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Stalk encounters, otherwise known as simply stalking, is one of several encounter types within Degrees of Lewdity. This mechanic has the player attempt to outmanuever a persistent predator, or confront them head-on.


In a sense, stalking encounters can be considered a prelude to normal encounters. Rather than being engaged by an NPC directly, the attacker watches the player from afar, steadily growing closer.

The player's goal in each stalking encounter is to evade their would-be attacker, either by running away, hiding, or otherwise becoming inconspicuous enough to stem the stalker's desire to attack them. Failure to avoid a stalker will end badly for the player, usually in the form of a nonconsensual encounter.


Currently, stalking encounters are limited to within the town. The player can encounter them randomly whilst walking the streets, in which case they may receive the following message:

  • You hear light footsteps behind you. You are being followed.


Stalking encounters can be divided into three phases. Not all encounters follow the same structure; some end after the second phase, for example, and all of them can end at the first should the player avoid their pursuer. For more details on each phase, see the appropriate sections below.

  1. Stalking: The initial phase of every stalking encounter. The stalker(s) start three tiles behind the player, slowly edging closer. In order to escape, the player must put an additional two tiles between them, for a total of five.
  2. Confrontation: The stalker catches up to the player, initiating a nonconsensual encounter. If the player is in the streets of town, an audience will be present. Ends if the player makes their attacker cum or manages to defeat them.
  3. Pursuit: If the stalker manages to steal an article of the player's clothing, phase two will end prematurely, leading to this phase.

Stalker Stats

NPCs are generated with a random Athletics skill, similar to the player, with the exact same range of 1 to 1000. NPCs with high Athletics will be much harder to run from or chase. The player can get a rough idea of their pursuer's athletic ability by using the look behind you action during the "stalking" phase. The messages displayed are as follows:

  • A - He/She moves with an energetic stride.
  • B/B+ - He/She moves with a motivated pace.
  • C/C+ - He/She moves with a calm gait.
  • D/D+ - He/She moves with a lazy ramble.
  • F/F+ - He/She moves with a slothful shuffle.

Additionally, NPCs possess a skill that gauges their ability to track the player should they try hiding. As with their Athletics skill, the player can check this by looking over their shoulder.

  • A - He/She has a devious glint in his/her eyes.
  • B/B+ - He/She looks focused.
  • C/C+ - He/She looks relaxed.
  • D/D+ - He/She seems distracted.
  • F/F+ - He/She appears to be daydreaming.


In this phase, the player's goal is to escape the person stalking them without getting molested. This can be achieved through one of three methods.

  1. Running Away: Success is based on the player's Athletics skill relative to their pursuer's, as well as their Feet skill if they're wearing heels.
  2. Hiding: Success is based on the player's Skulduggery skill relative their pursuer's. Being covered in cum/slime will increase the likelihood of the player getting caught. Allows the player to get away if successful, triggers the next phase if not.
  3. Acting Bratty: Choosing Bratty actions will decrease the likelihood of the player getting attacked. If the player is lucky, the stalker will lose interest in them and pass them by without a second glance. Be warned that Bratty acts increase NPCs' anger, meaning they'll be more violent should they catch the player.

Each turn the player doesn't run, the stalker will move one tile closer to the player. This is reflected in the text as such:

  • You hear a pair of footsteps some distance behind you. - The stalker is three tiles away from the player. If they run successfully, the player will get away.
  • You hear a pair of footsteps close behind you. - The stalker is two tiles away from the player.
  • You hear a pair of footsteps right behind you! - The stalker is one tile away from the player. If they do not run at this point, the next phase will commence.

Rather than escaping, the player can attempt to hide from the stalker. Success is dependent on the player's Skulduggery skill relative to their assailant's - a B or higher will guarantee success in most situations. If the player is covered in slime or cum, their stalker will have an easier time detecting them, based on how much of the stuff is on their body.

If the player hides successfully, the encounter will end without issue. Otherwise, the stalker finds the player, leading to a nonconsensual encounter.


In certain stalking encounters, rather than attempting to molest the player, the stalker will instead try to strip them of their clothing. Should the player fail to subdue their attacker before they manage to take the player's clothes, this will trigger another phase in which the now-exposed player gives chase in an attempt to recover their clothes. If the player is wearing a flimsy garment, such as a towel, the thief will be able to snatch their clothing with ease, skipping the encounter and going straight to the chase.

In this phase, the stalker advances one tile per turn in the opposite direction in an attempt to escape from the player. This is reflected in the text as such:

  • The man/woman rounds a corner ahead. You've almost lost him/her. - The thief is three tiles ahead of the player. Failing to run at this point lets them get away.
  • The man/woman runs, your clothes trailing behind him/her. He/She's some distance from you. - The thief is two tiles ahead of the player.
  • The man/woman runs, and throws the occasional glance over his/her shoulder. He/She's not far ahead. - The thief is one tile in front of the player.
  • The man/woman runs, your clothes bundled under his/her arm. He/She's right in front of you. - The player and the thief are on the same tile, giving the player the option to grab, triggering an encounter.

Several random events may occur whilst the player pursues the thief, many of which involve onlookers witnessing the player in their exposed state. If the player doesn't take care to cover their face with their hands or a mask, their Exhibitionism Fame can quickly skyrocket. Stress and Trauma are also persistent threats here.

The player retains the option to hide from the first phase. In this case, success causes the chase to end prematurely, whereas failure forces the player into a nonconsensual encounter.

In any case where the player ends up in a nonconsensual encounter, they'll always recover their clothes regardless of whether they make the attacker cum or defeat them. If the player fears they'll be unable to catch up with the thief, it may be a better choice to simply hide and hope the attacker catches them.

Letting the thief escape will display the following message:

  • You round a corner, but the man/woman is nowhere to be seen. You've lost him/her.

With their quarry having escaped, the player is left exposed in public.

Pursuit Events

Whilst giving chase, the player can stumble into a number of random events. A majority of these events run the risk of increasing the player's Exhibitionism Fame. This can easily be avoided by covering their face (assuming their arms aren't bound) or wearing a mask.

While chasing through an alley:

  • The player's quarry comes to a wall. Depending on the size of the wall, and the player's body size, one of the following will occur.
    • If the person hauls themselves over a tall wall, a large body allows the player to follow with ease, while a normal body yields a 50% chance of getting over the wall. Otherwise, they'll be too short, forcing them to squeeze through a hole at the base. This gives their quarry time to get away, letting them advance one tile.
    • If the person jumps over a normal wall, the same as above applies, only a large or normal body type guarantee success, while a small body has a 50% chance.
    • If the person scrambles through a hole in the wall, a small or tiny body ensures the player's ability to pursue, while a normal has a 50% of either successfully squeezing through or getting stuck (large characters will always get stuck). If the player gets stuck, their quarry turns back around, triggering a nonconsensual encounter with the player stuck in a wall.
    • If the person scrambles through a tight hole, the same as above applies, only in this a tiny body is needed to ensure success, while a small body has a 50% chance. Normal and large characters will always get stuck.
  • The player's quarry kicks aside a sleeping cat, causing it to awaken with a hiss. If the player possesses the full Cat Transformation, the player will meow at the cat, and the cat meows back. The cat proceeds to leap at the person, allowing the player to instantly catch up with them. If the player lacks the transformation, the cat just hisses as they pass.
  • The player's quarry comes up to a dead end. There's a 50/50 chance they'll manage to squeeze through a gap, prolonging the chase, or that they'll find no way out and turn to the player, initiating an encounter.
  • An employee on a smoke break leans on a wall up ahead. There's a 33% chance they'll take out their phone and snap a picture of the player, slightly increasing Exhibitionism fame. The rest of the time, they'll watch in shock as the player passes by.

While chasing through the streets during the day:

  • A bus full of tourist drives by. One of the passengers notices the player and points at them. There's a 50/50 chance the others will simply pay them no mind, or for their attention to be drawn to the player, increasing Exhibitionism fame.
  • The player's quarry runs into a crowd. If the player's Allure is high, there's a 33% chance members of the crowd grope and fondle the player as they pass, increasing Trauma, Stress, and Arousal. The rest of the time, the player's quarry ambushes them, triggering an encounter with an audience. If the player's Allure is low, they'll make it through the crowd without issue.
  • The player runs by a crowded restaurant. There's a 50/50 chance the patrons will either be too busy to notice them, or that one will shout, drawing attention to the player and increasing Exhibitionism fame.
  • The player runs across a group of students they recognise from school, increasing Exhibitionism fame, Trauma, and Stress. If the player's Love Interest is Robin, Whitney, Kylar, or Sydney, they'll make an additional comment.
    • "Isn't that Robin's boyfriend/girlfriend?" says one boy/girl. "Who'd have thought Robin would be into perverts," says another.
    • "That's the boy/girl Whitney always bullies," says one boy/girl. "I bet this is Whitney's fault," replies another.
    • "That's the boy/girl Kylar hangs out with," says one boy/girl. "Figures he/she'd be a pervert," replies another.
    • "Hold on, that's Sydney's boyfriend/girlfriend," says one boy/girl. "What's he/she doing like that?" "Stole one too many books, now he/she's on the run," Laughs another.
  • The player crosses a busy street, leading to one three events.
    • 20% of the time, a car drives right in the player's path, screeching to a halt before hitting the player anyway (+ + Stress | + Trauma | + Pain). The player's quarry gains some distance away from the player as they struggle to their feet, advancing one extra tile.
    • 40% of the time, the above event occurs, only the car manages to stop in time. | + Stress
    • The rest of the time, the player crosses the street without being intercepted by any vehicles, though they'll still take notice of all the passersby watching them. | + + Stress | + Trauma

While chasing through the streets at night:

  • A taxi drives around the corner.
    • 33% of the time, the taxi stops as the passenger catcalls the player. | + Trauma | + Stress
    • 33% of the time, the above scene will occur, only the passenger takes a picture of the player. | + Trauma | + Stress | + Exhibitionism Fame
    • The rest of the time, the driver stares without stopping. | + Stress
  • The player's quarry runs into a drunken crowd. Functions identically to the crowd event during the day.
  • Something snares the player's foot, causing them to trip and allowing their quarry to advance one additional tile. If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, they'll notice a tentacle slithering into the storm drain.
  • The player passes by a house in the midst of a party. 33% of the time, the player hears a cry and looks back to find dozens of faces staring at them (+ + Trauma | + + Stress | + Exhibitionism Fame). The rest of the time, they pass by the house without issue.

Stalking Acts

The player's actions whilst during the "stalking" phase generally affect their attacker's attitude towards them, and their ability to escape. while Meek actions make them less violent should they catch the player.

Certain actions are only available during certain phases. These will be noted when appropriate.


  • Hands:
    • Cover your face - Prevents Fame from increasing.
  • Feet:
    • Walk - The player casually walks away from their pursuer. Has no effect, allowing the pursuer to advance one tile towards the player. Only available during the "stalking" phase.
    • Hobble - Replaces the Walk/Run/Chase actions if the player's legs are bound, or if they're wearing heels and their Feet skill is less than a D. Has the same effect as walking.
    • Stand still - Instantly causes the stalker to catch up with the player, triggering an encounter, if the player hasn't discouraged them through the use of Bratty actions. Only available during the "stalking" phase.
  • Mouth
    • Rest - No effect.
    • Look behind you - Gives the player an assessment of their assailant's physical capabilities. See the walkthrough section above for more details. Only available during the "stalking" phase.


During stalking encounters, all Bratty actions discourage stalkers from attacking the player, at the cost of making them angrier should they catch up with them. This effect applies to both the "stalking" and "pursuit" phases.

  • Hands:
    • Clench - No special effect.
    • Cover your penis/pussy/ass - Only considered a Bratty action during the "stalking" phase. No special effect.
  • Feet:
    • Run - The player breaks into a run. Success depends on the player's Athletics skill in relation to their pursuer's (an S will always guarantee success) as well as their Feet skill if they're wearing heels. If successful, the player advances two tiles.
      • If the stalker is sufficiently bold, running will prompt them to give chase, at which point the player's only options will be to keep running or hide. If the NPC isn't bold enough, the encounter will end upon a successful run.
    • Confront - Functions similarly to the stand still action, allowing the stalker to catch up with the player. Increases Combat Fame by a small amount (1 point). Only available during the "stalking" phase.
      • If the stalker is sufficiently bold, choosing this option will initiate a nonconsensual encounter. Otherwise, causes them to walk by with a defensive gesture.
      • When using this option, the player hits their stalker with one of several lines. See the Trivia section below for more details.
    • Hide - Different effect depending on whether the player is in the "stalking" or "pursuit" phase. Success is dependent on the player's Skulduggery skill and their pursuer's alertness. Being covered in slime and/or semen will make hiding more difficult.
    • Chase - Only present during the "pursuit" phase. Success depends on the player's Athletics skill in relation to their pursuer's (an S will always guarantee success) as well as their Feet skill if they're wearing heels. If successful, the player advances two tiles.
  • Mouth:
    • Keep your chin up - No special effect. Only available during the "stalking" phase.


During stalking encounters, all Meek actions decrease stalkers' Anger at the start of an encounter, should they catch the player. This effect applies to both the "stalking" and "pursuit" phases.

  • Hands:
    • Fold - No special effect.
    • Cover your penis/pussy/ass - Only considered a Meek action during the "pursuit" phase. No special effect.
  • Mouth:
    • Look at the ground - No special effect. Only available during the "stalking" phase.
  • Walk:
    • Strut - No special effect. Requires Exhibitionism 2.
  • Butt
    • Wiggle - More effective based on the player's Seduction skill. Successful seduction gives the player a "drawing attention to [your behind]" text, increasing the amount the stalkers' Anger is lowered by if they catch up.


Currently, there is only one Defiant action the player can perform during stalking encounters: Grab, usable when the player is within range of their quarry during the "pursuit" phase. Initiates a nonconsensual encounter. Regardless of the encounter's outcome, it will end with the player wrestling their clothes back from the thief.

Death chaser

sometime in the town maybe wraith will follow player,this is very rare. but if it chase you better run! beacause The Wraith is among the most dangerous encounters in the game, especially if the player has angered it.

  • wraith chase logo

  • wraith give up logo

Race with ghost

You clench your fists. You keep walking, your feet sure and steady. You glance over your shoulder. A familiar pale figure lurks behind you, its eerie red gaze locked on you. Its feet don't touch the ground a  motivated pace and looks focused.

we can see wraith very fast if player low Athletics but if u have high Athletics u can escape from it You slow to a walk. You hear faint laughter around you, but nobody is nearby. You waste no time as you continue your journey.( if escape from it ) if player low Athletics or using standstill,confront action wraith will caught player and The pale figure laughs, leaning forward at an unnatural angle. You don't remember when it started raining. A manic grin crosses their face, and several additional pairs of arms spring from their back, each one gesturing in strange patterns. after player will have Non-Consensual Encounters with it."


  • One stalking event (the one in which two hooded figures approach the player) was already in the game prior to the addition of stalking mechanics. In older versions, running would simply trigger an Athletics check, whereas in current versions it initiates a stalking encounter.
  • Using the confront action during the "stalking" phase has the player turn on their stalker, biting back with one of several remarks based on factors such as their Submissiveness, or their current Transformation. If the player has the Uncontrolled Anxiety Disorder trait, they'll instead be unable to speak (+ Stress), though they can still confront attackers all the same and the effect will be no different.
    • Defiant (1/5): "Stay the fuck away," you say. "Or I'll make you sorry."
    • Defiant (2/5): "Touch me and I'll kick your ass," you say.
    • Defiant (3/5): "What you looking at?" you ask.
    • Defiant (4/5): "Keep walking," you say. "Or I'll break your face."
    • Defiant (5/5): "Don't even think about it," you say. "I've dealt with worse scum than you."
    • Neutral (1/5): "Keep your distance," you say. "Or you'll be sorry."
    • Neutral (2/5): "Don't touch me," you say. "Or you'll be in trouble."
    • Neutral (3/5): "Don't try anything," you say.
    • Neutral (4/5): "I know how to look after myself," you say. "Don't you dare."
    • Neutral (5/5): "Keep moving," you say. "I'm not defenceless."
    • Submissive (1/5): "St-stay back," you say. "I-I can defend myself."
    • Submissive (2/5): "Please don't come closer," you say.
    • Submissive (3/5): "Don't hurt me," you say. "Please don't."
    • Submissive (4/5): "You'll get in trouble if you touch me," you say.
    • Submissive (5/5): "Don't try anything," you say. "P-people know I'm here."
    • Angel (1/3): "Please don't debase yourself," you say. "The angels are watching."
    • Angel (2/3): "I'll forgive you if you hurt me," you say. "But the demons won't."
    • Angel (3/3): You mumble a quiet prayer.
    • Fallen Angel (1/3): "You're going to hurt me too," you laugh. "Aren't you?"
    • Fallen Angel (2/3): "D-don't touch me," you say. "Not now. Not again."
    • Fallen Angel (3/3): "D-don't hurt me," you say. "Please don't."
    • Demon (1/3): "Are you going to 'prey' on me?" you ask with a smirk. "Delicious."
    • Demon (2/3): "Couldn't keep your eyes off," you say. "Don't worry. I'm used to it."
    • Demon (3/3): "Try it," you say. "I'm hungry."
    • Wolf (1/3): "Come closer," you say. "I dare you." You run your tongue over your exposed fangs.
    • Wolf (2/3): You growl.
    • Wolf (3/3): "I might be alone," you say. "But a lone wolf is still dangerous."
    • Cat (1/3): "I'm not helpless," you say. "Try me." You run your tongue over your exposed fangs.
    • Cat (2/3): You hiss.
    • Cat (3/3): "Come closer," you say. "I'm itching to use these claws."
    • Cow (1/3): "I'm not helpless," you say. "Keep away, or I'll charge you down."
    • Cow (2/3): "I know I'm a prize," you say. "But you'll be sorry if you try anything."
    • Cow (3/3): "Always after my milk," you tut. "But you haven't earned it."
    • Harpy (1/3): You screech.
    • Harpy (2/3): "Don't try anything," you say. "My mate won't be happy, and I'll remember you."
    • Harpy (3/3): "I'll peck you if you get too close," you say. "Don't think I won't."
    • Fox (1/1): "Don't touch my tail," you say. "Or any other part of me."
    • Anxiety Disorder (1/3): You try to speak, but terror seizes your voice.
    • Anxiety Disorder (2/3): You can't find the words. Your heart thunders in your chest.
    • Anxiety Disorder (3/3): Fear consumes your thoughts.

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