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The town - that does not have a name - is the main setting of Degrees of Lewdity, and where the majority of the game's content will take place.

It is an unnamed seaside town where the Player Character (PC) lives and goes about their daily life, but it is not just any ordinary town - whatever the reason, this town has a unique attraction to the darkest, most primal aspects of sexuality. Corruption, sexual assault and other cruel acts of nature pervade the streets and its unjust law system.

However, the town itself is enriched with a vast history of great deeds and heroism, most notably displayed within the old Oxford Street Museum. A dark underbelly reveals that same history to be full of tragedy and brutality as well.

On its outskirts rests the Forest area, as well as a beach connecting to the ocean. To the east, a road through the moor - otherwise referred to as the countryside - will lead to places far away from the town, such as the Farmlands network. It is a good spot for hitchhiking. A Coastal Path can also be walked along to reach the farmlands.

This area is one of four central hub locations, meaning it is home to both human and non-human NPCs.


A detailed map of the Town. This will appear at the bottom of the player's available options within the game.

(When being driven back to the Town) "You emerge from the wood far from town, but the road curves north through moor and farmland. You soon arrive back at civilisation."

(When walking along the Coastal Path) "You walk down a thin road near the docks, leading away from Mer Street. It feeds into a warehouse, but to one side is a sandy trail, hidden among tufts of spiky grass. It takes you into the hills that flank the town, snaking the tops of the cliffs facing the sea."

First Steps

The town itself is divided up into three separate districts:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The player's starting location and home will always be the orphanage located on Domus Street. The orphanage is one of the town's oldest, and most esteemed, institutions.

The player may travel using the open streets or through somewhat more dangerous alleyways. There are also bus stops on all streets, where the player can catch a bus at any time of the day. This is a relatively safe and fast method of transportation, especially for characters with low allure. The bus only stops at other bus stops, so the player cannot take a bus to any alleyway or the park.

A riskier way to travel is using the sewers. They have three parts - residential, commercial and industrial. Each part gives full access to its respective streets, however using the sewers can be dangerous, especially during rainy weather, as the probability of getting swept away by the water or encountering something increases. In addition, the sewers contain an ocean drain and the player may find the Old Sewers by chance or if they have at least a C in History.


In addition to its various Districts, the Town hosts alternate routes the player can take, should they wish to avoid the more dangerous parts of town. These come with their own risks.

A full list of the town's navigation can be seen below.


  • The town has many secret paths that the player is only aware of if they have a high enough grade in History, an example being the Coastal Path on Mer Street.
  • It should be noted that while the town has a police force, it is corrupt - serious crimes are simply added to the backlog of the police's records, never to be seen again.
    • However, strangely enough petty crimes may land anyone (most often the player) in severe punishments such as being publicly humiliated at the Pillory.
    • Should the player get themselves into trouble with the police, they can choose to bribe them with cash, or simply sell their body in exchange for letting them walk free.
    • Police officers may also stop the player at random intervals and demand to search for the player for contraband by publicly stripping them. This may escalate to a point that the officers even demand sexual favours from the player.
  • Day - 6AM-9PM: The town remains "safe" around this time.
    • Members of the public have a chance of rescuing the player from danger.
    • Certain locations are only open during the day, such as the Café and Arcade.
  • Night - 9PM-6AM: The town will become much more lecherous.
    • Screaming will have little to no effect, for instance.
    • Certain locations are only open during night, such as the Strip Club.
  • 24/7: Other locations will be open regardless of time.
    • This includes places such as the Beach.


Global events can occur on any street and/or alleyway at any given time. These will most likely be lewd, and in no order includes:

  • The player being molested,
  • Being asked to sell their underwear for cash
  • Encountering a dog that may lead the player either to a wallet (empty or with money) or to people that will force the player into a non-consensual encounter. They may also lead the player to someone that needs help.

Many of the streets have their own unique events that can happen to the player, but the three listed are the most common during the player's presence in the Town.

One such random event is that the player may see a box fall out the back of a van. It has a chance of being locked or unlocked, depending on the player's luck. Should the player successfully open it using their Physique by smashing their lock or using Skulduggery to pick the lock open, there are several possible outcomes:

  • The lid may shoot open, adding Pain. The player then spots a creature slither into a nearby drain.
  • A purple mist may spew from the box. This is the cause of an Aphrodisiac, adding Arousal and Hallucinogens to the player's stats.
  • It may contain paperwork belonging to a local corporation in which someone in the underworld might be interested in.
  • It may simply be full of potatoes, which are otherwise useless to the player unless they have the right requirements needed.
  • It may simply contain £50.


  • While the Town is unnamed in-game, the community has humorously coined several names such as "Rapechestershire", "Rapeville" or "Nuttingham" to fit with the lewd aspect of the game, with the former name being the more popular choice out of the two when referring to the town.
  • The town takes place within a present day UK, indicated by it's use of British slang and colloquialism. It starts from September 2019 onwards.
  • Accurate leap years are coded in-game. These are years that last one extra day, and occur every four years. 2020 is an example of a leap year, with 2024 being the next one after that.
  • The town is not isolated on an island, as the countryside connects the town to the eastern farmlands. A railway leads out of town, where it may come in handy for specific scenarios.
  • The town's mayor is Quinn. He makes an appearance during the Café's Grand Re-Opening Event.
  • Winter the history teacher is the player's only source of information about the town's history:
    • When the player brings an Antique Watch to Winter at the museum, they will state: "A century and a half, yet still ticking away. Was made during the town's glory days."
      • This hints that the town could have been a less perverted and more prosperous place at some point in its history.
    • Upon bringing a White Horn to Winter, they will exclaim: "A hollowed out horn. Hunters in the old town loved their trophies. Sadly, most remains of the old town are buried."
      • This implies that hunters were a central part of the town's history and that the historical town upon which the current town was built was likely entirely different from the one it is today.
      • Hunters themselves can still be found roaming the Forest and may try to have their way with the player.
  • The original premise of the town's events was to have one-hundred or so generic events that could trigger on the town's streets anywhere, as the player spends a lot of time on these events.

Scrapped content found in debug mode suggests there was going to be through the use of the radio, named "Sunshine Radio". This occurs at 11AM each morning. Both cut pieces of content reference Quinn in some way, despite Quinn not existing at this point during development.

  • Evelyn Walsh: "The corruption scandal in the city council continues. The investigative commission is in the process of determining what happened to the money earmarked for the renovation of the city's orphanage and asylum. As reported by anonymous sources - someone from the city council may be involved in the loss of money. In the coming days the mayor is to make a special statement, until then he abstains from comments and states that the whole thing is part of the pre-election provocation."
    • This further proves the corruption within the Town's government. Both the Orphanage and the Asylum are known to the player for their corrupted nature.
  • Evelyn Walsh: "The number of wolves in forest areas near the city keep growing. Ah gone up in smoke a sheep this week, an two goats previous one! Lord, far ta cut a path thuh house! - claims one of local farmers. According to some commentators, this is the result of recent changes in the law on poaching and hunting. The mayor announces that the situation will soon be settled. For now, it is recommended to not stay alone in the forest areas after dark."
    • This explains the dense popularity of the wolves within the Forest, as well as also explaining the reason for the Wolf Cave. It also gives an in-game explanation for Allure affecting the wolf encounter rate. Allure is increased tenfold during night.