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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Underground Brothel, otherwise referred to as the "Dungeon", is one of several hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity. It is a very rare location to come across, and can only be entered through specific circumstances.

This location is considered to be one of several "soft bad endings" for the game.

Note that it is impossible to avoid attention here. The player's situation in the underground brothel is purposefully designed to feel hopeless, no matter what their playstyle is like.

Whitney can also be sent here dependent on how the player treats them. For more information, visit this page: Dismissing Whitney


"You are in an underground cell. You can't see a thing but can tell that the walls and floor are made of cold stone. There's a tap in the corner which barely dribbles water."

How to Enter

There are three methods to how to gain access to the underground brothel.

If the player submits to Bailey four times (or losing the fight against them) the fourth and final location the player will be sold off to is the underground brothel.

There is a chance that with a high Crime level, police officers will be waiting to arrest the player when the player wakes up at the Hospital. If the player resists then they will make their escape from the officers and can choose to take their chances going down a hatch.

It's a 20% chance for this hatch to appear, meaning this event is not guaranteed to occur.

They will then be greeted to four people wanting to have their way with them. This is a very difficult fight due to multiple people. If the player makes them orgasm, one of them will say the player should be worth something, telling them to be a "good fucktoy" and go with the group. The player can either go quietly, or resist. Regardless of what they pick, they kidnap the player and will take them to the underground brothel.

After the player completes the Police Infiltration quest line, if they enter the Pub with high enough negative Fame, they will be able to do assignments for Mickey to either lower Negative fame or boost Positive fame, temporarily or permanently. Asking to permanently lower Exhibitionism fame or permanently increase Combat fame has a 25% chance of Mickey asking you to use a USB drive to hack into Briar's computer at the Brothel. Attempting this and failing to escape will cause the player to be beaten and then thrown into the Underground Brothel.

First Steps

Once the player is inside, they will be stripped of all their clothing and have a collar and leash forced onto them. They are then escorted through an old stone corridor to a metal door. An unnamed person will look the player over, presumably one of the ringleaders. They force the player's mouth open and look inside, saying they will do. Someone else will escort the player to a door on the far side of the room, after which they open a metal floor hatch and shove the player inside.

This turns out to be the player's cell, waiting for them. They then instruct the player to "do as you're told" mentioning the fate of the last boy/girl that disobeyed. The player will then be left alone in darkness, in a bare medieval cell with only an uncomfortable, bare-bones mattress, an impenetrable cell door, and a tap that barely dribbles water in the corner. If the player chooses, they can rest for an hour on the mattress, decreasing the player's Fatigue (despite this the PC will be unsure of how long they rested)

The other two options are as followed:

  1. The player can try to look for a way out.
  2. The cell door can be examined. The player will see that it has an advanced electronic lock.

While the player won't be aware of it, they remain under supervision by the cell-owners and will be escorted to and from places instead of the player choosing to go/leave places on their own accord.


  • The collar and leash placed onto the player will be permanently locked on until the player manages to escape.
  • Any sense of control the player had prior to entering is now completely gone.
  • Every three turns the player will be able to do something in their cell until they are interrupted by one of the event starts. The only exception to this rule is the Prostitution event which occurs at any given time.
  • As the player spends more time in the underground brothel, every so often a man/woman will walk in to the cell with a hose, completely drenching the player with it's shots of water from multiple angles to keep them clean. If the player is wearing clothes they will be soaked through, exposing the player's penis/pussy.


There are several events to be found in the underground brothel, all of which are unskippable if the player continues to remain here.

These events repeat indefinitely! Some are more likely to occur on a day-to-day basis more than others, with key examples being the Prostitution and Dancer events.

Prostitution - Forced Into It

The main premise behind the underground brothel is that the player is sold into sex slavery (by Bailey), or forced into it (kidnapped) dependent on the two separate ways of entering.

Due to this reason, this event is unavoidable as it will occur very frequently.

Dim pink lights will turn on, lighting up the room. From there, expect constant interruptions from outsiders ("clients") wanting to use the player's "services" nearly every time they interact with something in their cell. For instance, it will happen almost every time the player makes more progress with digging their way out.

Clients' first impressions differs regardless of the player's stats. They will always:

  • Make comments on the player, good or bad - such as them liking the PC being "nice and young."
  • They will also either choose to be rough, or gentle.

Unlike other methods of prostitution (such as the brothel) the player will not receive any money from clients. It should be noted that the cell-owners are the ones being paid, not the player - to them, they are considered as a living sex-toy.

  • If the player resists: The client will recoil in pain and rush towards the door, slamming their fist against it while shouting for the cell-owners to let them out. "You locked me in with a psycho." The door opens and the client quickly leaves. The main consequence of this event is detailed further down below.
  • If driven to orgasm: They simply leave the same way they entered, leaving the player on the mattress.

Dancer - Forced Into Performing

Every day there is a chance that the cell-owners will enter the player's cell, demanding the player to go with them and "perform". The PC will enter a theatre room, spotting a large crowd gathering around a stage.

They also spot a staircase on the opposite end of the room. This will become very important later on for defiant PCs.

As the player is led up to the central platform, the crowd's attention turns to them. A person from the crowd will beckon the player to do something - dance for them, or refuse.

While this could be a way to improve the Dancing skill, there is no sense of supervision similarly to the Brothel and people from the crowd will climb up on the stage if they become lust-crazed. The crowd may also try to reach for the PC's clothes, or alternatively just try to gang up on the player. If the player gets into the latter scenario then they must prepare for a very long "combat" sequence.

Unlike the Brothel and Strip Club, there are two situations:

  1. No wardrobe and/or downtime. The cell-owners choose the time for the event, not the player.
  2. Like the prostitution event the player will get no money for their dancing, despite how good it may be. The player will also not be able to engage in private services with members of the crowd, as they will climb onto stage instead if they so wish.

There is an option to refuse dancing for the crowd, in which the crowd will boo. Someone will run onto stage and invites the crowd to accept their apologies and watch as they show their "punishment of this insolent bitch." This initiates another "combat" sequence where the player will be beaten into submission.

Afterwards, despite what the player picks they will be led back to their cell.

Continued: Another event can occur where the player will once again be led back to the stage where the crowd waits. A man/woman is already waiting for them. They grab a hold of the player's leash and pulls them closer while asking the audience "What shall I do with him/her, my friends?"

Continued (p2): The cell-owner will enter the cell once more, saying it's time for "another performance." while yanking the leash. They say to make sure the player dances sexy, and if they don't attract a customer by the end of their show they will let the audience watching "have a piece."

  • If driven to orgasm: The end of the event will occur like expected - the man/woman orgasms and the crowd applauds as the player are led back to their cell.
  • If the player wins: An opportunity will open up for the player as the man/woman recoils in pain. They quickly dash towards the theatre staircase, while the audience stands there bemused. Footsteps quickly follow the player's, giving chase as they emerge into the forest.

Filming - Unwilling Pornography

The player is escorted to a well-lit room where a man/woman with a camera is already waiting for them. Alongside them is another man/woman. Just like the other events, the player has no choice but to go along with it. During both of these scenes, the one filming will make sure to get the best possible shots they can of the player.

This event has an alternative option if Swarms are enabled.

  • If the player has swarms disabled: The player will be filmed having sex. Once "combat" is over they will stop and be escorted back to their cell, while being horrified by the thought of others seeing what happened to the player.
  • If the player has swarms enabled: The scene plays out much differently. The player will be shoved into a bath and locked into place by a clip that's attached by the player's collar to the bottom of the bath. The person not filming tips a bucket over the player. What's worse is that the bucket are filled to the brim with worms. As "combat" persists, they will tip more buckets onto the player, each feeling more humiliating and disgusting than the last one - all the while the player is being filmed. Eventually they will un-clip the player from the bath while they still shiver in disgust. Like before, the player is horrified by the thought of others seeing what happened to them.
  • If the player wins the encounter: The player makes the camera-holder trip and fall against the other man/woman, causing the camera to shatter onto the ground. They will struggle to their feet but the player has already gained a strong lead on them already, rushing past their own cell, into the empty theatre and then running up the staircase to safety.

Presentation - One of Several (part 1)

The player is not the only one who suffers in the underground brothel. Several others are suffering the same fate, each unnamed with uncertain backstories.

They are led back to the theatre where they danced before. Except this time, there's no crowds waiting for them. Instead four other boys/girls will be stood in a line, eyes downcast - and each wearing a collar similar to the player's own. As soon as the player joins them, doors will open and a man/woman (will be referred to as 'buyer') will enter the room. They are followed by another man/woman (will be referred to as 'assistant') who states to them they have a "nice collection for you today", continuing by saying it's just the sort of thing they like.

The buyer will proceed to eye up each member of the line, including the player. They point out one of the boys/girls on the far side of the player to be "all skin and bone" looking ready to faint at a moment's notice. The other person reassures them by saying they are all fed and well before they are quickly interrupted mid-sentence - by the buyer taking interest in the player, smiling.

Afterwards the buyer will leave the same way they entered as the assistant climbs the stage, grabbing the player's collar and brings the player along with them before closing the doors. The player is then led into a spacious room, decorated like a monarch's abode. The assistant is about to leave when they are interrupted by the buyer, who states that: One - they never said they could leave, and two - they're going to help discipline this "little thing" or face punishment themselves. They will then grab the player and bend the player over their thighs. The assistant will proceed to join the player and the buyer in sex.

  • If the player drives them to orgasm: The buyer will fall backward onto the bed and fall asleep. The assistant will pick up the player's leash and lead them back to the cell, while avoiding eye contact with the player the whole time on the way back.
  • If the player successfully defeats them: The buyer will fall against one of the bed posts, breaking it. The players find an escape opening as they leap over them and run out the room, towards some stairs. Footsteps quickly follow the player's, giving chase as they emerge into the forest - luckily the player escapes their pursuit just in time.

Hunting - the "Prey" (part 2)

Similarly to the Presentation event, this event is meant to show that the player is not the only one in the underground brothel, and that several others, perhaps even more that the player is unaware of is suffering the same exact fate.

Because of this, this can be seen as a "part 2" to that event, except it is much worse. "Time for some fresh air."

At any given interval this event can occur, it does not matter if the time is day, night, dawn or dusk. The lights will flicker on as one of the underground brothel escortees enters the cell. Resisting will, as expected, not go too well for the player and they'll be beaten into submission. Once again, the player is forced into going quietly to avoid trouble.

They will be escorted beyond the stage and up the theatre staircase, the air becoming more fresh as they work their way up until they emerge outside. The character in-game is unused to the fresh air from the long days (or weeks!) spent in the underground brothel. The game will point out that the player looks to be in a forest clearing. (The same area where they potentially meet Eden or the wolves)

The player will spot several naked boys or girls lined up with a singular rope suspended in front of them. A large crowd has gathered to watch, leering. Meanwhile the boys/girls will stare at their feet as the player joins the line. A person dressed in a waistcoat will enter the scene with three dogs on leashes pulling the owner along eagerly. They will brandish a pistol and say:

"First shot, the prey run. Second shot, we hunt!"

The player then overhears one of the boys/girls sobbing to themselves as the crowd cheers. It's at this point that the player will be forced to run upon hearing the sound of the gunshot. They hear the other boys/girls' screams as they are caught one by one.

  • If player's physique level is not high enough: They barely reach the trees on the sound of the second gunshot. They'll hear quick movement in the grass nearby before they are quickly tackled to the ground by a man/woman. Others from the large crowd quickly follow them struggling to keep up. "Now the hunter devours his/her prey." This will quickly initiate combat. The player notices an audience crowding around them. If the player makes them recoil in pain they will cause the attacker to fall against a tree, allowing them to make a break for it. They'll successfully escape into the forest.
  • If the player makes them cum: The crowd will whisper among themselves as the player is pulled to their feet by their leash. "I hope the other groups had as much fun with their prey as we did." the man/woman pulling the player up says. The crowd overhears a scream nearby and they go to investigate, leaving the player alone to be escorted back to their cell.
  • If player's physique level is high: They run as fast as they can. Eventually their legs will wear out and they rest against a tree. The player realizes that they have managed to successfully outrun the hunters.
  • If the player submits: No matter the situation, the crowd will always whisper among themselves as the player is pulled to their feet by their leash. "I hope the other groups had as much fun with their prey as we did." the man/woman pulling the player up says. The event ends as the crowd overhears a scream nearby. They go to investigate, leaving the player alone to escorted back into their cell.
  • If Bestiality is enabled: The player will not be caught by the hunters, but instead by one of the dogs from before. The player will be forced to the knees as they start humping. The hunters manage to catch up and make a snide comment: "Looks like he likes you." Just like before the crowd catches up and surrounds the player, forming a circle around them. The dog will bark happily which the owner responds with praising them for their efforts, whereas if the player acts defiant, they will cause it to whimper and flee - giving the player a perfect opening to escape into the forest.

Fighting Back

Choosing to resist any possible advances will be disastrous for the player. If currently not at their cell, they will most likely be punished in front of public eyes. Screaming for help and pleading will do absolutely nothing, no one will come to the player's aid - thus they are forced to either fight their own battles, or submit to their every whim. The same thing will occur if the player initially refuses to be escorted and they will be beaten into submission.

They will then forcefully drag the player to where they want them.

When the cell-owners learn of the player's defiance, they will turn the barely dripping tap off to punish them for their disobedience. Every time the player is brought back to their cell after one of the daily events, or the longer they remain in the cell it will proceed to get worse and worse. It starts with the PC feeling a little thirsty, culminating in the PC on the verge of dying from thirst. While the PC won't die from the latter, their misery in the form of major stat hits will get worse, +Pain to begin with, then Trauma and Stress added constantly as the situation grows more dire.

However, submitting and letting them do whatever they wish will eventually have them ease them up a bit (albeit slowly) and eventually allow the tap to run again, as the player has demonstrated they can behave.

The Great Escape

Escaping the underground brothel, similarly to how the player enters, can only be achieved through specific means - however, if the player acts defiant then there are plenty of opportunities for escape openings that open up for them.

Digging A Way Out

The easiest way, albeit difficult to do, is to dig a way out. This works a lot like the Wolf Cave or the Underground Farm escape, where every time the option is picked they make a little bit more progress. The PC will look around the room for something to help them escape. They turn up with nothing and lie down, but then feel a cool breeze on their leg. It's coming from small cracks in the ground beneath the mattress, with the tiniest hint of light. The initial option is named [Look for a way out] which turns into [Dig] the next turn.

Each turn the player will pick at the loose stone beneath the mattress.

The cracks will get bigger every four turns:

  • On the 4th it grows into a small hole.
  • On the 8th the hole will grow wider.
  • On the 12th it notes that the hole just needs to be bigger, but there is definitely a way out.
  • On the 16th the hole just needs to just a bit bigger and the player will be able to go through.

However, on the 18th (and final) turn, the hole is just about big enough where it is able to be squeezed through. After this if the player exits out and goes to examine the [Dig] option they will notice it has changed into [Escape]. As they sit on the edge of the hole they feel a slope leading downwards, and carefully start to lower themselves down covering the hole with the mattress. The stone gives way and the player falls several feet into cold water, eventually emerging out into the sea, and the town visible in the distance.

Acting Defiant

The 'defiant' route - there is a chance during the events for the player to escape when given the chance, though this is reliant on the player winning in "combat". There will always be an opportunity during combat for the player to make their escape. The theatre staircase previously stated is the player's escape route regardless of location.

A Helping Hand

The player is brought to a forest clearing, and forced into an encounter with a plantperson. If the plantperson's anger is less than zero at the end of the encounter, they will hold the player close and whisper to them: "You wanna ditch this joint? Let's get out of here". Should the player accept this offer, the plantperson will restrain the nearby guards with their vines, giving the player an opportunity to escape into the forest. Shortly after the player escapes, the plantperson will catch up and greet the player. The player can then thank the plantperson for their help, by initiating another (consensual) encounter with them.

Max Trauma

The lights in the cell will turn on as two people walk in. The first crouches besides the player, grabbing their neck and turning them towards their face. They'll note that the player's "lights are out" (referring to the empty eyes) while remarking they make a "pretty little thing." Shortly after they carry the player out of the cell and "release" the player in the sense that they dump them into a large hole, reminiscent of the same hole they can create themselves by digging their way out. It plays out the same, falling through several feet of complete darkness until they splash into cold water, and the player is left to be stranded at sea.

Unlocking the Cell Door

The final method of escaping is through the cell door. This is only unlockable if the player has an S level in Skulduggery. However, as Skulduggery levels only go up to B through conventional means, this is considered almost impossible if playing normally. If the player escapes through this way and didn't intervene with Whitney, Whitney will make a cameo here as one of the "performers" on the theatre stage - a subject of brutal rape.

Successful Escape

A successful escape has the player run up the theatre staircase found earlier and emerge out into the Forest. From there they can make their way back to the town if they so choose. If the player is partaking in the Hunting event they will already be within the forest, meaning they can escape into the trees if they manage to fight off the "hunters" or successfully outrun them. Alternatively, the 'defiant' ending of the events where the player emerges into the forest while being pursued always results in them shaking off their pursuit, at the cost of the player proceeding to pass out shortly afterwards (even at low stress levels!).

Eden can potentially come across the player after passing out and "rescue" (depending on the player's relationship with him/her) them, leading the PC back to safety. This only occurs if they have encountered Eden in the forest before, whereas if they haven't then they will wake up at the Hospital instead.


  • It is currently unknown who are the ringleaders for the sex trafficking ring. It can be assumed they have some connection to Bailey.
  • This dungeon was once used as a prison during medieval times.
  • There will eventually be a way to help the victims escape the underground brothel.
  • The location of the dungeon is currently unknown. It may be a large complex that spans throughout the underbelly of the Town.
    • Should the player manage to escape, they learn that just like the Asylum and the Underground Farm, it is hidden deep within the Forest out of sight of the public eye.
  • The Underground Brothel, the Underground Farm, and the Asylum go hand-in-hand, in the way that the player is sent here through horrible, and/or accidental causes. They are the three very difficult to escape. However, there are some differences:
    • The Asylum is somewhat beneficial to the player (despite the eerie reverse psychology) as it decreases Trauma and is a way of getting the player's Awareness to Innocence (despite Harper's "experiments") , whereas the underground brothel is the exact opposite. Anything goes, the player is only there because they were unlucky.
    • The Underground Farm gives access to the Cow Transformation, while the Underground Brothel gives nothing.
    • Unlike the Asylum and the Underground Farm, it is very haphazardly managed. The player will remain there unless they either escape or they are unable to take it anymore physically. Expect stats such as Trauma to rise up VERY quickly.
    • No wardrobe, like in the Underground Farm. The player enters and exits with the same clothing (if it doesn't get torn during their time spent within the underground brothel)
  • Remnants of what seems to be a thirst stat can be found here. Should the player still remain defiant, the ringleaders will have them turn off the player's tap in their cell as punishment. More about this can be seen in the "Fighting Back" section.
    • This escalates to the point where the player is said to be "dying of thirst". Despite this, the player will remain alive.
  • Being sent to the Underground Brothel at least once is the only way to unlock the Slut Shirt in the Forest Shop.

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