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DISCLAIMER: All Toggle articles contain the following disclaimer. Reader discretion is advised.

"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Watersports are one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity.


Enable Watersports in Settings.


Watersports is not about swimming or water balloons and what not but about the pleasure of being urinated on and other such things related to urine.


Currently content related to watersports can be found in few locations around the Town.

  • Requires the player to have a high Crime history. When running from the police, there is a chance for the player to fail the escape attempt and instead of catching the player, the police officers will taze the player to the point where they end up wetting themselves.
  • Angry NPCs can urinate on the PC after orgasming during non-consensual encounters.


  • The developers have stated in the past that watersports is not appealing to them. As such, contributions towards watersports will be made by the community.
  • Watersports was exclusive to one scene only until update

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