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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Soft vore encounters - otherwise referred to as "soft monster vore" in full - are one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity. It is intended to be a unique and rare encounter type.


Enable Soft Monster Vore within Settings. Soft vore encounters can be found in more dangerous areas such as the Forest and/or Ocean, near the Beach.


Soft vore encounters are always listed as non-consensual, and involves the player trying their best to prevent themselves from being swallowed up by a very large creature. These can range from whales to giant slugs. They are large enough to a point where they are able to swallow the player down to the maw, trapping the player deep within their stomach walls. If Tentacles are enabled, the player may have to fend off tentacles during the encounter. Generally, the player must have the hallucinations trait for tentacles to show up.


Currently there are whales, snakes, frogs, giant slugs, and giant lurkers to be found.

  • Whale: Swim around in the Ocean, near the Beach.
  • Snake: A random encounter in the Forest. Also appears in a picnic event involving Robin. Deeper in the forest, the snake will hypnotize you first, immobilizing you for a few rounds. Never has tentacles during encounter.
  • Frog: Forest Lake, when the player is swimming around the surface of the lake while it's raining. Requires bestiality to be enabled, and uncontrolled severe hallucinations.
  • Giant slug: Smuggler's Cave, when passing out after an encounter with slugs, and failing to escape the giant slug. Requires slugs to be enabled. When tentacles are enabled, always has tentacles.
  • Giant lurker: Moor, when the player is in the deepest areas with quicksand and failing to avoid falling in to a large crack that randomly opens in the ground underneath them. The player will fall on what is described as a "pink, pulsating mass". Will have tentacles if hallucinating and tentacles are enabled.

Escaping the Maw

When the creature is savouring the taste, or feeling "content" - use that opportunity to escape! To make things easier, use both arms to do so.

The player's plan is to prevent it from swallowing them any further, and ensure it doesn't take advantage of the player's vulnerability. If it is preparing to gulp the player down, that is considered to be the player's most vulnerable state! At this point, hold on for dear life to prevent being sucked down any further, until the creature salivate in anticipation. Free trapped arms from the maw, then nipples, then genitalia and finally legs.

If images are enabled, the maw should not be visible, and only the Player Character on their hands and knees. Once free, escape one more time in safety.

Alternatively, do not resist. Get carried down into the creature's maw. At this point, there is nothing preventing the creature from swallowing the player further. The walls will close in around the player each turn and their parts will be trapped by the creature. The game will notify that the world starts to fade as the player passes out, before waking up elsewhere. The good thing about this is that the player is now free from the encounter, but at the cost of waking up to something unwanted.

Soft Vore Events

There are also soft vore events in the world that don't involve combat.

  • Lizard: Venture in the Old Sewers. The player holds still and allows the lizard to consume them. If the player chooses to resist, a standard rape encounter occurs instead. After being eaten, the player orgasms and loses consciousness. The player later wakes up in the Forest and slides out of the lizard's maw. This event requires high Deviancy (Deviancy 5) and monster boys/girls must be set to off or only during hallucinations.
  • Pitcher Plant: While wandering in the forest, the player can end up in an area thick with pollen and feel lightheaded. If the player chooses to continue and fails a Willpower check, they will be pulled into the plant. If the player fails to escape, their clothes will be dissolved and they will be molested and milked by tentacles. The player can be compelled to initiate this event by an Ear Slime Parasite. Requires Tentacles to be enabled and Severe Hallucinations trait.

Unique Trait

A Sexual Trait is tied to this toggle: Tasty.

To achieve this trait, the player must have been swallowed 20+ times.

Tasty - You've found your way into the belly of many creatures. They'll have a harder time swallowing you as they savour your taste.


  • Soft Monster Vore has existed since the first public release of the game.
  • It has been established that the main developer, Vrelnir, has a kink in soft vore. He has an appreciation for soft vore in the same way as his appreciation of tentacles. Nonetheless, he has stated that more hardcore vore enthusiasts will be disappointed by what he wants from the toggle.
  • The difference between soft and hard vore is that hard vore involves full digestion of the participant - worst cases involve death of the participant. Vrelnir is not a fan of this. Soft vore, however, is much more lighter. There is no digestion of the participant involved, only that they are swallowed whole.
  • Originally, the toggle was simply named "Vore". A subtle change in Version 0.2.14 was a renaming of the toggle to be more suiting of the vore included in the game.

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