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There are four groups that make up named NPCs within Degrees of Lewdity - Love Interests, People of Interest, Special NPCs and Persistent NPCs.

This article will focus on Special NPCs.


There are are two special NPCs for the player to encounter. These can be met during specific events or areas - they cannot be encountered elsewhere.

Unlike Love Interests or People of Interest, Special NPCs' behaviour will remain stagnant. Their behaviour cannot be influenced by either their character, or the player. They also cannot be romantically involved with the player.

Special NPCs may also appear as a one-time occurrence, resulting in the player having very limited interaction with them. Once they have made their appearance, as soon as they leave the scene, they cannot be interacted with afterwards.

Potential Interests

A list of special NPCs is listed below:


The player will have to meet the NPC first during the certain event they appear. They are found in separate locations from each other.


Unlike Love Interests, Special NPCs will retain a somewhat stagnant personality. They tend to treat the player the same during any potential interactions. As these NPCs only appear during specific scenes, this does not allow much interaction for their relationship to grow with the player.

Named NPCs
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Special NPCs Quinn
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