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Wasps are one of the many toggles that can be enabled in Degrees of Lewdity.


Enable Wasps in Settings.

Currently, Wasps can be found in the depths of the Forest, at the point of the Wolf Cave and deeper.[1]


Wasp encounters are a multi-enemy type that fall under the struggle category of encounters with creatures too large for swarms and too small for beasts. This also includes Lurkers and Squids, and is characterised by its unique combat type.

When moving or searching in the deep forest, you will get the message: "You hear a buzzing in the surrounding trees. It's loudest behind you, but before you can turn, a dark shape shoots from the canopy and lands on your [...] butt." After this, combat will begin.


In combat, multiple[2] wasps will land on your body and attempt to bring you to orgasm. They may land on your face, chest, tummy, or butt; these equate to attacks on your mouth, nipples, genitals and ass respectively. There is currently no flavour-text indicating a gender for any wasps, though individual wasps will have descriptors such as 'chittering' to differentiate between combatants; as such, all wasps are capable of both penetrating and engulfing.

To win the encounter, the Player must cause every wasp involved to flee the battle; once all wasps have done so, the Player is victorious. The encounter may also end if every participating wasp reaches orgasm.


In this type of encounter, the Player must choose an action for each of their arms individually every turn. For each arm, they can choose to either keep it still, grip one of the wasps (if the arm is not currently gripping a wasp), tighten their grip on a wasp (if the arm is currently gripping a wasp), attempt to pull a wasp off themselves, or use Pepper Spray on one of the wasps. Both arms can take action on the same target if the Player chooses, and both will have their full effect, but this is not recommended unless there is only one wasp currently engaging them.

If the Player chooses to keep their arms still, they will take no action at all.

For every turn the 'Strengthen your grip' option is selected, the grip will increase by one stage (Fragile, Weak, Tentative, Decent, Strong, Iron); each successive stage increases the odds of the 'Pull' action succeeding in removing the wasp, with Fragile making it very unlikely and Iron making it certain. (Note: there is a chance for a grip to go up two stages at once, increasing with the Player's Physique.)

Once grip strength reaches Iron (causing the 'Strengthen your grip' option to disappear) or at the Player's discretion, they can execute the 'Pull' action. This will either fail, in which case the Player's grip strength will be reset and the wasp will continue attacking them, or succeed, in which case the wasp will flee the battle.

Choosing to 'Spray' a wasp will cause it to instantly release you, meaning the quickest way to end this encounter is reach maximum Pepper Spray capacity and make this choice for every wasp each turn. (Note: Considering the expenses involved in recharging Pepper Spray, this is not an optimal tactic except for Players with significant income.)


In the case of the mouth, ass and genitals, each turn, a wasp will attempt to assault the body part it has landed near. If the body part is unprotected by clothing, it will take three turns to penetrate or envelop; if the body part is protected, the wasp will be unable to assault it until the clothing has been destroyed, and will thus attack the clothing until this happens. As a result of this, assuming the Player is wearing both underwear and lower-wear, their ass and genitals are likely to be the most well-protected area on their body, in comparison to the mouth, which would be least protected.

In the case of the chest, the wasp will only need one turn to assault them once they are unguarded.

If a wasp either penetrates or envelop the Player, they will assault the Player for two turns before reaching orgasm. In the case of penetration, this will consist of pumping a 'warm fluid' into the Player, while in the case of enveloping this will consist of 'shuddering as the Player thrusts against its core'. In both cases, the wasp will continue to assault the Player for six turns afterwards, then exit combat. If the wasp is attacking the Player's chest, then once they begin their assault, they will continue for ten turns before exiting combat without reaching orgasm.

Footnotes / Trivia

[1] It is possible that wasps can be encountered earlier than this point in the Forest, but I don't have the time to experiment and find out. Please update the page if you know better.

[2] Due to the same lack of time to experiment, I can't say for sure what the minimum and maximum number of wasps that can be involved in an encounter is, or whether it's a static number. The encounter I used as research for this article had four. Again, please update the page if you know.

  • Wasps were added in Version 0.2.19.
  • Oddly enough, if you build up grip strength on a wasp but then switch to gripping another one, even if you have no hands on the first wasp your grip strength on it will remain the same. This may be a...bug. Even if it is though, it does open up additional strategies in combat.