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Winter the history teacher is the fourth of five teachers within Degrees of Lewdity. Their job role serves as the player's history teacher, as the job title suggests.

They mainly teach at the local Oxford Street School, but they also lead a double-life as a curator at the Museum on the same street.


Winter's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as having a well-groomed and sophisticated look to them.

  • If male: He's an older gentleman, well-groomed and sophisticated.
  • If female: She's an older lady, well-groomed and sophisticated.

First Meeting

  • If the player meets Winter at the School: The player first encounters Winter as the fourth class of the day. They are potentially the fourth teacher the player comes across. If the player is late, Winter will mark them for their tardiness - adding Delinquency. Additionally, should the player be found not wearing a uniform when entering the classroom, Winter will tell them that they are unable to teach them while they are dressed like that, and refers them to Leighton's office to find a spare uniform. Otherwise, the classroom soon fills as Winter arrives to begin their lesson.
  • If the player meets Winter at the Museum: The player spots Winter polishing a brass pot. They tell the player to not touch anything, doubting they have washed their hands. The player has three options on how to respond. Regardless of what they respond with, Winter will inform the player that the museum currently possesses a sorry collection for an area "so rich in history." They go on to state the mayor's office agrees, setting aside funds to anyone who provides local antiques.


Winter can be found teaching their class, starting from 1PM. If school is not in session, Winter will be found at the Museum between 9AM to 6PM - this will usually be during weekends.

History class is the fourth class of the day.

Should the player find any treasures during their scavenging in the Forest Lake Ruins and/or any antiques they find in the forest, they will be able to take them to Winter for appraisal. Winter will award them appropriately, dependant on how much the items are worth in total. Inquiring about the different objects will slowly raise Winter's Love stat, raising their overall affection towards the player.


Winter's relationship with the player is determinant on the player's behaviour. If the player acts as a school delinquent, this lowers all teachers' opinion of them, including Winter's.

Like all other teachers, Winter will disapprove of the player being late to class, swiftly giving them detention.

While at the Museum, their relationship with the player will turn into more of a caretaker-assistant relationship. They will greatly appreciate the player working as their personal assistant, bringing several antiques to put on display and help restore the Museum to its former glory.

Note in order to initiate a lewd encounter as spanking hips with Winter you need to be caught masturbating another time while wearing the chastity device they put on you or you got youself. Winter is strongly against the idea of sex, going as far as to punish the player by forcing a chastity belt onto them to prevent lewd activities, should they catch the player masturbating. This extends to flirting or any sort of sexual behaviour, instead favouring those who are obedient and interested in history.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Winter's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of two locations Winter can be found at, Winter will make many appearances within their own history classroom at the school. They will serve as the player's history teacher while attending there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve teacher-student interactions, such as helping the player study better and making sure the player is behaving in class.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their classroom, which involves their role as the caretaker of the museum. While the player is here, they start to see the player as a personal assistant, while remaining in the background - nonetheless, Winter will inspect any unique antique the player brings to them. Special interactions will occur there once the player has gathered enough antiques.


Winter' duty as a teacher allows for unique events. This will typically involve the player "acting" out in some lewd way, such as masturbating during class or wearing a collar and leash.

Forced Chastity

If Winter catches the player masturbating in their class, they will lead them into the back and force the player to strip. Should the player agree to this, Winter will fit into place a chastity belt as punishment. However, if the player is already wearing one or refuses Winter, they will instead lay them over their knee and spank them, as it appears to Winter that the belt is obviously not enough. They then lecture the player on the health risks of masturbating. If the player manage to make Winter cum while spanking, they will groan as a wet patch forms on their trousers. After that, they make a comment on the player as "You are an energetic one."


If the player is wearing a collar and leash at any point, Winter will once again comment on this. They ask if the player likes to roleplay as a dog, which makes some members of the class laugh in response. This reduces Status.


During class, Winter may inquire about the player's transformations, asking "What are these on your head?"

The player will have 2 options: Answer honestly or Make Excuse.

If the player answers honestly, they will tell Winter that they (the cat/wolf ears) grow when they're wild or tell that they (the demon horns) grow when they're sinned. The player will then tug on the ears or horns to prove their point. Winter will raise their eyebrows and say that it's unusual before telling the player to carry on with their work. The player can't tell if Winter believe them or not. (Other transformations currently have no effect on this event.)

Should the player try to make excuse, they will say that it's just a costume and mock Winter for not having a sense of humor. Winter will tell the player to explain it in detention. This increases Delinquency.


Winter leads a second life as a museum curator. This also allows for unique events.

Ankle cuff removal

Editor's note: this part is a stub

If the player got strapped on with ankle cuffs on any encounter, the player could undo the bindings themselves, or go to the museum. Also, going to the police to get the ankle cuffs removed, the police will redirect the player to the museum. Going to the museum to get ankle cuffs removed will have Winter produce a handful set of keys and try fitting them on the ankle cuffs until one fits and unlocks it. This may prompt the player to either thank Winter or ask them why they have so many keys.

Thanking them will have them take the ankle cuffs themselves because they may have "historical value".

Wooden Horse Demonstration

Note: A high Willpower stat is recommended, and required, to complete this event.

After the player has found and donated ten or so artifacts, the player will then approach Winter, who hoped they would come. They then show the player an old torture device - wooden horse, also known as a "Spanish donkey". They explain that they need help to demonstrate how it works in order to get more people interested in history. At this point, Winter asks for the player's help, giving them old rags to dress in and having them sit on the horse.

Winter's plan is to take photos of the player sitting on the horse in order to promote the demonstration. They explain that people have had weights bound to their ankles to pull them down into the sharper edges of the wood and were prone to whipping sessions as well. Winter will then ask for the player's consent to be weighed down and whipped, enough to create proper authenticity. The player can refuse this, which Winter will respect and not cause the player any pain.

Accepting the pain however will have Winter appreciate their decision, telling the player to decide on a safe word should things get too painful - with the default word being "Marshmallow". The player can choose any word they wish.

Over time, the demonstrations will attract a crowd, and Winter will begin the demonstrations with a narration of the player's plight. They speak of the town's brutal and heroic history, telling the story of a poor child (the player) who stole bread for their starving sibling. They were forced to face the lord's justice as punishment for this deed.

This event can be repeated once unlocked. It is a great way to safely raise Willpower and Winter's Love stat, at the cost of increasing Pain. Each demonstration will fill the museum with more visitors the next time the player visits, until at some point visitors crowd the building, leaving Winter looking overworked but content.

For more information on this event, visit this page: Wooden Horse Demonstration

Ducking Stool Demonstration

Note: A high Swimming stat is recommended, and required, to complete this event.

Once the player has collected twenty or so unique antiques, Winter will once again approach the player. They state that they have received a donation – a chair with a hook at the back, as if it were meant to be tied to something - a ducking stool, used to suffocate people underwater. It could be fatal. Just like with the wooden horse, Winter will ask the player to demonstrate it in public, except this time it will not be taking place within the museum itself, but rather at a nearby river.

Whenever the player visits the museum, they will get the option to Agree to the ducking stool demonstration. Once they do, Winter will lead them down a side road, and into the park, arriving at the river. Everything has already been set up before-hand, with Winter explaining the player's role. They are to sit in the chair as it is dunked into the river, with the player being submerged completely for more authenticity. Winter will be operating the crane, carrying the chair - all the while talking the audience through the history of the device. The player will be tied down and will get wet regardless, although Winter says they have a suitable garment for the player to wear - a bundle of rags, tight and revealing, so as to not get their clothes wet. The rags themselves are not transparent, though they cling on the player's body.

To prevent any issues, Winter will provide the player with a waterproof buzzer, allowing them to notify Winter any time they wish for the demonstration to end. Doing so works in a similar fashion as choosing a safeword for the wooden horse demonstration. Should things become too overwhelming for the player, they can press the buzzer, and Winter will respond by pulling the player out of the water quickly to prevent them from potentiially drowning.

Just like the wooden horse demonstration, over time the demonstrations will attract a crowd, with more people gaining interest in the museum. There is no punishment for not enduring. Winter will begin the demonstration with a narration of the player's plight. They speak of the player as a con artist, about to face justice. The player will then submerged first up to their chest, then up to their neck. The player is put back on the ground and untied as the demonstration ends.

Also similarly to the wooden horse demonstration, this event can be repeated once unlocked. It serves once again as a great way to safely raise Willpower as well as Winter's Love stat, at some extra additional costs. The player has the opportunity to Demonstrate the ducking stool every weekend in addition to demonstrating the wooden horse, allowing the player to proceed with both demonstrations. They are not mutually exclusive.

For more information on this event, visit this page: Ducking Stool Demonstration


  • Winter is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Winter is the only Named NPC to have a BDSM element to them.
  • Winter is also the player's only source of information about the town's history:
    • When the player brings an Antique Watch to Winter at the museum, they are told: "A century and a half, yet still ticking away. Was made during the town's glory days." This hints that the town could have been a less perverted and more prosperous place at some point in its long history.
    • Upon bringing a White Horn to Winter, they will exclaim: "A hollowed out horn. Hunters in the old town loved their trophies. Sadly, most remains of the old town are buried." This implies that hunters (who can still be encountered in the Forest) were a part of the town's history and that the historical town upon which the current town was built was likely entirely different.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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