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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."
All tentacle variants as they appear in-game. From left to right: Normal, Plant, Metallic, Pale

Tentacles are one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity, and also one of many Deviancy options available to the player.


First, enable Tentacles in Settings. Tentacles can show up in all sorts of places, but most require the player to have the Severe Hallucinations trait. This is obtained while having high Trauma, high Awareness, or being affected by Hallucinogens.


Tentacle encounters are almost always non-consensual, with only a small fraction of a consensual tentacle encounter (otherwise referred to as "consentacles") existing within the game.

The premise behind the encounter is that the player is forced to "service" them or try and fight them off using Defiance. They will be facing off against a large number of tentacles, up to a maximum number of sixteen different tentacles, all with different descriptions and the same goal - to have their way with the player.


The goal for dealing with tentacle encounters is to get the tentacles to retract away from the player. This can be achieved by making tentacles ejaculate. There are a couple of ways to accomplish it:

  • Defiance: Strike and kick the ones threatening body parts, or pull away when it presses against them. Bite down if a tentacle invades the player's mouth, it will recoil away immediately. After that, strike away.
  • Submissiveness: Choose purple acts to make tentacles ejaculate quicker. Ideally, it is recommended to have them penetrate as they will ejaculate much quicker than other tentacles circling around the player. Cooperate using penis/pussy/ass and suck when they penetrate the player's mouth, or alternatively simply milk and rub them.
  • Do nothing: Simply do not resist and let them do whatever they want until the encounter is over.

After a few turns they will ooze out a liquid and eventually retract away from the player. Once enough tentacles retract away, the tentacle creature loses interest in the player - letting them walk free, automatically ending the encounter.


Angel characters have a unique way of dealing with tentacles: the Banish action. A powerful ability unlocked when the player reaches the fourth stage of the transformation (i.e. gaining their halo), choosing this action causes the player to make an intricate gesture with their hands, causing the targeted tentacle to "shimmer and recoil violently," instantly removing them from combat.

Banish can still be used while the player's arm is bound by a tentacle; however, in this case the player will only be able to target the tentacle holding their arm. Otherwise, they can target any tentacle they wish. Only one tentacle will be affected at a time. The player can choose to use both hands to Banish a single tentacle, though this has no effect aside from changing the flavour text of the action to the player clasping their hands together in prayer.

Banish cannot be used on all forms of tentacles. It will only affect the "normal" and "pale" variants - see below.

Tentacle Descriptors & Variants

While most tentacle encounters , certain others are more unique. These different variants function identically to their normal brethren, though they will have their own unique descriptors and parasitic offspring.

A tentacle's descriptor indicates how large it is. Tentacle size affects how much pain the player receives from tentacles penetrating them. There are three possible tentacle sizes. Additionally, only certain types of tentacles are capable of anally impregnation the player; these will be highlighted in red.

  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large

There are four different tentacle variants: normal, plant (includes vines, roots and shoots), metallic, and pale. Tentacles marked with * have the ability to hypnotise the player, giving them Hypnosis traits, increasing player's sadism, or giving the player 10,000 arousal.

  • Normal: The standard tentacle. Note that this type's descriptions can be used by the other three.
    • Descriptors: Slimy, Sticky, Thick, Throbbing, Slick, Moist, Quivering, Sodden, Shivering, Shuddering, Convulsing*, Undulating, Damp, Bulbous, Gyrating, Large, Bumpy, Thin, Narrow, Squishy
  • Plant: Any manner of flora that sprouts to life to assault the player. This variant encompasses vines, roots and shoots. Plantpeople make use of these types of tentacles.
    • Descriptors: Flowering, Blossoming, Wooden, Blooming*, Climbing, Mossy, Grassy, Pistil, Leafy, Sprouting, Sapling
  • Metal: A rare type of tentacle, found solely in the Elk Street Landfill.
    • Descriptors: Jerking, Plated, Sparking, Shiny, Labelled, Jolting, Rusted, Wired*, Stainless
  • Pale: An ethereal tentacle form tied to the Ivory Wraith. The Wraith is commonly depicted with these types of tentacles bursting from its back, and it's capable of summoning them to attack the player.
    • Descriptors: Ghostly, Translucent*, Twitching, Manic, Cloudy, Ethereal, Incandescent*, Iridescent*


As stated before, tentacle encounters can show up in all sorts of places, but will most likely only appear to the player upon achieving the needed requirements. The most common requirement is that the player must be under the influence of hallucinations.

These will be separated into two categories - non-consensual, and consensual. The former will be the most common when dealing with tentacles.


  • While swimming in the ocean.
  • Tentacles have an odd chance of appearing around the Town anywhere when the player is severely hallucinating.
  • Within the deeper areas of the Forest, near the Wolf Cave. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • Clearing weeds at Eden's Cabin, Alex's Farm, or the Temple. Tending crops in the Orphanage garden. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • While exposed in the Farmlands. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • Can appear while the player is bathing at the orphanage, alongside a Swarm of Slimes. Requires uncontrolled severe hallucinations and slimes enabled.
  • When breaking out of a school locker after hiding in it while exposed. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • Appears when the player passes out as the Elk Street Landfill. Does not require hallucinations.
  • When stealing crystals in the Elk Street Compound. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • There is a chance for a multi-tentacle encounter to happen in town during night. Requires severe hallucinations.
  • During the giant slug Soft Monster Vore encounter after passing out to slugs in the Smuggler's Cave. Requires soft vore and slugs, but not hallucinations.
  • During non-snake soft vore encounters. Requires soft vore and hallucinations.
  • Nonconsensual plantpeople encounters. Requires plantpeople enabled.
  • The Ivory Wraith with tentacles enabled.
  • During the Schism event


  • The Forest Lake has a consensual tentacle encounter within the Forest Lake Ruins. Deviancy 4 or higher is required, as well as severe hallucinations.
  • Deviancy 5 enables a consensual option within the deeper areas of the Forest.
  • An option to investigate an eerie light emerging from the player's bedroom mirror. Requires Deviancy 2 and severe hallucinations. Greater lewdity requires Deviancy 5 and a Blood Moon.
  • Using the "Tenyclus" cabinet in the arcade 6 days in a row. Requires hallucinations.
  • Consensual plantpeople encounters. Requires plantpeople enabled.
  • Sex machine, tentacle mode once the player has the sex machine up and running at the Brothel. Requires Promiscuity 5.

Mirror Tentacles

"An eerie light emerges from your mirror."

There are multiple requirements for this event to occur, listed below:

  • Tentacles must be enabled as a toggle.
  • The player must be under the (Controlled/Uncontrolled) "Severe Hallucinations" trait (requires high Trauma, high Awareness or being affected by Hallucinogens.)
  • It must be between 3:00AM to 4:00AM.

Very late at night, the player can discover a mysterious light coming from their mirror. If they approach the mirror, they will see a tentacle inside the mirror. They will then be given the option to walk away or watch. If they watch the tentacle, it will approach the player and they will be given the option to lick it or walk away. They will then notice more tentacles appearing and will have the option to lick (requires Deviancy 2 or higher) or walk away. The tentacles will caress the player's body as it oozes a sweet smelling liquid that drugs the player while arousing them.

Eventually, the light will fade away, leaving the player feeling aroused.

Bloody Mirror

There are multiple requirements for this event to occur, listed below:

  • Tentacles must be enabled as a toggle.
  • The player must be under the (Controlled/Uncontrolled) "Severe Hallucinations" trait (requires high Trauma, high Awareness or being affected by Hallucinogens.)
  • It must be between 3:00AM to 4:00AM.
  • It must be the beginning of a new month.

Note: Requires Deviancy 5.

If the player repeats the same requirements needed to trigger the "Mirror Tentacles" small event during a blood moon instead of a regular moon, this will unlock an option for the player to goad the tentacles into greater lewdity (Deviancy 5.) This has the player go further with caressing the tentacle, initiating oral with it. It does not take long before swarms of other tentacles emerge from the mirror - this will initiate a consensual tentacle multi-encounter.

Once complete, an option is granted to the player to step through a portal to enter the Tentacle Plains. Choose to do so, and the player will be sent there accordingly.

This means that the player does not have to go through the Asylum first in order to get there. Hard Mode users will benefit from this alternative method of getting to the plains if they wish to grab any potential items while they are there, such as pepper spray - achieved by going exactly four times in the north direction, and four times in the east direction.

To return to the mirror at any time, proceed with the same route, but choose to head four times in the west direction and four times in the south direction instead. As this location is fixed, the player can head towards the mirror exit anywhere within the plains - however, it is recommended to proceed with the instructed directions upon immediately stepping within the plains for convenience.

Tentacle Plains

Deep within the Asylum, a plain devoted to tentacles rests. This is a wicked place, devoid of anything else but tentacle creatures as far as the eye can see. Tread carefully.

The longer the player spends here, the higher their Arousal stat will build until they climax. This causes the player to be attacked by a swarm of tentacles. Consider it a soft timer; the player's traits and stats determining how much they can endure before passing out, returning to the player to where they came from.

For more information on this location, visit this page: Tentacle Plains

Unique Trait

A Sexual Trait is tied to this toggle: Prey.

To achieve this trait, the player must have been raped by tentacles 50+ times.

Prey - Many tentacles have had their way with your body. Trauma increases more slowly when attacked by tentacles.


Tentacle encounters tie in with anal parasitic pregnancy. When penetrating the player's behind, there's an odd chance for certain types of tentacles to ooze their lewd liquid "alongside something else" causing them to impregnate the player. Generally "large" and "thick" tentacles are capable of this, but different tentacle variants have their own unique descriptors - see the "Tentacle Descriptors & Variants" section above.

For more information, visit this page: Pregnancy


  • A consensual tentacle encounter can otherwise referred to as a "consentacle" encounter.
  • Despite the humorous, joke-y nature of Vrelnir's comments, it is established that tentacles is one of his favourite fetishes. He has consistently brought up tentacles since the game's inception when interacting with the community.
  • A neat bit of trivia about tentacles is that the combat was originally developed for one single NPC at a time. Once the developer decided to add more NPCs to the mix, the result was interesting, to say the least. It then made the developer realise tentacles would be viable, and thus they became part of the game.
    • It's noted that tentacle encounters were still built from scratch, but the original premise came from this eldritch abomination of NPCs and limbs.

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