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The Strip Club is one of many unlockable locations within Degrees of Lewdity. It is located on Connudatus Street. The player can get a job in this location after fulfilling specific requirements. Darryl owns this establishment.


"You are in the strip club on Connudatus Street. A few stages dot the room, with dancers working their trade. Two bouncers stand near the entrance, solemnly observing the clientele. Security is taken seriously here."

How to Enter

Option 1: Fake ID

Entering the Strip Club isn't as simple as entering other places. The player will need a ID - this won't be so easy to get.

Approaching the Strip Club (during it's opening time) for the first time will cause one of the bouncers at the entrance to stop you in their tracks. They will ask if you have an ID, which you reply you do not. You will be steered towards the door as they remind you of what you need to do:

"Then get one. Until then, no entry."

Someone will bump into you while outside the club and tell you that you dropped something, before forcing it into your hand and quickly marching away. They'll hand you a slip of paper - with an address on it of a strange building you've never heard of before on Harvest Street, followed by a brief message: "If you're fed up with being treated like a child, come see us."

The player will now be able to access the suspicious building mentioned - once the player arrives, they will learn that this building is the Brothel. You will be introduced to Briar and learn of the various activities there.

Once the introduction is over, Briar will mention one more thing before the player takes their leave: For a price, they can fix you with a fake ID to resolve issues with your legal status.

The player is now able to enter Briar's office and inquire them on an ID Card.

However, the most important thing is it's expensive price - £500. The reasoning behind this is because of how it gets past government scanners and border checks, and Briar states having a cheap one is risky, thus they feel it's worth it despite the costly amount.

Once the player has acquired the right amount of money (regardless of how they got it) they will now be able to buy the ID needed to get into the club. Briar says you won't regret it, and before long you now have a fake ID in your possession.

Return to the strip club with the ID in your hand. The bouncer will examine it before letting you pass, but remind you to "keep your hands to yourself on the main floor. No second chances."

Option 2: Skulduggery

Alternatively the player can break in via Skulduggery. This will require a D rank, but it can only be done outside of the strip club's open hours.

Once inside it will be empty, and the player will be able to access the Dressing Room and examine the cash register. If they examine the register, it will note that they need Skulduggery to open the lock, once again requiring a D rank. The amount of money contained will vary, but it will not go any lower than £40 at the minimum.

If the player remains in the club after 6PM, they will immediately be forced out if lacking an ID. Otherwise the strip club activities will now be in effect.

Note: The player cannot break into the strip club during its open hours. The club is tightly managed by security, so there is no other way to access the club's activities and possible jobs without a fake ID.

First Steps

Now that the player is able to access the Strip Club, they will have access to various events inside.

A bouncer will inform the player that job positions are open for dancers and bartenders. They can then inquire about either or both of these two specific jobs, learning more about them.

No matter what the player picks, they will be introduced to Darryl, the owner of the club.

Darryl Introduction

The player will enter what looks to be a personal office. Shelves with books galore line the walls - getting a sense of the type of person you are going to meet. One side of the room overlooks the club below through a large window.  Someone will be looking for something on the shelves. They're described as a classy, attractive person in their mid-thirties, wearing a professional black outfit and glasses resting on top of their hair. They introduce themselves as Darryl, the owner of this establishment.

They assert that they've heard of the player's job scouting, but they won't say how they knew that, before welcoming the player and mentioning they're always looking for new talent.

At this point Darryl will tell you more about the bartending and dancing jobs.

After job inquiries are over, Darryl will ask you to keep an eye out for a pair of spectacles laying around, as they've seemed to have been misplaced. The player can tell them yes, or no. If they choose yes, they'll feel around for them before grasping their glasses. They feel relieved, but still feel embarrassed - their face turning red. They'll say to keep this a secret before fixing the lenses into place and reading a book. If the player chooses no, they decide to save them the embarrassment as Darryl will no doubt find them soon before taking their leave, making their way back to the main floor of the club.


  • Security is tight, so players will be relatively safe from unwanted advances. Non-consensual encounters may still trigger under certain circumstances, though. The player can scream during an encounter, however, resulting in a member of security invariably coming to their aid.
  • The player is able to dress however they wish, but with high enough Exhibitionism, they may even go completely naked. They won't be the only ones doing so, though. While bartending, players may face competition from other coworkers.
  • The player can accept both the dancer and bartender jobs and work as either at any time. No choice will lock players in either particular job. Working as a bartender will spend an hour of in-game time, while working as a dancer will take at least 5 minutes, plus 1 minute per every dance the player performs, until they choose to stop and leave, service a client, or a bouncer indicates the player must take their leave.
  • Although not strictly a safehouse, the strip club is nonetheless a safe place where the player has access to a dressing room (wardrobe and mirror) and a shower for removing lewd fluids.

Available Jobs



Darryl will be pleased that the player wants to work as a dancer. They state how the stages the player might have seen their way upon entry of the strip club were empty.

Working as a dancer consists of the following:

  • The player is able to dress how they want, but dressing scanty and provocative (therefore increasing Allure) will reward better tips.
  • No-touching policy is present in the main room. If anyone gives the player trouble, security will be there to act quickly. Players will not be at risk of an audience member forcibly trying to remove their clothes. Unlike the Brothel, the security of the staff is taken very seriously.
  • Any tips received while on stage are kept by the player in their full amount.
  • For higher amounts of cash, players can offer private dances to patrons, as the strip club provides rooms for that particular purpose. Darryl states that anything that happens in there is completely between the player and their client. This includes price negotiations on how much the client thinks the player is worth, which can be tipped in the player's favor with good Maths skill.
  • Furthermore, there isn't supposed to be any physical contact while in a private room, but consensual encounters will always occur when the player chooses to privately service a patron. The player should be careful nonetheless. Darryl states that anything the player earns in a private room is cut by eighty percent, the establishment's share, but claims that it isn't actually that high.

The player will need at least decent dancing skills and good Exhibitionism to consistently earn good money in this line of work. Promiscuity 3 is also a given, because private sessions are where the real money is earned. Dancing tips are best considered as a bonus.

How much money the player earns in dancing tips depends on a variety of factors, including crowd size and Audience Awe, in addition to the player's Allure, Exhibitionism and Dancing stats, and the Reveal rating of any heels worn. All crowds will start small and can only increase by one person every turn. Only after dancing for a while can the player attract a sizable crowd that rewards good tips.

For more information on how dancing for an audience works, refer to the Main Skills page.


A variety of events can trigger while the player dances.

Banknote Tip

A member of the audience will hold up a banknote. Should the player approach, they will make a twirling motion with their finger. The player turns around and the audience member pushes the note between the player's buttocks if nude, or underwear otherwise, attracting attention from others and leading them to throw money onto the stage, rewarding the player with a large tip.

A Rich Patron

A man or woman will enter the scene wearing an expensive suit/gown. They'll grasp the player's arm and edge closer. Security looks away while this is happening, as the patron says they won't be bothered because they know who they are. The player can allow it to happen or push them away.

Allowing it will result in the patron pulling the player over to a sitting position, wrapping their arm around their waist. They'll fondle the player's chest or genitalia, brushing their fingers against it - the soft touch is enough to make the player squirm. They tease the player and step aside to give the rest of the audience a better look at you without stopping their fondling. This adds +Arousal.

While the audience grows more excited and demands the rich patron to do more, they ultimately decide to release you after a few moments, allowing you to get back to dancing. This increases audience awe. If the player had very high arousal before this event, this will probably result in the player orgasming onstage. The audience will cheer and their awe will increase greatly. The rich patron will tut at the player's lewdness for orgasming "in front of all these people".

Pushing them away will outrage the rich patron, as they warn they are not refused often. They will walk away and the player's dancing can resume, but audience awe will decrease.

Coworker Rescue

The player will spot another dancer being dragged off the stage by a member of their audience. The player can either choose to help them, or ignore.

Helping out the dancer causes the player to interrupt their dance and fold their arms, staring disapprovingly at the patron. While it does interrupt your performance, the patron gets the hint and leaves them alone. The dancer smiles gracefully, thanking you. This act decreases a bit of -Trauma.

Choosing to ignore the situation will cause the player to turn away from the dancer and let you go back to your dancing with no issues. Regardless of the player's choice during this event, audience awe will decrease.

Private Sessions

Every so often a member of the audience will hold up their purse or wallet, indicating they want the player to privately service them. The player will need Promiscuity 3 to accept their offer and take them to a private rooms.

You will lead your patron into one of the back-rooms. It is well-lit compared to the main room, and a small stage is present with a pole tucked away in a corner. There's a sofa to allow multiple positions.

The patron will wait sheepishly at the door for you, waiting for you to take the initiative. You lead them to the sofa, and you will start negotiating a price with them - they judge you on how much you're worth to them - depending on how you behave generally as well as your Maths skill. If you're constantly prostituting yourself and otherwise acting in a slutty manner they will think you're worth little. Patrons may pay you lower than expected (and make a comment saying that's all they can give), at a reasonable amount, or much higher than expected.

If the player finds the price unacceptable, they can refuse the patron, leading them to become rejected - but they still accept it. Their eyes are downcast and wastes little to no time exiting the room.

If the player finds the price agreeable, this initiates consensual sex. If you tell them to stop, they'll comply and run from the room, apologising for whatever they did wrong.

Afterwards, they'll smile at the player contently before thanking them for their time and handing them the negotiated amount.

An alternative version of this scene has no sex involved, and they mainly just want to talk to you instead. The price they negotiate with you is usually around a reasonable amount. If the player refuses, the patron doesn't object, just nodding before leaving the room once more. If the player accepts, they'll rest their head on your lap as you stroke their hair. Despite how mundane the topic they are discussing may be, you still take the time to listen to them. At one point they become tearful about feeling unable to open up to their spouse. After their time is up, they will paid you what you agreed on and thanks you for your time, grateful for you being there for them.

The second alternative version of this scene will have the patron act much ruder, instead of waiting for you, instantly have their hands wrapped around your waist and mouth muzzled in your neck. The player can try to pull away, or try their best to negotiate despite still being fondled. If the player chooses the latter, you'll negotiate a price like before then initiating consensual sex, hoping you're worth it. This price will almost always be lower than expected. Refusing their price causes them to stop and mock the player, calling them "contagious" before leaving. Telling them to stop gets them to comply, except you won't receive payment from them at all, instead they look at you with disgust. If you make them cum, they'll call you a "whore" before giving you the promised amount and leaving the room without even looking back at you.

If the player chooses the former, a similar thing will happen. They will be frustrated, but you will still be able to negotiate a price, still less than expected. They'll laugh at the idea of you thinking you're worth more, before continuing by saying they "pick up sluts like you for free" and call the amount charitable. Both options play out the same as they did before.



Darryl states the job as a bartender is exactly what it sounds like.

This is what it entails:

  • Unlike the Dancer job, the player won't be expected to do lewd things, but how much they can potentially earn is a lot less.
  • Dressing scanty is encouraged as it will earn them better tips.
  • If the patrons start to harass the player, security can always be alerted should the player choose to do so.

The bartender job works similarly to the the job as a waiter/waitress at the Café. Like that job, the player will be able to receive higher tips depending on their type of clothing. Because of this, the bartender job is considered to be an upgrade to that job as it is much more worthwhile not only because of higher tips received by patrons, but they are also much better protected than security.

At the end of each hour, a patron will tip you. Otherwise, you will simply make a small amount of cash.

Working as a Bartender

You have three options when choosing to work as a bartender.

  • Work normally
  • Try to attract VIPs
  • Listen

Working normally will have things proceed as usual. The latter two are more interesting, and involve more insight into money-making.

Attracting the VIPs attention will have the player attract those with more money and clout than regular patrons. However, it's noted that security are not too keen on upsetting them. This will make things much more dangerous, so exercise caution when choosing this method. If you do not meet the right requirements, a VIP will glance at you before looking away dismissively. A prompt will then appear: "You'll need to strip down to underwear or similar to hold their attention. You've lots of competition."

Listening in will have the player eavesdrop in on several patrons for useful information. This may give insight into the criminal underworld, with the player learning about whispers of "big hauls" (smuggling deals) coming in through the town. You may also get humorous dialogue with patrons discussing their sexual exploits, which may increase Awareness. Examples include:

  • That's not an appropriate way to use an aquarium!
  • They can't really be talking about putting that in such a place!
  • People don't really do such things!

Otherwise, the player will not hear anything worthwhile.


As the player spends more time working as a bartender, more events pop up for them. It will first be mentioned that the player is new at their job, and the other staff are happy to show them the ropes and pitch in if need be.

Over time it will state the player will stop relying on others to help them. Every so often some patrons will leave them small tips alongside what the player makes during that shift.

Patron Exhibitionism

One patron will take interest in the player instead of the dancers. They'll compliment you by saying you're fine-looking before eyeing up your chest and asking if they can see a little bit more, for a reward.

If the player refuses the patron will feel dejected and leaves the club without giving you a tip. Alternatively, choosing to comply (requiring Exhibitionism 2) will lead you to pull up whatever your upper-clothing is, revealing your nipples and/or breasts. The patron cheers and raises their glass to you before leaving you with a tip, while you feel flustered and vulnerable.

Darryl at the Bar - Struggling Inside (Part 1)

Darryl will take a seat at the bar and order a drink. The player notices they look dispirited. They can either focus on working or try to talk to them.

If they choose the former, they will take Darryl's order and leave them be. After a bit they'll wordlessly stand and leave the player with a small tip.

If they choose the latter, you will ask what's wrong. Darryl will be surprised when they look at you, but ultimately they'll try to keep her internal struggle hidden and just says it's nothing. They'll still leave the player with a small tip like before.

Darryl at the Bar - Sexually Assaulted (Part 2)

Darryl will once again take a seat at the bar and order a drink. Like before, they look dispirited and the player can either continue to focus on working or try to find out the problem. They'll still leave you a small tip.

However, regardless of what the player picks, just as they try to leave the person sat next to them will start groping Darryl. Security is too busy with dealing with a fight that broke out on the other side of the club. Darryl is distraught but can only let out a faint whisper: "Please, no."

The player has two choices - Do nothing, or hit the assailant over the head to save them.

Do nothing: The harasser will continue to fondle Darryl. Darryl shuts their eyes and remains still, not putting up any sort of resistance. The harasser becomes more bold and starts to grope around their crotch area, Darryl jolting slightly in response. Security quickly comes to the rescue when this happens, throwing them out immediately. Afterwards they'll immediately head back to their office, refusing eye contact with you.

Hit the assailant over the head to save Darryl: This option spirals into several others.

The player will grab a nearby glass and smash it over the assailant's head hard. As it shatters it causes the harasser to drop Darryl, but it seems it wasn't strong enough as they'll still remain conscious and turns their attention to you, furiously lunging over the counter and knocking you on to the ground, initiating combat. They will strangle your throat, gripping it tightly and the player will find it difficult to breathe. If the player is naked, they will instantly go for your genitals, for example pressing their pussy against your penis and trying to envelop it.

If the player fights them off, they'll manage to knock them away. They'll struggle to get back up again and you quickly retreat into safety while security detains them. Alternatively if the player makes them cum, they will lose themselves in their orgasm and temporarily almost forget where they were. They'll begin to stagger off, but security quickly intervenes and restrains them.

Either way, Darryl will rush over to you afterwards, their hair in a tangled mess. They ask if you are alright before saying they tried to get security here as soon as they could. The player is once again granted with two choices:

  • Be strong | + Stress
  • Let your tears flow | - Trauma  | - Stress

Choosing the former will cause the player will say it was nothing and try to hide their feelings just like Darryl did before. Darryl says the player saved them and thanks them for it. Their voice will noticeably go quiet as they say how they "just froze up" before continuing with saying how horrible it was. They'll lean against you and quietly sob to themselves.

The player will guide Darryl back to their office and comfort them for the rest of the shift.

Choosing the latter will reverse the roles and instead, Darryl will embrace you as you cry on their shoulder. While about to cry, they mention how the player saved them, and also especially how "they won't forget it."

Darryl brings you back to their office and comforts you for the rest of the shift.

After this event ends Darryl's opinion of you will instantly ramp up very highly (delightful) as they think highly of you for saving them.


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