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The player character's personality is determined by the "Submissiveness" stat. This is a stat spectrum, consisting of five unique traits, listed in order below.

  • Submissive
  • Meek
  • Neutral
  • Bratty
  • Defiant

B.D.S.M. for short.

Two specific feats are tied to Submissiveness:

  • Perfect Sub - Reach maximum Submissiveness.
  • Defying the Odds - Reach minimum Submissiveness.

Personality Acts

Personality acts are split into five sections: Defiant, Submissive, Meek, Bratty and Neutral.

They are ordered below, with the action besides it. Depending on the player's play-style, they will want to choose the appropriate options during encounters.

Note that the act will show how difficult it is to pull off next to it. The success chance is determined on luck, so it is best to get skills up to a point where specific acts (such as pulling away) are listed as very easy to pull off.


White-coloured acts will not contribute to neither Defiance or Submissiveness.


Brown-coloured acts protects the player in ways that wanes the attacker's will without directly hurting them. It will also reduce trust, and increase anger.

These acts contribute to the Defiance stat.


Red-coloured acts will hurt the player's attacker. Hurt them enough to escape, but it will come at a cost of increasing their anger. To successfully inflict damage, improve Physique to a good standard. Otherwise, the player's punching and kicking will prove to have have little effect on their attacker.

These acts contribute to the Defiance stat.


Purple-coloured acts will make the player's attacker/partner orgasm much quicker. More daring submissive acts will occupy their genitalia, and they will be unable to use them for other purposes unless told otherwise by the player.

These acts contribute to the Submissiveness stat.


Lavender-coloured acts will endear the player to their attacker/partner, without sexual acts involved. It will also make them trust the player more, lowering their anger - this is beneficial as it will ensure the player does not suffer Pain throughout the encounter.

These acts contribute to the Submissiveness stat.

Personality Traits

The player's Submissiveness level will determine a personality trait, depending on where the player is on the Submissiveness stat spectrum. For instance, Meek is on one end of the spectrum, while Bratty is on the other end.

Meek becomes Submissive when submission level is maxed, Bratty becomes Defiant when submission level is lowered. The player will start the game with their submissive level at 1000.

  • Submissive = Submissive level above 1500.
  • Meek = Submissive level from 1150 to 1499.
  • Bratty = Submissive level from 850 to 501.
  • Defiant = Submissive level under 500.

Consider Meek and Bratty to be the grey areas, in between Neutral - Submissive, and Neutral - Defiant. The submission level is altered according to what actions are chosen during combat and certain events.

Combat ex : - Struggle: +1 defiance per members. - Hit: +2 defiance per members. -Hit with both right and left arms: +5 defiance. Demand: 1 + 1,2,3 or 4 defiance (depend of english trait level). - Bite : Defiance +20.


There are some key differences between the personality traits to keep in mind. Personality traits at one end of the spectrum will tend to share similar, if not exact effects. For instance, "Submissive" is considered to be a more advanced equivalent to the "Meek" trait, and vice versa for the "Bratty" and "Defiant" traits.

  • Meek/Submissive
    • Unlocks the "Moan" action. (Can be used to arouse attackers)
  • Bratty/Defiant
    • Unlocks the "Demand" action. (Can be used to inflict pain on attackers)

Both actions are determinant on the player's English skill. The higher their grade, the better chances they have of succeeding with the action.

There is no ideal personality to aim towards, as this will depend on the player's playstyle, and any specific transformations they wish to obtain during their playthrough. Certain builds are popular, such as a Defiant Angel, or a Submissive Demon. Alternatively, a Defiant Wolf/Cat, using their 'Fangs' trait to be three times as effective during oral contact and causing attacker's "will to continue" to wane.


On the one end of the stat spectrum, there is the "Submissive" trait. This gives the player the option to 'Moan' during encounters. The player uses their words to help increase the attacker/partner's arousal and make them orgasm quicker, successfully ending the encounter sooner than usual.

Dialogue changes accordingly, taking a more passive and shy tone, stumbling over words and refusing eye contact with anyone.


On the other end of the stat spectrum, there is the "Defiant" trait. This gives the player the option to choose 'Demand' during encounters. Doing so has the player use their words to help waver their willingness to continue and successfully get the player away from the encounter.

Dialogue will change accordingly, taking a more aggressive and confident tone, throwing curse words at others casually and standing up to even police officers. The player will also unlock exclusive events in specific locations such as the Docks, or when protecting a certain orphan from danger at the Beach. Additionally, other events will open up, such as the option to sexually punish one of their love interests when the time calls for it.