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(DISCLAIMER: This page may contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Wolf Street Temple, otherwise referred to as simply "the temple", is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located on the aforementioned Wolf Street, and home to Jordan, a fellow brother/sister of the temple. The player can come here to become an initiate of the faith and gain access to its historic interiors.


"You are in the main hall of the temple. Stone walls and pillars tower into darkness. Rows of seats face an altar at the end of the room."

How to Enter

The Temple can easily be accessed from Wolf Street at any time. It does not close for the night, but activities in it such as cleaning the quarters or garden will not be available at night so as to not wake up the monks and nuns who live inside.

First Steps

The player's first entry in the Temple will have them spot a figure wearing a white cowl kneeling before the temple's altar. This turns out to be Jordan.

They also have an option to pray at any time.


  • The player can attend mass here every Sunday, starting at 11AM. This will increase Purity.
  • Praying can either increase or decrease their Awareness through watching their surroundings or praying for salvation, respectively.
  • The player can ask Jordan to perform a ritual that removes the Fallen Angel Transformation if they desire.
  • The player can become an initiate at the temple and gain access to the Temple Garden, the Quarters, and the Prayer Room, though entrance to the latter room will be prohibited.

People of Interest

  • Jordan. They are generally found kneeling before the altar.
  • Sydney. A temple initiate who goes to the same school as the player.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Virginity Test

For the virginity test, the player is led into a small chamber and asked to undress. Rubbing white powder on their hands, Jordan inspects the player's nether regions. If the player is verified to be a virgin, they will return with a belt or cage, depending on the player's gender. However, if Jordan proves the player is not pure any more, Jordan will comment on it, offering the chastity device at its regular cost for non-virgins, while apologising for the player being "taken" while still so young.

Attending Mass

On Sundays, between 11AM and 1PM, the player can attend Mass. This will add Purity. This is especially beneficial for Fallen Angels, who lose purity at an alarming speed and who do not wish to become Demons, but who also cannot afford the ceremony to get rid of the transformation yet.

Masturbation Session

For a huge drop to Purity, the player can choose to masturbate within the temple's halls at any time. This requires Exhibitionism 4, and is unavailable if the player has even a single stage of the Angel transformation.

For such holy defilement, the player will also receive an increase to Trauma. A player with Demon transformation will receive a decrease in stress instead.


Praying at the temple is determinant on the Purity stat.

The player can use the Pray option at any time upon entering the temple. This will take an hour of in-game time, and can be interrupted whenever. Prayer effectiveness is determinant on the Purity stat. Actions can be repeated several times, unlike attending mass.

They have two options when praying here:

  • They can pray for salvation. This will leave the player feeling less burdened, removing Stress, Arousal, and Awareness.
  • Watch their surroundings, adding Awareness and Stress. The player counts other praying people and monks and looks up at the ceiling, apparently scared by the "gaping abyss perched above" when on low purity - adding Trauma and Stress. Being pure has no consequences.

If the player has gathered some insecurity (by having very small breasts or a very small penis and being humiliated because of it), they can then choose to pray for a bigger penis or bigger breasts - adding Acceptance to the player's stats. This ties in with Insecurity.

Praying or watching may lead to the player being assaulted by another robed person, telling the player they shouldn't "cause a fuss". They blackmail the player by implying that no one would believe the player if they were attacked, believing the robed person to be the one attacked instead. although, if the player has the angel transformation, they can guilt the attacker which stops the assault from happening.

A monk/nun may walk past the player with a sweet-smelling thurible. They then look at the player and blush. At this point, the player can flash their chest - this requires a Exhibitionism rank of 4 or higher. They can also choose to chat to the monk/nun or simply ignore them. Flashing causes the monk to drop the thurible, leading to disapproval and scolding from the other monks/nuns, before being pulled away to get the paddle as punishment. Trying to chat to them will get the player interrupted by another monk/nun, who tells the player that they have important duties. Choosing to ignore will let the person continue with their duties.

At some point, the player may face a member of the temple who is holding a donation box. Here, the player can choose to look away or steal. The player can also donate to the box - a small donation (£1), a reasonable donation £5), or a large donation (£25). Note that all donations decrease Trauma.

Donating a large amount of money prompts the monk/nun to thank the player and invite them to work at the Soup Kitchen when it is open in the evenings. This can be found on the same street, Wolf Street. This is a prerequisite to obtaining the Holy Pendant from the Forest Shop.

Pink Lichen (Science Fair Project)

The player can choose to search for lichen at the temple for their school project. They manage to find some at the top of a tower - but the door leading to it is locked. Here, the player can either pass a rather easy Skulduggery check to pick the lock, or alternatively ask for help, leading to the player asking another monk for help who then tries to rape the player. They exclaim that they are not allowed near boys/girls unsupervised, calling the player and the situation a "treat." Allowing the rape makes the man/woman leave with guilt afterwards while the player retrieves the lichen. Fighting them off means the player shoves them away and flees back into a public area.

Regardless of how the player deals with the situation, they will leave with the item they came for.

Requesting Forgiveness

If the player possesses the Fallen Angel transformation at any given point during a playthrough, it will be otherwise seen as a bad omen, and not something to be worth keeping like other transformations. To cure them of this, the player can request forgiveness from Jordan. They agree, but only for "a small donation of £10,000" to which the player agrees upon getting the required amount. After which they can approach Jordan again and buy "forgiveness" from them.

For the ceremony, Jordan and five other robed figures will wrap fabric around the player's eyes, blinding them. They lead the player to an altar within the Forest, instructing them to lay down on top of it, but to undress first before doing so. Doing as instructed, the player will have their arms and legs spread and tied down to the altar. Jordan mentions they have not done this before, as they are reassured by one of the robed figures. The player then feels something warm and wet on their genitals.

Jordan's tongue is felt as it is twisted against the player's genitals, and it becomes clear that Jordan wishes to orally please the player. The player is unsure on their predictment of where or how rough their next lick will be - with the anticipation "almost as maddening as the physical sensation itself." As stated above, Jordan is new to committing sexual deeds, and hopes to please in any way they can by licking the player in hopes of sexually pleasuring them.

The licking continues until the player eventually orgasms, making sure not to penetrate. However, despite their initial excitement, it does not remove the fallen angel's taint. Another robed figure tries to help, since it is taking too long. More people help, until one decides they need a "a little something extra" before releasing the player's legs and pulling them up so that more people can reach the player's nether regions. The player is continuously licked and kissed all over their entire body, until they ejaculate a total of seven times. After a while they then feel a "light beam" coming down on them, after which a prompt will appear stating that a great weight is lifted from the player before they pass out.

The player awakens to find themselves back at the Temple again, recovering in bed. Jordan sits by the player's side, informing them that the ceremony was a success, and that the taint is now removed - although, a blush can be seen their face, a hint of their sexual deed with the player. They beg the player to not tell anyone about what just transpired as the temple figures "like to keep [their] secrets" before leaving shortly afterwards.

Blessed By Angels

If the player possesses the Angel Transformation, the player may hear an old monk/nun's voice to their right, stating they look like an angel. They ask for the player's blessing. If the player chooses to give their blessing, they will wave their hand over the monk/nun's head, while noting that they are not sure how to exactly give a blessing. Ultimately the monk/nun is left satisfied, thanking the player for their blessing.

This draws the attention of several others wanting to receive blessings from the player, with one girl asking for the player's "angel magic."

Temple Initiation

If the player wishes to devote themselves to the local faith, the player can choose the option to inquire on becoming a member of the temple to Jordan.

Upon passing the required tests, Jordan accepts them as an initiate of the temple. They explain how initiates are tasked with menial work around the temple. These are tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and servicing elders. In return, the player has full access to the temple grounds, with some key exceptions of red-cross painted doors.

They go on to explain that they have other rules. No stealing, violence, or sex. There is a monthly chastity exam to see if the player has lost their purity. Jordan also says that if someone behaves improperly towards the player, they must tolerate it.

Becoming an Initiate

There are a few ways the player can become an initiate of the temple, these require going through one of two tests:

  • If they succeed in passing the Virginity test (1)
  • Choosing to go through an optional purity trial by fire (2)

Note that the trial by fire is mandatory if the player does not possess the Virgin trait.

Method 1: Virginity Test

If the player passes the Virginity test, Jordan says the player is "unblemished" before hoping it stays that way, and accepting them as an initiate of the temple. They explain how initiates are tasked with menial work around the temple. These are tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and servicing elders. In return, the player has full access to the temple grounds, with some key exceptions of red-cross painted doors.

They go on to explain that they have other rules. No stealing, violence, or sex. There is a monthly chastity exam to see if the player has lost their purity. Jordan also says that if someone behaves improperly towards the player, they must tolerate it.

Method 2: Temple Trial

"The trial of purity is a trial by fire," Jordan continues. "It's not dangerous, despite the name. It's an exercise of will. Let me know when you're ready, and I'll make preparations."

The player follows Jordan into the temple garden. After following them past flower beds and between hedge rows, they reach a wide and barren space. It's noted that a jovial monk/nun agitates a coal fire. Jordan whispers in their ear, with the monk/nun smiling in response. The monk/nun then produces a bell from their habit, ringing it twice. Three initiates arrive from different directions. They discard their gardening gloves and grab shovels, before piling more coal onto the fire. Jordan watches impassively - the nun pokes a pair of bellows into the fire, with the flames spreading.

The nuns and fellow initiates watch as the coals heat. Before then they have a fire spread into a thin rectangle. The monk/nun instructs the player to remove their footwear. Jordan explains that the trial of "purity" requires the player to walk across the bed before them. He notes that while the fire is harmless, your mind will think otherwise.

They then tell the player that if they fail, they can try again the next week. This trial will occur once a week.

It's time to pursue with the trial. Choose the option to walk - refusing will only end the trial.

Trial By Fire

In order to pass the test, the player must have required a decent amount of Willpower. The Characteristics tab should say that the player is feeling "fainthearted" and/or higher. However, should they not have the right amount, a prompt will appear stating how you are unable to take it anymore, as you smell your feet burning.

A prompt will appear each turn as you walk further. A list of chronological prompts the player sees until they pass the test is listed below:

Keep in mind that the player can choose to jump off at any time if it gets too much for them.

  1. Smoke rises from the coals. You take a deep breath, and step on them. It's a little warm, but doesn't hurt. Maybe this won't be so bad. (First turn)
  2. You step forward as quick as you can. You feel the coals heat beneath you. (Second turn)
  3. You step forward again. The coals are even hotter. (Third turn)
  4. You step forward again, now about half way across the coals. The heat continues to build. (Fourth turn)
  5. You tense as your foot comes down again, the coals now hotter still. (Fifth turn)
  6. You cringe as your foot comes down again. You're so close. (Sixth turn)
  7. You take the final step. It hurts so much, but you're across. (Seventh turn)

Upon reaching the seventh and final turn, the player will have successfully passed the trial. The monk/nun will look stunned by your attempt. They and the initiates applaud at your success, along with several others watching over the hedge. If the player is wearing shoes, it's noted that their soles are covered in soot, but they are not burnt at all. Jordan explains that the fire does not hurt, and merely burns away any impurity the player may have. With that in mind, Jordan congratulates the player in them being unblemished in the eyes of the church. The player follows Jordan back inside.

They also gain a new trait should they be a non-virgin: Chastity Vow. Please note that the vow of chastity works in place of a virginity trait, ensuring non-virgin players can still access the Temple grounds as usual.

Chastity Vow - Lost when your penis/vagina is enveloped. The temple will know.

Temple Member

Congratulations! The player has joined the ranks of the temple. As such, new opportunities open up to the player.

Once the player becomes a temple initiate, there is no way to strip/remove that rank. The best the player can do is avoid the temple altogether.

See Temple (Expanded) for climbing the ranks.

Temple Exploration

Once an initiate, you have a new option available at the Temple - Explore Temple. This takes up 30 in-game minutes.

The player explores the previously-forbidden parts of the temple. Upstairs are living quarters for the monks and nuns. Outside, behind the temple building, is a large garden where initiates tend beds of flowers. A hedge maze trails away into the forest. They find several doors painted with red crosses. It's noted that Jordan warned the player not to enter them, despite them sealed shut, except for one in the back corner of the temple. A stern-faced monk/nun stands in front of it, watching the player.

They explain that behind them is the prayer room. Within it, a unique incense burns, known for vision-inducing. It's an intense form of worship due to occupants being locked in for at least one hour at a time. They go on to explain that prayer room occupants wear a holy pendant as protection. The guard tells the player no one can enter the prayer room while the temple and grounds are in "such a state." They will only consider letting the player inside the Prayer Room if the temple grounds are in tip-top shape.

Managing the Temple

There are three new options for the Temple to explore. These are:

  • Garden
  • Quarters
  • Prayer Room

The player can work in the first two areas, cleaning them to increase their Grace stat. Cleaning management is similarly to keeping things tidy over at Eden's Cabin. Keep in mind that you cannot clean during night, as a prompt will appear stating you will wake them up if you did so.

The third area, the Prayer Room, is guarded by a stern-faced monk/nun. They will bar access to the room until the player has met specific requirements, these being one or both of the cleanable areas being in order.

Note that the areas may get messy again over time, so it's ideal to keep things in tip-top shape.

The state of the various rooms is changed every four or so turns if the player is non-stop working there. If the player reaches the maximum state, the game will note that there is nothing more for them to do there today and automatically lead them back into the temple's main hall.


Description: "You are in the temple garden. Rows of flowers lead away from the temple proper, becoming more unruly as they approach the forest. It's unclear where the temple grounds end and forest begins. Sunlight bleeds through the branches of trees."

This is the first area the player can choose to work in. It's noted that the garden barely looks like one in the first place, with bushy hedges and wild flowers. Over time, the player can make things more tidy, eventually blossoming into a beautiful garden.

Working at this garden will increase the Tending skill. A higher skill will result in better results.

State of Garden

A list of the various chronological states of the Garden can be seen below, from worst to best:

  • The garden looks wild, barely a garden at all. The hedges are bushy and wild flowers strangle their competition.
  • The garden is an overgrown mess, with wild flowers invading the beds and hedges overgrown.
  • The garden is messy, though the hedges are close to their intended shape.
  • The garden is reasonably neat, though many of the hedges could use a trim.
  • The garden is neat, with just a bit of overgrowth as you near the forest.
  • The garden is neat and tidy.
  • The garden is beautiful, it's hedges trimmed and flowers well-cared-for. The garden is perfect, and there's nothing more you can do for today.


Description: "You are in the temple quarters on the second floor of the temple, where the monks and nuns make their home. There are four large rooms surrounding the central hall. The bunk beds remind you of a barracks."

This is the second area the player can choose to work in. Similarly to the Garden, it will initially start very messy - the rooms are described as an "anarchic mess", with untucked bedsheets, clothes spill out of their wardrobes, and surfaces covered in a thick layer of dust. Over time, the player can make things more tidy, finding a new-found talent for house-keeping.

State of Quarters

A list of the various chronological states of the Quarters can be seen below, from worst to best:

  • The rooms are an anarchic mess. Bedsheets are untucked, clothes spill out of their wardrobes, and surfaces are covered in a thick layer of dust.
  • The rooms are a mess. Clothes and other objects are strewn across the dusty floor.
  • The rooms are a bit messy. Clothes lie in piles beside their owner's beds, and the room could use a good dust.
  • The rooms are neat. Most clothes and objects are where they belong, though there's room for improvement.
  • The rooms are reasonably clean, though maybe not up to the clergy's standards.
  • The rooms are clean, though dust lingers in hard-to-reach spots.
  • The rooms are spotless, free of dust and with all in order. The rooms are perfectly clean. There's nothing more you can do today.


Additionally, there are a few items the player can collect here while they are cleaning out the Quarters, such as various antiques that can later be sold at the Museum. These items can be found when their hand disturbs a loose stone., revealing a hole that's too dark to see inside.

If the player chooses to reach in, what they get is randomly-generated. Here is a full list of items and/or prompts that can be found when cleaning the Quarters:

  • You reach in, and touch something sharp. You withdraw your hand. Adds Pain and Stress.
  • You wrap your fingers around something cool and hard. You bring it out into the light. It's just a piece of broken grey stone, with a sharp edge pointing up.
  • You reach in, but find only dust.
  • Your fingers brush against fabric. You pull out a small pouch. Inside is £20.
  • Something grasps your wrist. You yank your arm away, breaking its grip, and shuffle away from the hole. Adds Trauma and Stress.
  • You reach in, and touch something soft. You try to grasp it, but it squirms into life and wriggle away. Adds Trauma and Stress.
  • You reach in again, gingerly this time, and wrap your fingers around something cool and hard. You bring it out into the light. It's a brass statuette, molded in the shape of an eagle. You caught your hand on its beak. It looks old.
    • This antique can be brought in to the Museum for examination.
  • You reach in. The hole is deep. You lie on your front and shuffle beneath the bed, allowing you to fit more of your arm down the hole. Your fingers brush against something cold and hard. You pull it out, and find a stone in the shape of an old religious symbol. It's attached to a looped string. You wear it around your neck.
    • This unlocks the Stone Pendant. Upon it's discovery, it is automatically unlocked at the Forest Shop.

Prayer Room

Description: "You are outside the prayer room. A stern-faced monk guards the door."

In order to access the Prayer Room, the player must first clear out the Quarters and/or Garden. They can choose to clear out both, or alternatively just clear out one area. Once that is done, the player can then return to the guard and gain permission to access the protected room. Alternatively, with an A in History, the player can sneak inside the prayer room without doing the temple chores but doing so will greatly decrease Grace, the exception is if the player gets caught by Jordan, which replaces -- Grace with -- Trauma and -- Stress temporarily in the next hour as they accompany them.

If the player has only cleared out one area, then the guard will state that the other area needs improvement, while stating the cleaned area is in order, allowing the player access to the prayer room if they wish. If the player has cleared out both, the guard will instead note both areas are in order.

Like the Temple main hall, the player has the option to pray for one hour. Upon doing so, the guard will stand aside to let you pass. The door clicks shut behind the player, leaving them in a small hexagonal room with a cushion positioned in the middle. It's noted that the smell of the air is thick, coming from a sweet incense. The player isn't able to see where it is being burned.

Unlike anything else in the game, the usual option (Next) will have a "???" next to it. Choose to continue. The player sits on the cushion and prays, with the incense making them light and dizzy. Various prompts will appear that will increase various stats, such as Willpower or school stats. Additionally, it may also reduce various negative stats such as Stress and Trauma.

Consider the prayer room a safe way to increase stats without any harassment coming your way.

A list of various examples of how the prayer room works is listed below. It will list one prompt, then another prompt. For example, the player may receive a boost to their Control, then a large increase to their Willpower. There are countless stat combinations available within the room.

  • Willpower Prompt: You're able to keep your mind clear and focused.
    • The incense helps you focus. Large increase to Willpower.
  • Stress Prompt: You think about how, despite everything, you've managed to look after yourself.
    • The incense swirls around you and makes pretty patterns.
    • The incense makes you feel giddy.
    • You hear birds chirping outside.
  • English Prompt: Your mind wanders to school. You think about your last English lesson. You see the material in a new light.
  • Purity Prompt: You feel safe, secure and at peace.
  • Arousal Prompt: The incense clears your mind.
  • Trauma Prompt: The incense soothes you.
  • Control Prompt: You try to shut your eyes, but you find you need them open, watching the door. You realise how afraid you are of an assailant bursting in. You tell yourself the temple wouldn't allow that.

The player can stay within this room as long as they want while the incense is burning. If the player stays in the room after 12AM, a monk/nun will enter the chamber, stating they are here to clear up. They note that it's a bad idea to pray in the chamber so late, and the player can choose to continue their prayer sessions the following morning. They also note that the incense is running low. This will have the player leave the Prayer Room, returning to the temple's main hall.

Wearing a pendant to Prayer Room

When wearing a pendant (holy/stone/dark) to prayer room, the monk/nun guarding it will have some unique responses depending on the pendant. If the monk/nun finds the player wearing a stone pendant, they will respond, "nice" and if they found the player wearing a holy pendant, they will respond that it's a wise choice of jewelry.

However, if they found the player wearing a dark pendant, the monk/nun won't allow them to enter with it, saying that it's forbidden entering the room with that, in which the player can give it to them or refuse. Giving the pendant will have them wrap it in several layers of cloth and taking it, holding it away from their body. If the player refuses, they will not allow the player to enter.

A Presence in the Prayer room

There are three presences that can be encountered inside the prayer room as the player prays: a benevolent, curious, and a malevolent/dark presence. Different types of presence can appear more frequently by wearing their associated pendants. Each presence has a 1% chance of appearing in the prayer room, unless the player is wearing the appropriate pendant. When encountering a presence, the player will be given the option of embracing the presence, or snapping out of its influence. The arrival of a presence is heralded by the text "You feel a presence" coloured either green for the benevolent presence, blue for the curious presence, or red for the dark presence.

The benevolent or holy presence can be hinted with the incense taking a white hue, surrounding the player with white. The player can choose to embrace it or snap out of it. If the player chose to embrace it, it will cause it to saturate the player's mind, forgetting where they and how did they got here only thinking of the blissful present. If the player chose to snap out of it, they will smell the sweet air and the white will fade and snap them back to reality. This presence is associated with the holy pendant, and wearing one will raise the chance of encountering this presence to 10%, as well as prevent any encounters with the other presences.

Embracing the benevolent presence causes a large increase to purity, as well as a moderate increase to awareness and large positive changes to the player's condition.
(+ + Purity | + + + Control | - - -Trauma | - - - Stress | + + Awareness)
Snapping out of its influence causes a moderate increase to willpower, as well as smaller positive changes to the player's condition.
(+ + Willpower | + + Control | - - Trauma | - - Stress)

The curious presence can be hinted by the thickening of the incense, making the player float, which they can't tell if they're sinking or rising, and the player realises something is observing them without any malice. The player can embrace this presence or snap out of it. If the player embraces it, they will feel themselves encased it stone, while their mind will wander throughout the forest. If the player snaps out, the stone surrounding them will descend and they will return to reality. This is associated with the stone pendant, and wearing one will raise the chance of encountering this presence to 9% and prevent any encounters with the dark presence, but will not prevent encounters with the holy presence.

Embracing the curious presence presence causes a slight increase to purity and a large increase to awareness and arousal, in addition to moderate increases to the player's history, science, and maths understanding.
(+ Purity | + + + Awareness | + + History | + + Science | + + Maths | + + + Arousal)
Snapping out of its influence causes a moderate increase in willpower and a small increase to the player's history, science, and maths understanding.
(+ + Willpower | + History | + Science | + Maths)

The malevolent dark presence can be hinted by pitch blackness throughout the prayer room where even the windows appear black and the player feel like floating in a void, but they're not alone. The player can choose to embrace it or snap out of it. If the player choose to embrace it, it will seep into the player, until they realizes that they are screaming, before the presence leaves as fast as it came. If the player snaps out of it, they will struggle as if trying to wake up from a nightmare and the chamber will materialise again as if nothing happened. This presence is associated with the dark pendant, which could be why the monk/nun prevents you from entering with the said pendant. Wearing a dark pendant will raise the chance of encountering this presence to 8%, and will not prevent the appearance of either of the other presences.

Embracing the dark presence causes large increases in both awareness and stress, as well as a large decrease in purity and a moderate increase in willpower.
(+ + + Awareness | - - - Purity | + + Willpower | + + + Stress)
Snapping out of its influence causes a small decrease in purity as well as a small increase in awareness, willpower, and stress.
(+ Awareness | - Purity | + Willpower | + Stress)


While working as an initiate, a new stat will appear: Grace. This is the way the temple perceives you, and whether or not they believe the player is acting loyal to the faith. To increase Grace, do things that would help the temple and it's members. Endure any molestations, retrieve a "dropped" scroll hidden in a fireplace, and so on.

Helping out with menial tasks such as cleaning will also increase Grace.

If the player does not help with the temple's chores and by extension not have any increases towards Grace, Jordan will scold them for failing their duties: "Though pure, your behaviour hasn't been appropriate for a member of our faith."

Temple Allowances

The temple appreciates the player's efforts for them as a temple initiate, and will reward them with a monthly allowance. It is recommended to get a high amount of Grace to get the maximum amount of allowance.

It is possible to gain up to approximately £4,000 a month, or an average weekly payment of around £1,000 at max Grace.

Make sure to collect allowances monthly! It is a good step in the right direction for dealing with the Bailey's Payments questline.

Chastity Exam

Each month, a chastity exam will be held to check if the temple initiates are true to their vows. Jordan will say that it is time for the player's chastity examination, telling them the temple must make sure if the player is still "pure" - they will be purified if they are not.

At this point, they have one of three options:

  • Allow examination
  • Refuse examination
  • Say you are impure

If the player is found to be pure, then things will proceed as normal and Jordan will simply let the player continue with their holy duties. However, if the player is found to be sexually impure then it may prove dangerous - Jordan and their fellow monks/nuns will have strict punishments planned for their disobedience - for example, gagging the player, or taking things one step further and prostituting them unsuspectingly.

A special punishment is enacted should the player have lost their purity together with Sydney, or if the player loses their purity while promised to Sydney. Unlike the earlier punishments it's possible for the player to fail this particular punishment (How?). Should this be the case the punishment will start over again. If the player fails 10 times the punishment will end regardless.

Temple Expansion (WIP)

More temple content was added in version 4.3 such as climbing the temple's ranks, a confessional, and more. This content is covered at the Expanded temple content page.


Several items can be found and/or purchased.

  • A pink lichen required for the Science Fair school project can be found here, behind the window of a tower. You might need some assistance in order to get it, unless you have high Skulduggery. Be warned, your assistant may have some lewd ideas after the lichen is in your hands.
  • The player can purchase chastity belts/cages for £80, or alternatively go through an initial virginity test to have it given to them for free if they possess the Virgin trait. An additional anal shield can be purchased at £50, regardless of sexual purity.
  • An antique can be found here randomly when cleaning the temple quarters, namely, the brass statuette.


  • It's implied that the temple has a dark secret, given the rituals the monks partake in.
    • It is likely that the cultists that appear at the Forest Lake originate from the Temple.
    • This dark secret is exemplified through the temple initiate sequence, especially if the player is found to be impure.
  • When the player is sexually assaulted, regardless of what the robed person says about no one coming to the player's aid, the player screaming will end the encounter quickly.
  • This is one of a few locations that take the player's transformation into account during some events, others being the School, Eden's Cabin, and the Tentacle Plains.


The following images showcase below what the temple looks like at different times of the day.

In the Winter

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Barb StreetDanube StreetDomus StreetWolf Street

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