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The watchtower guard is a Persistent NPC the player can hire to protect the farms. They are unique among named NPCs, in that they possess a randomly generated name and one of four personality types, but are otherwise completely nondescript.


There is little to go off from for the guard's description, but these are four possible personality types:

  • Relaxed
  • Sociable
  • Brooding
  • Perverted

This will mainly affect the guard's dialogue towards the player, as well as measuring how difficult maintaining the guard's presence will be.

First Meeting

Upon completion of the watchtower on Alex's Farm (available after clearing the fifth field), the player will be tasked with recruiting security to operate it. They will be directed to the Pub on Harvest Street to look for potential hires.

At the pub, the player can inspect the venue for suitable candidates (takes 30 in-game minutes) before settling on one. As mentioned, they'll have a given personality trait, and they'll possess a starting security skill, ranging from F to C.

  • If the guard's personality is Relaxed: The player finds a man/woman sitting alone, reclining by a window. When presented with the job offer, they'll happily accept. "Here's to a long business relationship," the man/woman says, knocking back his/her drink.
  • If the guard's personality is Sociable: The player spots a man/woman chatting amongst friends. The player pulls them aside and offers them the watchtower position. "Sounds grand," the man/woman says. "I'll be there late afternoon. Wonder when I'll get to scare away my first fox."
  • If the guard's personality is Brooding: The player approaches a man/woman who sits alone in a dark corner of the pub. Before the player can make their offer, the person interjects. "I'll do it," the man/woman interrupts. He/She laughs. "Don't look at me like that. You're not so inconspicuous. Let's discuss my terms." They'll leave without asking for directions, claiming they "know the way."
  • If the guard's personality is Perverted: The player watches a man/woman try and fail to woo a bar patron. The man/woman hesitates, then nods. "Could be fun," he/she says. "Plenty of time to get to know each other." They set out of the pub with a swagger.

The player does not have to settle on the first guard they meet; they can spend as long as they'd like searching for a qualified guard. In any event, once the player hires a guard, they'll give the player their name before setting off to the farmlands. From then on, they can be found perched at the watchtower.


Once hired, the guard will always be found at the watchtower in the fields of Alex's farm. Occasionally, they'll leave to demand their weekly pay from the player, assuming their Trust is low.


The guard's relationship with the player is strictly business. Every Sunday they'll expect their weekly wages from the player, and failing to satisfy their demands in one way or another may drive them to quit.

The guard has three attributes the player can influence, Trust, Skill, and Wage.

Trust is the only one of the three which can decrease, should the player miss too many payments. With high Trust, the guard will allow the player more leeway when it comes to late payments, giving them an extra week or two to pay them. Skill measures how competent they'll be during Remy's assaults.

Trust is increased whenever the player pays the guard, but not when they seduce the guard in place of their weekly payment. Wage and Skill increase regardless of how the player handles them.


As stated, the player's interactions with the guard outside of work are limited. Aside from visiting them at their tower and enlisted their aid during an assault, the player only deals with the guard in the matter of their payment.

Currently, there is no way to manually fire the guard. They'll only quit if the player fails to pay them on time, or after a specific scene - see Seducing the Guard below.

Weekly Payments

Every week, the guard expects the player to pay up. The player has three options: pay their wages as per usual (+Trust | +Security skill | +Wage), tell them you can't afford it (whether or not they'll be understanding or quit on the spot depends on their Trust), or seduce them (requires Promiscuity 3).

Note that even if a guard allows the player to adjourn their payday, they'll still expect their promised wages, and unpaid wages will add up (for example, if a guard's wage is normally £600 and their payment is postponed, the following week they'll request £1200 from the player).

The player can avoid paying the guard by simply not visiting the farm. This won't yield any consequence; the guard won't quit over a late payment if they're never given the opportunity to confront the player. However, unlike Bailey's Payments, unpaid wages will accumulate. This means if a guard's wage is £600, for example, and the player stays away from Alex's farm for four weeks, the guard will expect £2400 upon the player's return.

Security Skill level increases with Wage. (Wage increases £20 every payment until the maximum of 1300 is reached.)

  • F – ≤ £
  • D – £ - £699
  • C – £700 - £899
  • B – £900 - £1099
  • A – £1100 - £1299
  • S – £1300

Seducing the Guard

With a Promiscuity stat of 3 or higher, the player may try to pay the guard's weekly wages with their body. Note that the option to seduce will only appear when the guard approaches the player directly to request their pay; if the player visits them at the watchtower, they'll only have the option to pay or leave.

The difficulty of the ensuing Seduction check depends on the guard's personality type.

  • If the guard is Relaxed or Sociable, they'll require an overall rating of A or higher to successfully seduce.
  • Brooding guards will be more difficult, requiring an overall rating of S to accept the player's proposition.
  • Perverted guards are the easiest to seduce, only requiring an overall rating of B.

If successful, the player will whisk the guard away to a secluded spot, and a consensual encounter will commence. If the player makes the guard cum, they'll waive their payment for the week and leave the barn. The player may seduce the guard as many times as they'd like; theoretically, the player can avoid have to pay them entirely if they're able to pass the Seduction check every week.

Failing the Seduction attempt, asking the guard to stop during sex, or even beating them into submission should the encounter become nonconsensual will not have any negative consequences, aside from forcing the player to either pay up or refuse.

A unique scene can occur if the encounter with the guard turns nonconsensual. If the player chooses to Scream, Alex rushes into the barn, and the guard will either apologize for going too far or blame the player. Regardless, Alex demands the guard's immediate resignation, to which they comply. Doing this will greatly increase Alex's Dominance.

During Assaults

On nights where Remy sends their goons to bombard the farm, the watchtower guard will help defend. Having the guard active makes keeping track of the thugs' whereabouts and their progress much easier.

Defending the Watchtower

Occasionally, Remy's thugs may rush the tower in an attempt to incapacitate the guard. Should the player notice in time, they can choose to follow the goons and defend the tower, or leave it up to the guard.

If they ignore the thugs, they will hear a struggle, punctuated by static as the guard attempts to fend off their assailants. Their success is determined by their Security skill.

  • If successful: You peer at the watchtower. A body falls from the top. It's not your guard. Seems they got the better of one of their attackers.
  • If unsuccessful: You peer at the watchtower. A body falls from the top. It's your guard. They won't be helping for the rest of the assault.

If the player instead opts to defend the watchtower, they'll sneak up behind the thugs as they ascend. The player can either ambush them (initiates a Skulduggery check) or charge them head-on. Succeeding in the former will defeat the thugs without a fight, but failing or choosing the latter option triggers an encounter.

Defeating the player's attacker(s), or driving them to orgasm, enables the guard to regain the upper hand and eject them from the tower. Otherwise, if the player becomes overwhelmed with pain, the thugs will focus their attention on the guard. If their security skill is high enough, they'll manage to fend the intruders off and help the player to their feat; if not, the guard, outnumbered, will be pushed off the watchtower.

If the guard is incapacitated at any point, they'll be essentially disabled for the remainder of the assault, unable to update the player and Alex on the enemy's progress.


Currently, the watchtower guard has two feats tied to them.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
To Watch the Fields "Hire help." "Hired security for your farm." Build the watchtower and hire a guard. After clearing the fifth field, the player has the option of buying a watchtower for the farm. Once the building is complete, a guard can be hired at the Pub. 1
Reliable Employer "Help an employee reach their potential." "Employed an S-ranked guard." Have your watchtower guard's Security skill reach S. Whenever the watchtower guard is paid, their Security skill will increase slightly.

Hiring a guard with a decent starting Security skill at the Pub can help speed up progress.



  • The Watchtower Guard was the first Persistent NPC to exist within the game, which the system was expanded upon with the release of the Prison - and included the Prison Guards and Prison Inmates.
  • At the time of release, the Watchtower Guard was the only NPC that can have their personality and name completely randomly-generated.
  • Taken from Vrelnir's Blogspot, found here:
    • "I've included an experiment, a persistent generic NPC you can hire for your farm to help with security. They have a name, and different lines depending on personality. They're sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC. I'm unsure if it's a route I want to continue down. Keeping names restricted to full NPCs keeps things tidy. On the other hand, there's something to be said for NPCs who don't melt into the ether once the game's done with them."

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