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Whitney the Bully
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Whitney the bully is a delinquent that takes interest in the Player Character. They attend the local School on Oxford Street, where their popularity knows no bounds with their fellow students.

They serve as one of the player's potential Love Interests. Although initially introduced as someone not to mess with, given enough time they will warm up to the player, loosening their rough handling of them.


Due to their status as a love interest, Whitney's appearance will be mostly left up to player interpretation. Their description will remain consistent somewhat, regardless of what sex they are determined as.

However, they will always be described as or otherwise depicted as having blonde hair over one eye. In addition, they are known to be a popular but delinquent student, and a frequent smoker.

First Meeting

At some point in the school hallways, someone will shove the player against a wall. The player turns to face the culprit as they pin the player’s arms with their own. This turns out to be Whitney. They tell the player to not "get in their way again" as their friends flank them, stating they will put the player "in their place" otherwise.

Whitney leaves the scene shortly afterwards along with their friends, with the warning still lingering in the player's mind.


Whitney can usually be found within the school itself, but can also be found across the town. They have two timetables, one for when school is in session, and the other when school is not in session. These will be referred to as the "School Timetable" for the former, and "Personal Timetable" for the latter.

School Timetable (9AM-3PM):

  • 9AM-3PM: Whitney may approach the player when the player is in the school hallways, such as wandering around or searching through lockers, at random points during the day.
    • If the player is caught crossdressing by Whitney, should the player try to access the appropriate toilet, Whitney will forbid the player from doing so. If crossdressing as a girl when the PC is male, the player might meet Whitney in the girl's toilets, and vice versa for the boy's toilets when crossdressing as a boy when the PC is female.
  • 10AM-11AM: Sharing Maths class with the player.
    • Due to their delinquent nature, they may also choose to skip class; opting to hang around with their friends instead - at which point, they will instead be found within the school hallways.
    • As the player's relationship with Whitney improves, they will show up in class more often.
  • 12PM-1PM: Can be found hanging out on the roof. At this time they also may approach the player regarding who they sit with in the school canteen.
    • The canteen's event for instance, interacting with Robin or Kylar at lunch may have Whitney come to bully them, with the latter resulting in a fight between Kylar and Whitney over the player typically.
    • The roof doesn't seem to currently have any use besides seeing Whitney.
  • 3PM-4PM: Loitering around at the school's front gate with their friends. If the player tries to leave the school grounds via the front gate while Whitney is there, they will try to harass the player, triggering events.
    • Should the player wish to avoid these events, it can be avoided by leaving the school via other routes, like the sewers or the rear playground.
    • Events with Whitney may not occur daily.

If Whitney is present in maths class, they will do their best to harass the player in any way they can. It should be noted that while Whitney is stated to be notorious for skipping lessons, they will still show up often for maths class nonetheless. Raising their Love and Lust stats will increase chances of Whitney showing up more often to class.

Outside of classes, Whitney is usually found with their friends, teasing and picking on the player at random - before, between, or after classes. After school is finished for the day, Whitney can then be encountered at the school's front gates. This is indicated with the following prompt: "You see Whitney hanging out by the gate."

Personal Timetable (4PM-9PM):

  • 4PM-6PM: (Only during a rainy day) Whitney will be at the Park alone, standing near the fountain with an umbrella.
  • ANY AM/PM: If the player walks around nude at the Park (requires Exhibitionism 5), Whitney may appear and approach the player.
  • ANY AM/PM: (During non-school days such as Saturday/Sunday, or school is on break) Roaming the town's streets and alleyways (mainly the Residential Alleyways) with their friends.
    • Even when school is not in session they may remain to be a persistent threat if the player seeks to avoid interaction with Whitney. They are more likely to seek out the player the more time has passed since their last event.
    • With high Lust, Whitney may come to harass the player at pretty much any given point here.
  • 9PM: (Only on a Sunday) Will be lounging at the Pub on Harvest Street with their friends.


Building a relationship with Whitney can be difficult, given the infrequency of the events which allow the player to raise Love and the high requirements for some of the scenes (Promiscuity/Exhibitionism). Loitering in the hallways during the mornings, lunch and after school can help with encountering them.

In general, choosing to act slutty with them and cooperating submissively instead of being combative towards them is what the player must do should they want to advance their relationship with Whitney. Whitney likes exhibitionists and promiscuous PCs, so Promiscuity 5 and Exhibitionism 5 are ideal. Note that all options that increase love are marked with + Love. As these options increase love by 1 point and entering a relationship with Whitney requires 20, a theoretical minimum of 20 of these events is necessary for this.

It should be noted that if Whitney's Dominance is at a low level, their encounter rate will be lowered. However, this may also be chalked up to bad RNG, as well. Should this happen, make sure to leave the front gate of school every day. Additionally, wander the hallways before classes start and during lunch. If Whitney is still not encountered, the player will have to do something that will refresh this. One such example is to examine a locker, then choose to back out. Rinse and repeat until Whitney is encountered in the hallways. Alternatively, leave the school hallways to the front entrance, then re-enter.

Whitney's Opinion of the Player

Lower items have priority.

Low Love

  • Low Lust
    • Max Dom: Whitney thinks you're pathetic.
    • High Dom: Whitney thinks you're a freak. (Default)
    • Low Dom: Whitney thinks you're a threat to his/her status.
    • Very Low Dom and Love: Whitney has a vendetta against you.
  • High Lust
    • Very High Dom: Whitney wants to make you beg.
    • Low-High Dom: Whitney wants to hear you beg.

Mid Love

  • Max Dom: Whitney thinks you're fun to pick on.
  • High Dom: Whitney thinks you're an easy target.
  • Low Dom: Whitney finds you annoying.

High Love

  • Low Lust
    • Max Dom: Whitney owns you.
    • High Dom: Whitney thinks you're his/her pet.
    • Low Dom: Whitney thinks you're his/her boy/girlfriend.
  • High Lust: Whitney is up for some fun.

Dismissed: Whitney is gone.

If the player saves Whitney during their dismissal event, they will temporarily have different text in the days after before going back to normal.

  • Whitney is vulnerable.
    • Right after the player intervenes. Lasts for the rest of the day.
  • Whitney is humiliated.
    • Day after they are rescued. Lasts for 8 days.
  • Whitney is grateful.
    • If the player asks them what's wrong when speaking to them at the park. Lasts for 7 days.
  • Whitney is unnerved and agitated.
    • If the player does not speak to them, the text will transition to this after the "humiliated" status. Lasts for 14 days.

Dominance, Love and Lust

As one of several love interests, Whitney has three primary stats. Love and Lust are two stats that all love interests share, with Whitney possessing a unique stat dedicated to them: "Dominance."

  • Whitney's Dominance is raised by submitting to Whitney's demands and lowered by resisting them. It starts out halfway full (10 out of 20). The higher it is, the more events open up.
  • Raising Love requires fairly high levels of Promiscuity and Exhibitionism, and actions that raise it tend to raise Whitney's Dominance as well. The Love stat starts at 0 and goes up to 30. Higher Love will unlock more events, as well as change several others.
  • Lust makes Whitney approach the player more frequently with lewd intentions. It is increased through many encounters, mostly when meeting Whitney without engaging in combat (actions that build up sexual tension without a way to release it).
    • Pleasing Whitney sexually lowers Lust, as with all other love interests.
    • A higher level of Lust makes Whitney more aggressive (bully the player more often) and opens up more events.
    • Lust starts out at 0 and goes up to 100.

Claiming Love

When the Love stat reaches its maximum, Whitney will approach the player at some point before shoving them against a wall (If approached in Park will bend you backward over the fountain letting rain or snow fall on your face). They look more angry than usual.

Whitney calls the player a "stupid slut" as they pin them down with their arms. They state how the player has been asking for this, kissing the player with "surprising tenderness." They go on to state that the player is now their lover, and that they had better be grateful. Whitney kisses the player once more, this time biting their lip. They leave without looking back.

At this point, a prompt will appear: "Whitney can now be claimed as your love interest! It seems you don't have a choice in the matter."

As a Love Interest

While in a relationship with Whitney, they will become more affectionate (to a degree). They still maintain their abusive behavior towards the player, but it is a softer form of abuse. The player will experience events such as being pet in a patronizing manner, spooked in the hallway and a forced making out session. Whitney may even show signs of jealousy at times. If one of Whitney's friends tries to have their way with the player, Whitney will disapprove, intervening and claiming the player as their property. They will then lead the player to a remote location, with them stating that they need to have public sex in order to vent. Once the encounter ends, Whitney states that the player should have their scent, which should "deter" others away.

Despite this, Whitney will still partake in their sadistic humiliation of the player regardless of whether or not the player has them set as their love interest.

Public Display

Whitney's relationship with the player culminates when they say they have something planned for them. The player will be brought to a seedy pub on Harvest Street. They offer the player drinks, which they may accept (+ Whitney's Dominance) or refuse the request. Drinking leaves the player intoxicated, and more likely to go along with what Whitney asks. Regardless of the decision, Whitney asks the player to sit on their lap, which they may again do or refuse. Doing so has the expected result with a few heads turning, otherwise Whitney will grab the player, before pulling them onto the table.

Whitney will then state this line firmly: "I’m going to fuck you. Right here. Everyone will see and know you’re mine." An audience will be watching the inevitable encounter. Agreeing turns this inevitable encounter into a consensual one (+ Whitney's Dominance). Otherwise the encounter turns non-consensual (- Whitney's Dominance). If Whitney hasn't discovered the player true gender up until this moment, they will learn it during this scene.

If the player didn't cum during the encounter, Whitney will help them reach their climax afterwards.

Dismissing Whitney

The player is able to dismiss Whitney for the rest of their current playthrough, should they not wish to deal with them anymore. Doing so will essentially remove Whitney from the game entirely, preventing any further interactions with the character.

Provided the player passes out in a street with Whitney's Dominance at its minimum and they are not Whitney's lover, this will automatically initiate the Dismissing Whitney quest. For more information, visit the respective page.


Despite Whitney's status as a major NPC and one of the player's potential Love Interests, their interactions may seem limited compared to the likes of ones such as Robin or Sydney, as opportunities to encounter Whitney outside of school are sparse.

That being said, when encountered at school, there are several scenes in which the player can encounter Whitney. They generally involve Whitney bullying the player or getting the player roped up in their usual troublemaking.

You can share a milkshake, which can be bought at Ocean Breeze Cafe, with Whitney in the park

Whitney can rescue the PC if they should scream at school in some locations. Teachers will take priority if applicable.

For more information, see Whitney's Events.

Other pages detailing certain interactions with Whitney:

Whitney's Bodywriting

Whitney has the ability to write on player even in consensual encounters, a trait they share with Sydney and Kylar. Their bodywriting phrases are unique, as no other NPC can write them on the player. However, the player can write certain Whitney-related lines on themselves after unlocking them as a love interest.

Several of Whitney's events involve their unique bodywriting phrases; one such event involves Whitney permanently emblazoning their work upon the player by forcing them to get a tattoo. See Whitney's Events for further details.


  • Despite having power over their peers, Whitney's behaviours can be interpreted as influenced by peer pressure. The player themselves will be tempted by this in school events where bullying others grant them School Reputation.
    • It would explain why they are much more daring sexually than other potential love interests.
    • They have no qualms with public sex whatsoever, forcing themselves onto the player regularly for all to see.
  • Whitney is one of two love interests to exist since the initial release of the game, with the other one being Eden.
    • The option to choose Whitney as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13, along with the other love interests. Prior to that, they were not thought of as a "love interest" though, merely a major NPC whose relationship with the player could be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
  • Unlike other love interests, Whitney does not seem to mind sharing the player - to an extent.
    • However, they will act overprotective at times due to them maintaining dominance over the player. They choose who the player can be shared with - no one else - which is typically someone Whitney looks down upon, as to humiliate the player.
    • Whitney will intervene should one of their friends try to steal the player for themselves.
  • Whitney seems to have a sexual fixation on oral. This is evidenced by their plentiful amounts of sexual events involving oral, and appears to be their go-to for sexual activity involving the player.
  • The name "Whitney" - like all other NPCs names - are considered to be unisex names. This means that it is both a masculine and feminine given name.
    • It has been used as both a first name and surname. The name itself comes from Old English; its meaning translating to "from the white island."
    • Despite this, Whitney tends to be used as a feminine given name. Males named Whitney are few in between.
  • Code-wise, Whitney has interesting things to note.
    • They have a hidden "bully timer", determining whether Whitney is available for the day. The timer is set to 0 the moment a Whitney event is triggered. However, the moment the timer reaches above 100, a Whitney event is almost guaranteed to occur.
    • The forced parasite event accounts for the player not having genitals at all. This will make Whitney confused and disgusted, causing them to leave the player alone.
  • Prior to Version 0.2.15, Whitney did not appear within Math's Class.
  • Originally, Whitney's unique stat was named "NPC Dominance". This encompassed both Whitney and Robin. It saw a minor rename in Version 0.2.7 to say "Whitney's Dominance" instead.
  • Whitney is the only named student NPC who isn't a virgin by the time the player meets them.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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