Stimulant Kidnapping

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The Stimulant Kidnapping event - otherwise referred to as just the "Kidnapping" event - is one of few unlockable quests within Degrees of Lewdity, and a side-event to the main school project event - the Maths Competition. It can be repeated as long as the requirements are met.


In order to unlock the quest, the player must have achieved several requirements before-hand.

  • The maths competition must have been introduced to the player by River.
  • It must also be in the weeks leading up to it. This event will not occur any other time.
  • Encountered the stimulant dealer outside the School.

Failing the skulduggery check when attempting to steal from the stimulant dealer can give the player a chance to run away, or if they are not lucky, they will be abducted and driven away far from town to an old building on a remote hill.

Event Description

The dealer's goons will bind the player's arms and push them into the boot of a car, to be whisked away far from the town. To make things easier for the upcoming events, choosing to struggle is recommended. This unbinds the player's arms, after which they will be forced to wait as the boot of the car has no way of opening from the inside.

Once escorted inside the building the player is greeted by several gang members playing a card game, now interrupted by the player's presence, whom they want to have their way with. To prevent any chance of escape, they tie a pair of ankle cuffs connected by a chain around the player's legs, after which they climb on the player, initiating a non-consensual encounter with an audience.

Regardless of what the player picks, either fighting them off using pepper spray or making them cum, the player's legs will be bound, preventing them from moving anywhere. The sheer number of audience members alone is enough to force the player into preparation for more abuse. They force the player into smiling and making signs towards the audience, their phones at the ready to take pictures of the torture.

Three more men and women will climb onto the bed, initiating another non-consensual encounter shortly after the first. At this point it is highly recommended to calm them down via Submissive acts, Defiant acts will only cause more pain to be inflicted upon the player. This same process of men and women switching out to have their way with the player repeats three more times until the buyer is ready to collect, once the player has endured the fifth and final encounter.

They will again ask the player to pose for the phone cameras, comparing the pictures of before and after relentless sex, noting that the player looks far more dishevelled in the second picture. The gang returns to their card game while a van pulls up outside, carrying heavy boxes. Busy with their conversation, no one notices a few bags spilling out their contents from one of the boxes, rewarding the player with three stimulant doses.

Returning Home

Shortly after, a car pulls up outside, and the buyer is revealed to be Bailey, followed closely by three other rough-looking types. They ask someone to show them where the player is and are asked for five thousand. One of their goons releases the player, while Bailey tells them they misused Bailey's property, and are going to pay for it. They hesitantly agree to Bailey's demands and let them open up a trapdoor hidden beneath a rug, pulling out a rucksack containing rolls of banknotes. They stuff half the banknotes into their pockets and take their leave with the "negotiated" amount.

Bailey then drives the player back home through the countryside, the trip being uneventful. At this point, with a Promiscuity level of 3 or more, the player has the option to humorously tease Bailey's goons. Alternatively, the player could choose to interact with Bailey, thanking them for the rescue, getting angry at them referring to the player as "property" or just remaining silent. Bailey drives the player back to the Orphanage shortly after.


Completing this quest results in gaining three stimulant doses to use for the Maths Competition.