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This is a community effort, and should not be done by one person alone. Provide as much vital information as you can! was released on 16th March, 2019.

Developer's Note

"This update touches many areas, and includes new scenes for Kylar, Robin and Avery. It also includes new events around town and new options for all current transformations while on the tentacle plains."

Patch Notes

  • Penises and tentacles will now appear on the sex sprite during titjobs, courtesy of a mysterious contributor.
  • Cats and the creatures under the hospital now have their own sprites, and receiving oral from beasts will now be displayed on the close up images, also thanks to the mysterious contributor.
  • Human NPCs will now appear as silhouettes when you receive oral, vaginal or anal. Once more thanks to the mysterious contributor. The silhouettes can be disabled in settings.
  • Added new options to the tentacle plains for each transformation. The wolf options also require you to be part of the pack. Written by PurityGuy.
  • Kylar may now stalk the PC around town. They stalk more frequently as their lust increases. The most involved result requires high lust.
  • Added an event to the town's streets involving tentacles. Written by Scrumpy.
  • Visiting the forest with Robin on dry but overcast days will result in a new scenario. Has an additional option if vore is enabled. Written by Scrumpy.
  • Added an event to the town's streets that becomes more dangerous if you're famous.
  • Added a short event to the town's streets written by TheShadowSlayer_ and coded by boj.
  • Added fame to the cheat menu. Thanks to boj.
  • Added a stump to the rear school playground that you can sit on to reduce stress and fatigue, with a couple of events tied to it. Written in collaboration with DanHell.
  • Clothing images will now become transparent when wet. Thanks to Khan.
  • Avery may now get in touch with the PC some time after the science project, on Saturdays.

Balance Changes

  • Robin will last longer in bed.
  • Vore encounters will now end five turns after entering the stomach rather than immediately, with the exception of the snake that "feeds" you to smaller snakes.
  • Time inside a creature's stomach may now cover you in slime.
  • Kylar's love and lust will no longer decay.
  • Mouths can no longer take your virginities.
  • Your attitude to being seen in your underwear is now separate from your attitude towards being seen nude. *The former doesn't require as high a level of exhibitionism as the latter.

Bug Fixes

  • Thanks once more to Klorpa for numerous minor fixes.
  • Fixed an error message when delivering the note to Danube Street.
  • Fixed an error message that could appear after passing out.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kylar's suspicion from increasing appropriately when kissing Robin in front of them, or when leaving them at school or in the park.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the combat sprite from moving while being anally eaten.
  • Moved the left handjob sprite in front of the main body sprite.
  • Fixed a bug causing Kylar to materialise at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed a bug causing the black wolf's gender to ignore their setting.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to grab your own pussy instead of the black wolf's when trying to calm it, creating a temporary pussy if you don't have one.
  • The dog met during an event in English class will no longer be referred to as "he."
  • Thanks to boj for fixing a bug that prevented Sam's love increasing appropriately, and for numerous typo fixes.
  • Also thanks to boj for fixing a bug that could cause progress to be lost when saving and loading in the sea.
  • Being groped by the VIP while dancing in the strip club or brothel will no longer refer to a skirt if you aren't wearing one.
  • Beast sprites should now appear while your face is mounted.
  • Tentacles should now appear on the sex sprite while penetrating your mouth.
  • Masturbating in English is now correctly considered a level 5 act if Kylar is watching, and 4 if they aren't.
  • Getting into a car with an NPC in exchange for money then telling them to stop will now end the encounter.
  • Being molested in maths class should now end upon maxing the NPC's arousal.
  • Fixed a bug causing beasts in a group to inherit the previously active beast's genitals.
  • Male beasts mounting your face but not pressing against your mouth will cum on your neck instead of your stomach.
  • The sex sprite should now display beasts mounting your face.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented control from dropping as often as intended.
  • Broke Kylar out of prison on old saves.


  • This update introduced the specific transformation events related to the Tentacle Plains.


"Version" --, 16 March 2019