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The Underground Farm, otherwise referred to as “Remy’s Farm” or the “Ranch””, is one of several hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity. It is considered to be the dark underbelly to the otherwise seemingly innocent Farmlands network. As such, it is a very rare location to come across, and can only be entered through specific circumstances.

Note that it is impossible to avoid attention here. The player's situation here is purposefully designed to be stacked against them.

This location is considered to be one of several Soft Bad-Endings for the game.


If the player is inside their cell: “You are in your cell in the barn. There's a bucket of what looks like clean water to drink, and a pile of straw to sleep on.”

If the player is outside: “You are on the cattle field within Remy's farm. Cows and bulls munch on grass, staying well away from the electric perimeter fence despite the grass growing thick beside it. A river runs through one corner. The cattle stay almost as far away from the churning water as they do the fence.”

How to Enter

There are seven unique methods to how to gain access to the Underground Farm, this will list all possible ways of getting there. Some methods will be a lot easier to obtain than others.

Note that the Underground Farm is considered separate from the rest of the Farmlands network, and cannot be accessed from that location. It must be accessed from elsewhere. Similarly to the Underground Brothel, the player cannot go there willingly and must be abducted first.

If the player submits to Bailey three times (or losing the fight against them) the third location the player will be sold off to is the Underground Farm.

  • Option 2: Moving Boxes

When wandering any street, a person in a van will offer the player £30 to move boxes for an hour.

Choosing to accept their offer can earn the player £30 and grant them a good workout, but on rare occurrence the NPC will shove them into the back of their van, trapping the player. The player is presented with three options:

  1. Search carefully for a way out (Depends on Skulduggery)
  2. Bash the door open (Depends on Physique)
  3. Just wait (Takes the player directly to the Underground Farm)

If the player fails in their Skulduggery, or fails their escape attempt, or simply chooses to wait it out, the van begins to drive away - leading into the player being abducted and taken to the Underground Farm as punishment.

  • Option 3: Café Suspicion Arrest

If the player has high Café Suspicion during the Café Campaign, this may prove to be troublesome for the player, as it will direct unwanted attention towards them. One such example of this are police officers who wish to arrest the player for their lewdity. If the player is arrested by the officers, they will end up at the farm.

  • Option 4: White Pill Trap

Note: This requires the cow transformation to trigger.

The fourth option of accessing the farm involves the Pub. The player not only has to successfully flirt with someone, but also manage to be escorted to the Forest. When taking the pill given to the player by their partner, this will turn out to be a trap - set out by one of Remy's goons. They will then proceed to attempt to bring the player back to the farm where they belong.

The trick to this one is the colour of the pill. The pink pill turns out to be the most common - serving as an aphrodisiac drug to arouse the player. However, the white pill is the colour the player must watch out for, as this will turn out to be the trap.

  • Option 5: Moor Abduction

Passing out on the Harvest Trail, on Alex's Farm, in the moor, or elsewhere in the Farmlands may result in the player being abducted by Remy's goons. Alternatively, they may be "rescued" by the goons after ending up in a sticky situation while exploring the moor.

For more detailed information on this method of entry, see the Moor Abduction page.

  • Option 6: Park Abduction

Note: This requires the cow transformation to trigger.

While running in the park at night in the nude, there is a small chance of the player getting themselves abducted and taken to the farm.

If the player is caught cheating in Blackjack, and fails to run away/convince Wren to forgive them, Wren and their friends will hand them over to Remy.

First Steps

Upon meeting one of the five aforementioned requirements, as soon as the player arrives at the farm.

You can choose to protest, fight or submit, protesting increases stress and decreases trauma but just has a goon make a comment and follows like submitting, wich will lead to being led through a pair of large doors, to another and larger barn. Fields stretch across all directions, up and over the nearby surrounding hills. Once led inside the barn, rows of caged cattle line the edge, munching down on cereals from troughs.

The next scene varies slightly depending on certain settings. If the player sees beasts as what they are, the caged cattle will simply be described as cows. However, should the player see monster boys/girls instead, it’s noted that they realise that the cattle are not “cows”, but rather people with cow ears and tails. Nonetheless, they act as cows otherwise would - eating from the same troughs, with an occasional moo here and there.

It’s at this point that the player is introduced to Remy, the farm’s owner. They hold a whip in their gloved hand as their eyes glimmer. The player is referred to as “new cattle” by them. At this point, the player has two options:

  • Protest
  • Remain silent

Protesting will simply have Remy ignore the player. Regardless of the player’s decision, Remy will put their fingers inside the player's mouth, giving the player another choice:

  • Allow | + Obedience
  • Chomp | - - - Obedience

Allowing this has the player open their mouth wider. Remy grasps the player's tongue before giving it a tug. They claim that the player seems "docile" enough and they will be added to the "herd." One of Remy's farmhands will tear off all their clothes. Remy will then clamp a cow bell collar around their neck.

However, chomping down on their fingers has them put a muzzle on the player instead, preventing them from speaking - or otherwise blocking out any actions related to the mouth during combat. Remy will still clamp a cow bell collar around the player's neck as before.

Remy removes any writing on the player's left ass cheek, before branding a new "cattle" tattoo there. They lead the player to their cell, where their new life at the farm begins.

Choosing to fight will initiate a 5 person fight, fighting them off is extremely hard even with maximum physique, sadism, masochism and willpower, although it's still possible

Making them cum will let you escape and will be surprisingly easy

Regardless of how you escape you will end up in the farmlands


If the player passes out, Remy will brand them with a new tattoo regarding their place as cattle. ("Animal," "Milk me," "Remy's cattle," etc.) These tattoos can be obtained only here.

In the player's cell, they can either :

  • Train to improve Physique (+ Fatigue | - Stress),
  • Make noise to disturb the barn (-- Stress| - Trauma | - Obediance),
  • Sleep until dawn (- Fatigue).

They can also change Settings and Attitudes. The player is often molested as soon as they awaken.

Out in the cattle field, the Player can:

  1. Eat grass. This improves Obedience and eases Hunger.
  2. Exercise. This improves Athletics and Physique at the expense of Fatigue.
  3. Dig beneath the fence. This, over time, forms an escape route.
  4. Approach the river. Here, the player can wash themself, swim upstream to escape, or swim downstream. Swimming downstream will only initiate a non-consensual gangbang.
  5. Approach Remy's horses. This only appears in the afternoon, but leads to the option to brush their hair, increasing Tending, or look beneath one, increasing Deviancy. With apples earned from Remy's "special jobs," the player can easily earn the trust of the horses. Befriending the horses is integral to escaping the Farm.

At 6PM, the player and the other cows are sent back to their cells. If the player's chest or penis size can be increased, Remy rubs gel on the area to enhance growth before hooking them to a milking machine. The player can give in to the machine, granting Remy their milk, or resist, giving out very little.

Special Jobs

At noon, Remy will take the player to one of two "special jobs," whether the player agrees or not.

If the player acts obediently during these jobs, Remy will reward the player by feeding them an apple. The player can accept the apple to relieve Hunger, or they can reject it. If the player has great obedience, Remy will give them multiple apples, which the player can either eat, reducing Hunger, Trauma, and Stress, or save them to give to the horses. However, if the player is disobedient, Remy will get angry, and if pushed enough, will bring the player to plough a field.

Niki's Photoshoot

For the first meeting, Niki the Photographer will wait inside a barn for Remy and the player, then offer a photoshoot with a pig. The player can refuse or accept this photo shoot.

After that, all photoshoots will involve Niki filming the player's sex with a pig or three, sometimes in front of an audience. The player can:

  1. Obey, increasing Obedience, but the encounter is still non-consensual. Causing the pig/monster person to recoil in pain won't increase the Bestality fame while making it cum will.
  2. Struggle, wherein success lies in Physique. If the player succeeds, the pig doesn't do anything for filming, letting the player go unmolested.
  3. Plead with Niki, which is useless if the player hasn't met Niki before, as the filming continues anyway. If the player has met Niki before being sent to the farm and reached a decent amount of Love points with them (Likely around "Niki thinks you're delightful."), choosing to plead with them will cause Niki to stop the filming by pretending the photography equipment went wrong. Each time they help, you lose 1 point of Love with them.

Niki's photoshoots increase Bestiality Fame.

Doctor's Examination

Remy takes the player to a small dark building where Doctor Harper is waiting. There are three different examinations that can happen here:

  • Harper runs a stethoscope over the player's body. They finger and prod at the player, increasing arousal.
  • Harper attempts to hypnotize the player with the movement of their pen. The player can either enjoy it or resist.
  • Harper tries to give the player an aphrodisiac serum in front of an audience. With high Skulduggery, the player can trick Harper into drinking the serum, earning the Feat Harper's Bane.

The Great Escape

Escaping Remy's farm is easier said than done, as it has two set requirements.

  • Befriending the farm's horses/centaurs
  • Physically escaping the farm

Method 1: Digging a Way Out

The player can dig here to make an escape route. This functions in the same vein as escaping the Underground Brothel or the Wolf Cave, as it will take several turns to complete.

  • The first 5 digs: You crouch in the grass and get to work. You hope it looks like you're just grazing. You deepen and widen the hole.
  • 6 digs later: You kneel in the grass and lean into the hole, now deep enough to fit half your body. You remove more earth, curving it toward the fence.
  • 8 digs later: The hole is more like a tunnel now. You drop inside and get to digging, emerging to scatter earth amongst the grass. You're careful not to be seen.
  • 4 digs later: You crawl inside your tunnel, and get to digging. You think the far end may be beneath the other side of the fence, and start to curve upwards.

Once complete, the player can choose to escape or wait. Choosing to escape will lead the player out of the farm, though they will still be under pursuit from the farmhands.

Method 2: River Escape

Depending on the player's Swimming skill, the player can swim upstream through the river to initiate the escape sequence. The player attempts to swim against the current, which has a high chance of failure depending on their Swimming skill. Succeeding puts the player outside the farm, whereas failing the attempt sends the player deeper inside the farm, where they are accosted by four of Remy's farmhands.

If the player manages to successfully fight off the farmhands, this gives the player the opportunity to flee - though they will be under pursuit from the farmhands.


In order to successfully escape the farm, the player must first befriend Remy's horses (or centaurs, depending on whether or not the player has monster boys/girls enabled instead of usual beasts) to have them rebel against Remy's tyranny, and siding with the player instead.

Befriending the horses will come in handy later, as they will help thwart off Remy as the player attempts their escape. There are three different ways of befriending the animals at the farm. Note that the horses/centaurs can only be interacted with on the field after noon, they cannot be interacted with otherwise.

Once the player partakes in one of the three options listed below, the animals will instantly be befriended. While it may take more than one or two weeks to trigger the events - and/or build up the skills required to succeed with the events - actually succeeding with the method once will do the trick.

Apple Gifts

The first is to gift them a basket of apples. To do this, the player must achieve two requirements:

  • Remain obedient at the farm, increasing the "Obedience" stat to sufficient levels.
  • Increase Remy's trust, to the point that Remy seems to "trust" the player.

This is done by complying with Remy's demands towards the player until they are given apples as a reward for remaining in Remy's good books. The player can choose to eat these themselves if they grow hungry, or alternatively they can save them for the horses.

However, an alternative method of obtaining the basket of apples is successfully refuse one of the jobs Remy tries to give the player, where the player must plow a field, and to resist the subsequent punishment Remy will attempt to dish out to them. Note that doing this will require very high Willpower, and is risky at best to attempt.

Giving the animals the basket of apples will win them over to the player's side. The player will only need to give them one basket to befriend the creatures.

Horse Tending

The second option is to brush the horses on the field, which will count towards the Tending skill. However, doing that alone will not be sufficient enough for them to trust the player. Additionally, it may sometimes trigger an opportunity to help them further by helping a horse with a splinter in their leg. The player can fix up the wound, and have the horses thank the player via means of befriending them.

The event in question will require a very high amount of Tending to succeed. Succeeding with this event will win the animals over to the player's side afterwards.

Lewd Tending

The third and final option builds off of the second option, allowing the player to go much further. This heavily involves the use of Deviancy to win the farm animals over to the player's side. Essentially, an opportunity for lewdity will strike when brushing the horses, although this is rare. This has the option of going a few ways, however.

Befriending the horses this way requires these set amounts.

  • Deviancy 3 and "C" in hand skill
  • Deviancy 4 and "C" in oral skill
  • Deviancy 5, without any specific skills such as Tending required.

A decent amount of Awareness can trigger lewd events with the animals much easier, without the need of having to wait for the right event to trigger first.

Successfully meeting the criteria listed above and partaking in the subsequent lewdity will win the farm's animals over to the player's side.

Method 3: Eden

Depending on the player's relationship with Eden, they can appear and rescue the player. This is triggered due to the player not returning to Eden's Cabin, prompting Eden to search for them.

Successful Escape

The alarm is raised as Remy gives chase on their steed. The terrain around the farm is perfect for horses, making it impossible for the player to outrun the steed regardless of the player's Athletics skill.

If the player managed to befriend the horses prior to their escape attempt, they refuse to cooperate with Remy, and instead throw Remy off their back. This catches Remy off guard, giving the player an opportunity to climb upon the steed and ride away to safety.

Alternatively, the steed catches to the player, knocking them to the ground. Remy then brings out their whip, wrapping it around the player's neck. This prevents the player from escaping further, but not before returning them back to the farm. Remy's opinion of the player will drop drastically.

Successfully escaping the Underground Farm grants the special feat: "Runaway Cattle".


  • This is one of only places where the player has the Hunger stat, which is maintained by eating grass or apples. The other is the Hawk's tower, prior to getting the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait.
  • This is also the only place where the player can unlock the Cow Transformation.
  • This is too the only place where the player can get the Cowbell Collar (necessary if the player want maintain the Cow Transformation), but once obtained, it is unlocked and can be bought in the Forest Shop.
  • Prior to Version, there used to be a way to instantly go to the farm as early as the first day: by examining a suspicious-looking van located at the bus station of Harvest Street. The van was then removed until the Version, when it was introduced again as a cheat option.


The following images showcase below what the underground farm looks like at different times of day. Note that it shares the same images as the rest of the Farmlands.

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