Tentacle Forest

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"You are in the tentacle forest, in a clearing surrounded by giant tentacles, packed tight. Two viable paths lead away, one ascending, one descending."

How to Enter

Access the Hookah Parlour in the Barb Street Flats and smoke hookah for £50

The player needs Awareness 5 or more to access the forest. With this requirement met, the player will see an "alien forest" through the portal.

If the player smokes at low Awareness, the "alien forest" will not appear for them, instead giving the player this: You sit on a cushion in front of the hookah pipe, put the hose to your mouth, and inhale. You find yourself on your back, beneath a spinning ceiling. A schism rips through the plaster, and reality parts. You can't make sense of it, and your thoughts are torn from your control. | + + Willpower | + + Awareness

First Steps

Upon entering the Tentacle Forest, the player will realize that their clothes are missing. In addition, they are warned that having an orgasm could be dangerous.


The Tentacle Forest is only accessible for once per day. Once entered, the player has 60 minutes to explore. Running out of time will result in the player waking up in the Hookah Parlour.

The player begins in a clearing. This clearing has two paths, one ascending and another descending, and strange fruits. There are several options:

  • Ascend (0:05) | Move deeper into the forest
    • The player take the ascending path through the forest. This leads to the Glimmering Pool area. Attempting to venture further is impossible, at first.
  • Descend (0:05) | Move deeper into the forest
    • The player take the descending path through the forest. This leads to the Rushing Stream area. Attempting to venture further is impossible, at first.
  • Climb (0:05) | Willpower
    • The player will attempt to climb large tentacles within the clearing, initiating a Willpower check. If successful, the tentacles will make their passage easier and the player will get a view of the entire forest. If failed, the tentacles will sabotage the player's attempt (+ Pain | + Willpower). Success is not guaranteed, even at 6/6 Willpower.
  • Eat (0:15) | Hand Skill?
    • The player will attempt to grab a strange fruit and eat it. The potential result of this is explained in detail here.
  • Wake up
    • This will result in the player waking up, similarly to running out of time.

Accessing Deeper Areas

To unlock more areas, the player must venture to a point the Tentacle Forest that is impassable. Then, the player must return to the town and complete the corresponding town project and visit the site of the completed project. This will unlock further areas to explore. Every project to progress is as follows:

For more details on the town projects, visit: Unlocking the Projects

Apart from completing their corresponding town project, venturing deeper requires the player to either succeed in skill/stat checks or endure nonconsensual encounters.


Turning back from deeper within the forest will bring the player back to the clearing. However, the player will need to retread the progress they made if they wish to make it back.

Raising Sex Skills

Within each area of the Tentacle Forest, the player will have an opportunity to raise a sex skill. These opportunities are as such:

  • Clearing: Strange fruit hanging on a branch. Eat (0:15) | Hand Skill?
  • Glimmering Pool: Lily pads floating on the edge of a pool. Sit (0:15) | Ass Skill?
  • Rushing Stream: Fat slugs stranded ashore. Step on them (0:15) | Feet Skill?
  • Tentacle Grass: Slime, interwoven tentacles. Shimmy (0:15) | Thigh Skill?
  • Fleshlike Flowers: Hanging vines dripping nectar. Suck (0:15) | Oral Skill?
  • Fissure: Beckoning tentacles. Wrestle (0:15) | Chest Skill?
  • Tunnel: Walls etched with symbols. Decipher (0:15) | Anal Skill?

Besides the tunnel, the result of taking one of the actions above will have one of many random results:

  • The corresponding sex skill will rise by 1 point.
  • The player will have slime land on a random body part.
  • A larger tentacle sprays the player with a pink mist (+ + Arousal).
  • The player hears distant wails (+ + Stress).
  • A giant eye spawns below the player's feet. It turns into a pair of lips and whispers to the player (+ + Arousal).
  • Tremors shake the forest (+ + Stress).
  • A vine-like tentacle will whip the player's bum (+ Pain | + + Arousal). This will send the player forwards and initiate a Dance check. Succeeding will allow the player to continue onwards with no further consequence. Failing will result in the player tripping over a tentacle and being groped by two tentacles ( + + + Arousal).

For the tunnel, the possible results are different:

  • The player blushes and gains 1 point in the Anal Skill.
  • The player shudders and receives + + Arousal, + Stress, or + Trauma.

Because of the unreliable and dangerous nature of attempting to raise sex skills here, this method of grinding is not recommended. If the player has Promiscuity 4, farming sex skills in the Brothel's gloryholes is much more consistent.

Bulbous Creature

Orgasming at any point, whether in an encounter or not will immediately begin an event. The ground will collapse and the player will be grabbed by tentacles and pulled into a cave. The player lands in a pool of thick fluid and a car-sized bulbous creature will approach the player. The player has various options to avoid the creature:

  • Hide under the fluid | Skulduggery
    • The player attempts to hide in the pool of fluid. fluid. Failure increases Skulduggery.
  • Run | Athletics
    • The player attempts to run from the creature.
  • Scare | Willpower
    • The player charges at the creature in an attempt to scare it. Failure increases willpower.
  • Lay an ambush | Skulduggery
    • This is harder to pull off than hiding under the fluid. Success results in the player defeating the creature, disabling them for the rest of their trip, and earning the Feat "Lurker Beyond".

Success with any option besides the ambush will result in the player escaping. However, if they encounter the creature once more within the same trip, the previously successful option will be removed. Eventually, the player will have no option other than laying an ambush.

Failure with any option will result in the player being molested by the creature ( + + + Arousal). Then, tentacles will emerge to grope them and the player has two choices: Cover your chest, which results in the tentacles squirting sweet-smelling fluid that increases genital sensitivity by 0.5, or Cling, which has no significant effect. Finally, the player passes out and wakes up in the Hookah Parlour. It's important for the player to avoid covering their chest as the increase in sensitivity could make avoiding the bulbous creature and encounters in general more difficult.


  • Town Projects
  • Ownership of the Hookah Parlour
    • This allows the player to partake in the hookah as many times as they want per day, at their own risk.
  • Feat "Lurker Beyond"


  • If the player has high enough awareness, they can still choose to not enter the tentacle forest in exchange for the boost in willpower and awareness. Note that more than Awareness 6 will not provides awareness, even though it isn't max Awareness.
  • In some cases, a bug may occur where the player attempts to take the Ascend path and winds up in a place along the Descend path, particularly when visiting the first time after projects are completed. This bug sent one player from Glimmering Pool to Fleshlike Flowers.
  • This area is remarkably similar to the Tentacle Plains, including the consequence of orgasming. However, the exact execution of the consequence differs.
  • Entering the Tentacle Forest with Arousal over 6000 will result in Arousal being reset to 6000. This is likely to prevent players from encountering the bulbous creature as soon as they enter.

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