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Whitney the Bully
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Whitney's Halloween is one of few event questlines tied to festivities - unique events within Degrees of Lewdity that takes place within a specific date and time (October 31st) and will not be encountered otherwise.

Whitney plays a prominent role in the Halloween festivities taking place within the town, and the second person to play a part in the Halloween questline - proceeding to have an overarching presence in the events to come following Robin's trick-or-treating.

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The player is confronted by Whitney during trick-or-treating night. Go through with what they have planned for the player.


If Whitney is not in Pillory or unavailable for other reasons and the player went to Domus street at least 7:00PM, they will be confronted by Whitney to go trick-or-treating on the 31 October on Domus Street from 7:00 PM. The player will learn this randomly through an outdoors bullying event.


The player is ambushed by people wearing blood-stained rags, carrying baseball bats, surrounding the player. One of them wears a terrifying mask, wearing bloody rags like the others, but with more skin exposed, all painted red and abdominal muscles highlighted by a darker shade of color. The person greets the player – it is Whitney. If the player is their lover, Whitney will introduce them as such, kissing them. They will then comment on the costume the player is wearing, thinking even transformations are costumes, humorously commenting for example on how the player gets their halo to stay up or how does their tail stay in. One of Whitney's friends has a small chance to take particular interest in the Bird transformation, marveling over how realistic the wings look and feel before Whitney elbows them and shuts them up. Note that during this event, being naked or exposed also counts as a costume, along with any clothing with the ‘’Costume’’ trait.

Not wearing a costume will disappoint Whitney, who will rip the upper, lower, under upper and under lower clothes from the player, destroying them.

Regardless, the player will now be invited to go trick-or treating. Should they refuse (- Dominance | - Love), Whitney will grab a fellow orphan’s bag of candy, stating: "I really fancied sweets. ’Course, if we go trick-or-treating I could get my own. But you don’t want to. Unless you’ve changed your mind?“ If the player refuses again, Whitney will trample the bag and leave the player alone.

If the player agrees to go trick or treating, Whitney will march them down the road while fondling their bottom.

The first house will not be decorated. Whitney will be upset by this, suspecting the people living there are rich. A person timidly answers the door, claiming they don’t have anything. Whitney says hurls rocks at the house, followed by their friends. The player may Try to stop them or Watch.

Trying to stop them will have the player plead with Whitney, at which they will simply laugh. Watching will have the player watch. Regardless, everyone will move to a house with a particularly extravagant display. This being the house the player may visit with Robin during Halloween.

Whitney will ring the doorbell. If the player previously went trick-or-treating with Robin, the person will comment on what happened. Whitney will beat the person with a bat in anger and steal their booze. Otherwise, Whitney will demand money or drinks of the person. This will lead to the person leering at the player as Whitney's friends pull their clothes aside. Whitney will get the booze, hit the person in the stomach with a bat for asking something in return and leave.

Next, the player hears a police siren and is pulled by Whitney down an alleyway and into the park. There, everyone drinks, and Whitney offers the player a bottle. Accepting makes the player somewhat drunk, refusing will have Whitney drink it instead.

At this point, Whitney will say "There’s a reason I wanted you along." They reveal that they are not wearing underwear and ask for oral sex. The player may Kneel (Promiscuity 4), engaging in oral sex with an audience or refuse (- Dominance | - Love). Whitney’s friends will laugh at the player’s brazen refusal, along with Whitney, who says: "Suit yourself, my boy/girl knows what he/she wants.“

Regardless of whether the player refuses or successfully performs oral, Whitney will stand up, chuck the bottle at a wall and say: "Done for tonight. Fuck off home.“ Everyone leaves, ending the event.


  • A "successful" night with Whitney (?)
  • The second of the Halloween "dates" completed.


  • This event was the second Halloween event to be introduced.

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