move boxes for £30, a rare occurrence has the NPC shove the player into the back of their van. While the player can escape from this situation depending on certain stats, failing the escape attempt or waiting it out has the van drive away to the farm.
  • Bus Station - Investigate the strange van parked here. This is the most surefire way of accessing the farm. Triggers at random but is typically accessible except in rare occasions. Once the event is triggered, the player is locked inside the van as it takes off to the farm.
  • Café Suspicion Arrest - If the player reaches high Café Suspicion during the Café Campaign, there's a chance for police officers to place them under arrest for lewdity. If the player is arrested by the officers, they will end up at the farm.
  • White Pill Trap - Requires the cow transformation. When the player flirts at the pub and is then escorted to the forest, they may be given two coloured pills, a pink one (an aphrodisiac) and a white one (a trap by one of Remy's associates to bring them back to the farm).
  • Harvest Trail Pass-Out - If the player passes out at any point while hitchhiking to the Farmlands, they may end up at Remy's farm upon waking up.
  • Alex's Farm Pass-Out - If the player passes out at any point within Alex's Farm, they will be abducted and taken to the Underground Farm. This is due to Remy having eyes on Alex's farm and anyone acquainted with it. However, if the player has high Love with Alex, Alex may rescue them.
  • Park Abduction - Requires the cow transformation. While running in the park at night, there's a small chance of the player getting abducted and taken to the farm. This doesn't require nudity.


To access this area, the player must have a significant crime stat. There is no other way to enter.

The player must have been locked in the pillory first, and once they have served that sentence, reached a high enough level of crime before being arrested/turning themselves in. A crime level (not crime history) of 5000 is required, or 6250 if the player voluntarily turns themselves in.

Underground Brothel

There are three options on how to access this area.

  • Bailey - If the player submits to Bailey four times (or loses the fight against them), the fourth and final location the player will be sold off to is the underground brothel.
  • Crime - With a high Crime level, police officers will be waiting to arrest the player when the player wakes up at the Hospital. Resisting arrest may have the player be led into a hatch where they are then snatched by unsuspecting hands lurking beneath. If the player fails to fight the assaulters off, regardless of the player's choice, they kidnap the player, taking them to the underground brothel.
  • Briar/Mickey- After the player completes the Police Infiltration quest line, if they enter the Pub with high enough negative Fame, they will be able to do assignments for Mickey to either lower Negative fame or boost Positive fame, temporarily or permanently. Asking to permanently lower Exhibitionism fame or permanently increase Combat fame has a 25% chance of Mickey asking you to use a USB drive to hack into Briar's computer at the Brothel. Attempting this and failing to escape will cause the player to be beaten and then thrown into the Underground Brothel.

Dog Pound

There are three ways to become imprisoned in the Dog Pound.

  • Free the Black Dog. Requires high Respect among the dogs and a good Tending skill. Note that this method is only available once.
  • Pass out in the streets of town with the complete Wolf Transformation.
    • This can occur even if every part of the player's transformation is hidden; so long as they've progressed to the sixth stage, they're at risk of getting abducted in the streets.
  • Get caught having sex with one of the pound's dogs (consensually or otherwise). There are two scenes where this may occur.
    • When brushing a dog, it may begin to hump the player's leg. If the player fails to tell it off or simply lets it happen (Deviancy 2), they run of the risk of climaxing and triggering a nonconsensual encounter. Should they Scream for help or end up knotted by the dog (occurs if the player's vagina or anus has been fully penetrated; unlike other knotting scenes, this is guaranteed rather than a 20% chance per encounter), they'll be caught by an employee and imprisoned. Both scenes require beasts or monsters to be enabled.
      • The amount of arousal gained from this scene is very low - 600 for failing to tell the dog off, or a mere 200 or letting it happen. For reference, 10,000 arousal is needed to orgasm; the player's current arousal can be seen in the Extra Stats tab of the Statistics menu. To ensure that the player cums, it may help to masturbate to near-orgasm, with the additional help of butt plugs or aphrodisiacs from the Adult Shop to prevent the player's arousal from going down.
      • Note that there's only a 50% chance for this scene to occur when brushing a dog. Should the player get unlucky, they'll need to leave and bring their arousal back up before trying again.
    • Sneak into the pound after hours, and tease a dog (Deviancy 2). Either see the event through to completion and break into a cage (Deviancy 4) to trigger a consensual encounter, or climax at any point to trigger a nonconsensual one. In either case, end up knotted to get caught.
      • In order to get caught, the player must get knotted around the pound's opening hours, meaning they'll need to break in between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Getting knotted beforehand simply has the player escape before any staff shows up.
      • Screaming has no effect in this encounter.
      • This can only be done once a day.

The Mines

Players can access the mines by passing out in the Barb Street Flats. This is not a guaranteed event. The player will wake up the middle of an auction, waiting for their turn to be auctioned off.

The Island

There currently is only one way to get to the island, which is for the player to max out their stress and pass out while swimming at sea away from the coast. Higher allure increases the chances of washing up on the shore, but it is not a guarantee.

It is now also possible to reach the island willingly by being sent there by Jordan, after reaching enough grace and rank in the Temple.

The Pirate Ship

If the player maxes out their stress and passes out while swimming at sea, the player may be "rescued" by the pirates, who then take the player on the ship as scum.

The player may also enter the Pirate Ship willingly by going to the Smuggler's Bar and talking to Zephyr after receiving the Island quest by Jordan.

Why They're Considered Bad Endings

The main reasoning behind these failstates is that the player does not go there willingly usually, often by means of being abducted. Another reason is that the player cannot leave through normal means and must find a way of escape, which can be very tricky to pull off successfully.

Additional reasons as to why these locations may be considered soft bad endings:

  • Some of these locations are punishments by Bailey for not paying them. They have no qualms with selling the player into being used in any way they want. This is something the player (in the context of the game) has been actively trying to avoid from the very beginning.
    • Additionally, the whole premise behind paying Bailey is to ensure that the player prevents themselves from being sold into such a situation.
    • The player can also make sure that Robin doesn't end up in a similar fate, as seen here: Robin's Quest
  • Even players accustomed to acts like prostitution won't benefit, as the player has very little to no control over their situation at the failstate location.
  • The Underground Brothel is designed to be a "final punishment", making it the worst failstate to achieve.

Escaping Failstates

Failstate locations will be very tricky to escape if the player is not careful.

For more information on how to escape, visit their respective pages.

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