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All of the tips listed in-game. One of these tips will show up randomly on the left-hand sidebar below Current Condition.

  1. Arousal increases during lewd acts, and decreases over time or when you orgasm.
  2. Fatigue increases over time. High fatigue increases stress and trauma, but you can sleep to remove it.
  3. Stress increases when you are assaulted.
  4. You will pass out if stress gets too high, making you vulnerable.
  5. Stress usually decreases over time. Fun or relaxing activities also reduce it, as do orgasms.
  6. Trauma increases when you are assaulted, harassed or humiliated. Trauma slowly decreases over time.
  7. High trauma causes psychological problems, but also opens up new options.
  8. Wilfully performing lewd acts will restore your sense of control, mitigating the effects of psychological trauma.
  9. Feeling in control will diminish when violated.
  10. Frequently performing lewd acts will inure you to them, allowing more options but requiring more extreme behaviour to achieve a sense of control.
  11. There are three categories of lewd act; promiscuous, exhibitionist and deviant.
  12. Higher promiscuity allows you to initiate lewder acts during consensual encounters.
  13. Higher exhibitionism allows lewder acts while dancing.
  14. Promiscuous, exhibitionist and deviant acts can put you in danger. Be careful.
  15. You can buy new clothing at the High Street shopping centre.
  16. You need to wear a uniform to attend school. If you forget it, you might be able to borrow a spare from somewhere, or buy one from the book store.
  17. If your clothes get destroyed or stolen, you'll have to buy more. You could always just wrap yourself in towels, but it might attract attention.
  18. Try to get home before dark. There are some nasty people about.
  19. You can buy a chastity belt from the temple on Wolf Street. They give them out for free to virgins.
  20. The forest is dangerous. People sometimes never return.
  21. No matter how bad things seem, there's always a way out.
  22. If you need some money, the café on Cliff Street is always hiring, and is fairly safe.
  23. You'll need a swimsuit for school. You probably don't want to borrow one.
  24. Your physique will deteriorate if you don't get enough exercise.
  25. Swimming close to shore is easy. You should practice in a safe environment before swimming further out.
  26. Going without underwear makes you more vulnerable, particularly if you're wearing a skirt.
  27. Lower purity can speed up breast growth.
  28. A topless girl with a flat chest can sometimes pass as a boy.
  29. If your arms are bound, you should be able to free yourself once in a safe place.
  30. If a situation seems dangerous, it probably is.
  31. A chastity belt is a good way to protect your virginity.
  32. There's a club on Connudatus Street that features erotic dancers. They're always hiring.
  33. There are rumours of an underground brothel somewhere in town.
  34. If you want to learn how to dance, there's a studio on Barb Street.
  35. The storm drains allow quick, secretive travel around town. Rumours of giant lizards are surely wrong.
  36. Travelling through alleyways allows you to shave time off journeys, but unsavoury figures lurk there.
  37. If you sense something hunting you in the forest, get out before it's too late.
  38. The kids at school can be evil. Particularly towards those with a low social status.
  39. It's hard to be popular at school and endear yourself to the teachers at the same time. You'll have to make sacrifices.
  40. If you get a reputation as a delinquent, teachers will no longer respond to your cries for help.
  41. If you lose your virginity, you'll never be entirely pure again.
  42. If you orgasm, you'll temporarily lose focus.
  43. Too many orgasms in a short span of time can be bad for one's mental state.
  44. When the odds are stacked against you, fighting can make things worse.
  45. A little defiance can go a long way.
  46. There are some mental problems that cannot be fully controlled.
  47. The better your physique, the more effort needed to maintain and improve it.
  48. Your defiant acts cause more pain if you have a good physique.
  49. Tactical use of Bratty actions can be very powerful.
  50. Apologising more than once is pointless.
  51. Be mindful if you crossdress, some people don't take kindly to it.
  52. Semen and other lewd fluids will stick around until you wash.
  53. Walking around covered in lewd fluid will attract attention.
  54. Genitals are not the only thing that can rob you of your virginity.
  55. Attempts to influence a molester are less likely to succeed as they become angrier and hornier.
  56. Submissive and Meek acts will make someone trust you more, making them easier to influence.
  57. You can escape from most encounters by inflicting enough pain through defiant acts.
  58. Enraged assailants will become less hostile as they take their anger out on you.
  59. If you suffer too much pain, you'll be disabled and unable to act until you recover.
  60. If you're small or out of shape fighting might just make things worse for you.
  61. An assailant foiled by a chastity belt will become angrier.
  62. Assailants might stop gagging you if they trust you more.
  63. It's much harder to build social status than it is to lose it.
  64. The tips you make dancing are based on the size of the audience, their arousal and how impressed they are.
  65. A large, aroused audience can be dangerous.
  66. Some venues are safer to dance in than others.
  67. A skilled dancer garners interest more easily.
  68. Even an unskilled dancer can garner attention, if they're willing to strip.
  69. Performing lewd or promiscuous acts will inure you to them, even if you already feel in control.
  70. If you're having trouble with game performance or images not loading correctly, try disabling some images or animations in the settings.
  71. Being consistently Submissive or defiant can alter your personality and open new options.
  72. Each turn during an encounter represents ten seconds.
  73. Anything that increases delinquency will give you detention.
  74. Your skulduggery determines your ability to perform underhanded acts, including deceiving people and picking locks.
  75. You can sell stolen goods in the pub on Harvest Street.
  76. Criminal acts may come back to haunt you.
  77. News of your lewdness will spread quickly if people take pictures of you in the act.
  78. You can cover your face to prevent a picture from being linked to you.
  79. Word of your lewdness will slowly spread, even without hard evidence.
  80. Allure increases the amount made from tips.
  81. Defiant acts reduce stress and trauma.
  82. Bratty acts reduce trauma but increase stress.
  83. Submissive acts reduce trauma but increase stress.
  84. Meek acts impact neither stress nor trauma.
  85. In addition to enter, you can press the z or n key to end the turn.
  86. Being raped is more traumatic than just being molested.
  87. Purity drops when something cums inside you, or you cum inside something else.
  88. Awareness enables more actions during masturbation.
  89. Beauty increases over time, but excess trauma will decrease it.
  90. The police station can remove collars.
  91. It's possible to afford Bailey's demands, no matter how harsh.
  92. Higher deviancy allows you to initiate lewder acts during consensual encounters with beasts.
  93. You can exercise nude at the park during the night, if you're lewd enough.
  94. Naked exercise raises physique faster.
  95. The drain system is more dangerous if it's raining.
  96. It's dark in the old sewers. The chance of harassment there isn't based on allure.
  97. Using both hands to steal during an encounter is faster but more conspicuous.
  98. The controlled state will not prevent all hallucinations.
  99. Drunkenness gives stress resistance, but increases tiredness.
  100. Actions that increase delinquency give detention.
  101. Masks will conceal your identity and stop fame from rising, but not crime.
  102. School breaks up for holidays.
  103. Low purity can increase the volume and generation of your lewd fluids.
  104. Factors influencing attractiveness can be viewed from your mirror.
  105. Attractive and seductive characters can convince people to part with more money.
  106. Some changes only manifest at midnight.
  107. Try clicking on the "money/time/day" stats in the sidebar.
  108. Check the "SAVE/OPTIONS" menu between updates, new options may have been added to it.
  109. Don't forget to backup your save by exporting in the "SAVE/OPTIONS" menu. Can also be done on Android now.
  110. Slime and semen are powerful lubricants.
  111. The only road out of town can be found on Harvest Street.
  112. There's a spa on Danube Street. Working there could get you known by the town's elite.
  113. Some treasures can be retrieved once a week.
  114. The dancing skill also improves physical coordination.
  115. Remember to wrap up warm against the cold.
  116. The temperature drops at night.
  117. Wear lighter clothes if you find yourself overheating.
  118. Clear skies mean warmer days and cooler nights.
  119. Aboveground freshwater becomes very cold during winter.
  120. If you're having trouble with game performance or images not loading correctly, try disabling some images or animations in the settings.
  121. Access to food is not usually an issue. When it is, starvation can weaken your physique.
  122. Fields take a long time to till with low tending skill.
  123. Some NPCs become more assertive as their lust increases.
  124. Sleeping while naked or only wearing underwear, pyjamas or eerie accessories helps you sleep better.
  125. Bound legs will make dancing and swimming very difficult, and make athletics impossible.
  126. You can rent a textbook from the school library, which will increase one of your grades over time.
  127. The book store in the school library offers school appropriate clothing at a hefty markup.
  128. Blood moons are said to cause strange behaviour and hallucinations. They happen on the last day of every month.
  129. Sleeping through a blood moon can be dangerous.
  130. A slippery stage is a dangerous stage.
  131. You may wake up with bad hair after a prolonged sleep. Aim to have 7-8 hours of sleep to minimise the chance and get enough rest.
  132. You can assign a hair style along with a clothing set to quickly dress up and do your hair in one go.
  133. Tentacles can ejaculate a lot, but quickly tire when they do.
  134. When half or more of a monster's tentacles are tired, the monster will withdraw.
  135. Individual tentacles are easy to deal with.
  136. Milking tentacles is easier if you're skilled with the body part you're using.
  137. Ingesting wolf cum can have strange effects on the body.
  138. Drinking breast milk lowers purity.
  139. Having your nipples licked, sucked or played with will encourage milk production.
  140. Permanent marker won't wash off, but will fade with time.
  141. The hospital on Nightingale Street has facilities for dealing with large parasites.
  142. Urchin parasites increase the size of whatever they're attached to.
  143. Slime parasites decrease the size of whatever they're attached to.
  144. Maggot parasites can be washed off.
  145. Strange slimes are said to live in the abandoned sewers beneath the drains.
  146. There are rumours of people in the forest and moor who are as much plant as they are person. Supposedly, their nectar is a potent aphrodisiac.
  147. The nectar of some wild flora is known to be dangerously addictive.

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