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DISCLAIMER: All Toggle articles contain the following disclaimer. Reader discretion is advised.

"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Spiders are one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity.

Spider encounters very much act like swarms. As such, swarms needs to be enabled in Settings as well.


Enable Spiders in Settings.

Currently spider swarms can be found in set locations that contain cobwebs.


Spider encounters very much act like swarm encounters. The description for swarm encounters can be seen below:

Swarm encounters are always listed as non-consensual. It involves you facing off against swarms (as the name suggests) of numerous, if not countless of tiny creatures. These range from all types of creatures, but usually small enough to a point where they are able to rummage around your body.

The premise behind it is to get yourself to safety, or alternatively fend off one of the swarms. It is best to try to swim to safety, however.

Swarms may try to encircle you, surrounding you with more creatures. You may have received enough attention from them to a point that they completely surround you as if you are in a "living pit."

They may try to swarm around your groin, moving towards your private parts and squirming into them. They may also take a liking to your nipples. This adds Arousal each turn.

There's a chance that when trying to prevent swarms from what they are doing, there will be so many that some will make it through your guard.


  • Lofts within the Danube Street mansions contain gigantic cobwebs which house spider swarms. This occurs when the player is searching for an old antique painting in the attic. A gigantic cobweb is seen in one corner, twice the player's size.
  • The catacombs found in the churchyard in the forest

Escaping Spiders

Spider swarms follow the same set method as regular swarms.

You automatically will try to swim to safety each turn.

It is ideal to get a high Swimming skill to make things easier when swimming to safety. Keep swimming whenever possible. Eventually you haul yourself into open air, as the swarms retreat away from you.

Trying to successfully fend off the swarms will ultimately prove pointless - swarm encounters do not work like usual encounters. The only choice you have with swarms is to escape their torment. You can use your Physique skill to do this by keeping the swarms away from your private parts. Convulsions during orgasms will help launch swarms away from your chest.

Be sure to use your other arm to free another part that may get constricted as well to help fight them off.

The encounter will continue endlessly until the player either swims to safety, or passes out from overwhelming Stress.


Spider swarm encounters tie in with anal parasitic pregnancy. There's an odd chance they will leave behind an unfertilised egg when they go deeper into your ass, and that the player will need something to fertilise the egg with.

For more information, visit this page: Pregnancy


  • Originally spiders were part of the Swarms toggle, but at some point were separated into it's own toggle. This is likely due to arachnophobia.

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