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The Soup Kitchen is one of several unlockable areas, meaning the player cannot access it until certain requirements are met. It is located on Wolf Street.

The kitchen is only accessible in the evenings from 6PM - 9PM. It is owned by River.


"You are in the soup kitchen on Wolf Street. Rows of crowded tables line the hall. The kitchen proper sits at the back, filling the room with the smell of warm soup."

How to Enter

There are two ways to access the soup kitchen:

  • Method 1: Temple praying. A monk/nun may go around at random intervals with a collection box. The player must specifically choose to offer a large donation of £25. Once the donation is given, the location will be revealed to the player.
  • Method 2: Danube Spa seduction. If the the player behaves "alluringly" when they have a "polite" client, the player has the opportunity of seducing the client for more money. Polite clients will nod at the player before lying on the table. Requires an S rank to succeed. Do this, and they will inform the player of the soup kitchen.

First Steps

Upon finding the kitchen hidden among the trees near the temple, the player enters the building, smelling cooked vegetables as they approach. They find themselves inside a large hall, with long rows of tables running down the length of the hall. They seat people of all ages, including several families. It's noted that no one looks in the player's direction as they enter.

The player will then approach the far end of the hall, where they spot someone spooning soup into bowls. This turns out to be River, with several nuns and/or monks from the temple assisting them.

If the player has not encountered River yet, it will go through their introduction. River then notices the player and tells them to not cause any trouble - but if they wish to make themselves useful, they can help cut vegetables. 


  • The player can choose to help River out at the soup kitchen. Doing so will take an hour of in-game time and increase their Love stat.
    • When their Love stat reaches 80%, the player has the option to talk to River about getting an extension of the soup kitchen installed in the Orphanage Loft, to make the orphans' quality of life better. Once installed, this will give a passive daily increase to the Orphanage "Hope" stat.

People of Interest

  • River. They can be found here, with several assistants from the nearby Temple.


The following page will detail the various events that go on at this particular location. See here: Soup Kitchen Events


  • Currently no items can be obtained here.


  • It's established that the soup kitchen and the temple have a connection. Several nuns/monks may appear in this location as River's helpers.
  • This location is one of few locations to be managed by a teacher, the others being Doren's Flat and the Museum.
  • The City Hall is apparently against the Soup Kitchen.
    • This is evidenced when the kitchen loft extension is installed. When the player and several of River's helpers go with the player into a back room, they discover a complete disassembled and stocked kitchen. One of the helpers state they had permission to install another kitchen, but someone in the mayor's hall interfered.
  • The second method of accessing the Soup Kitchen was made available in Version 0.2.18.


The following images showcase below what the Soup Kitchen looks like at different times of the day. Note that this location reuses the Town location artwork.

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