Taking Flight

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The "Taking Flight" quest, also known by other names such as "Wing Training", "Flight Lessons", "Hawk's Lessons", or simply "Learning to Fly" is one of several personal quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is tied to the Great Hawk.


Using their newly-obtained wings, the Great Hawk can instruct the player on how to use them properly by taking flight, rather than just simply gliding.


In order to learn how to fly, the player must first acquire the Harpy Transformation from the Great Hawk. This is achieved by having sexual encounters with the hawk, accepting gifts/scolding the hawk when they come back from hunting, or generally spending time with the hawk when they're in the tower. It is also required to have Stockholm Syndrome with the Great Hawk, since they will not trust the player enough to let you fly out of the tower until then.

It should be noted that while some of the other transformations also have wings, the player is unable to learn how to fly with them due to the fact that they are too small to do anything more than a short glide.


Once the player has acquired the Harpy transformation, they can ask the Great Hawk to teach them how to fly by approaching the perch in the tower while the hawk is singing or basking there. The hawk will be overjoyed and accept, and will start preparing the player for flying by inspecting their wings and helping them preen and stretch them. They will then take the player to the edge of the perch and, when they aren't expecting it, push them out of the tower.

The player will struggle to start flying as they fall, awkwardly beating their wings for some time before momentarily blacking out due to the panic. However, they wake up just a few seconds later, having managed to catch the wind and start gliding on their own. The Great Hawk then catches up to the player and starts flying them around the moor, before eventually grabbing the player and carrying them back to the tower once they start getting tired.


After learning how to fly, the player will gain the Strong Wings trait, which will allow the player to fly in certain places where they are able to catch the wind. These places include:

  • The top of the tower in the moor, where the player will have the options to fly to the farms, forest, or town.
  • In the moor, where the player will have the option to fly for short distances, which is quicker and safer than moving or searching quickly on foot.
  • Along the coastal path, allowing the player to quickly move from the town to the farmlands
  • From the Monster's Lair, allowing the player to instantly escape whenever they want.

When flying, the time it takes to reach the destination and the amount of fatigue the player gains is affected by the current weather and the player's athletics stat. The sky being overcast will make flying quicker and easier due to fast winds, while rainy weather will make flying harder, fatiguing the player more and slowing them down depending on how much non-waterproof clothing they're wearing. The player's athletics stat will lower the amount of time it takes to fly, up to half the time at maximum athletics.


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