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The Wolf Cave is one of several hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity.

It is also one of several locations that is considered to be a "safehouse".


"You are in the wolf cave. The ceiling hangs low. There's a breeze blowing from the back."

How to Enter

The player will be hunted in the Forest and when/if you are finally caught there is a chance it will be Black Wolf. After being raped they will drag the PC here.

Once it has already been discovered, it can be quickly accessed. The player must first unlock the option to find hidden routes with their History skill - which makes it possible to then find the Wolf Cave. Take the secret tunnel from the forest entrance to the deeper parts of the Forest, by the Forest Lake area.

Proceed to then head a little further into the Forest to find the cave.

First Steps

After arriving there the PC will then be raped by various wolves until they're all satisfied and block the entrance.


  • Inside the cave, the player can still dig at the back of the cave, sleep or go outside. If player's hands are bound together, they can cut the binds on a sharp rock. Outside, they can play with the wolves, wash in the stream, tend plots, or enter the forest and leave freely. Playing hide and seek or play-fighting for instance can relieve Stress, with an odd chance of having the player take things further via Deviancy.
  • There is a crack at the back of the cave which the PC has a chance to dig through to escape.
  • The Wolf Cave has 3 plots of decent quality soil, which the player can use to plant seeds. These plots are similar to the ones found in the Orphanage. Tilling these costs 1:30 per plot with ++Fatigue.

Wolf Transformation

Staying at the wolf cave and having devious encounters with them for long enough will transform the player into a wolf. So far, the transformation has no impact on the life within the Wolf Cave, however, if the player finds themselves in the Asylum and enters the Tentacle Realm, they can use the howling option in order to find the exit, where the Black Wolf will wait to save them and lead them back to the cave.

For further details on the Wolf Transformation, please visit the Transformations site.

People of Interest


Getting Caught

While wandering through the forest, the player can become hunted. One of the possible outcomes is the Black Wolf. When caught, combat ensues and the player can either fight them off or let the Black Wolf orgasm (willingly or by force). Afterwards, the wolf tries to pull the Player deeper into the forest, to which they can let it happen or struggle. Struggling starts another combat round, however, it doesn't matter whether the player fights them off or lets them cum, they will be able to flee either way. Letting the Wolf take them means that the player will be taken to the Wolf Cave deep in the forest (previously not on the map).

Arriving at the cave leads to a very straining event, as a sequence of combat scenes will start with 6 wolves going down on the player, raping them with no breaks in between. Though each time the a wolf cums, it raises the packs trust towards the player. In return, fighting them off means the pack fears the player a little more. Fighting off the 6 wolves lets the player escape right away. If not, the player stays in the cave with the wolves blocking the cave exit.

Now, the player has the chance to rest, try to escape or examine the back of the cave. Trying to escape at high trust or high fear is successful and the player can leave, low trust and low fear means the wolves will stand in their way and the player can back down or try to escape regardless, ensuing combat against the 6 wolves again. If the player has low trust and wants to avoid confrontation, they can examine the back of the cave, leading to a loose pile of rocks that can be removed through digging, similar to the Underground Brothel escape route. After each action, there is a chance that the player is approached by a wolf, leading to "combat." Finally, once the pack goes out to hunt, only 2 wolves protect the cave, giving the option to stay put or try to escape.

Life at the Cave

If the player fails (or refuses) to escape, they will eventually get the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves trait, making them a part of the pack and the cave a new living place (meaning that attitudes, settings etc. can be changed here, however there is no wardrobe, unlike in Eden's Cabin or the Orphanage).

Some scenes include a younger wolf sniffing the player's groin, a high rank and a lower rank wolf approaching the player to mate (the player can choose either, both or none) or being mounted in their sleep.

An important factor here now is Pack Harmony and Pack Ferocity. Making sure the pup is okay after falling, having successful hunts, and resting during hunts raises harmony and lowers ferocity.

Ignoring the hurt puppy or failed hunts raise ferocity and lower harmony.

At high ferocity, a wolf may try and attack the player, who can fight or call for help which may or may not be ignored, depending on harmony levels. Play fights can ensue that end violently, so the player can intervene (+Harmony -Ferocity), encourage (the opposite effect) or ignore.

The player can also become the alpha of the pack by challenging the black wolf, if and when they win they will be able to lead during hunts.


  • The wolf cave is one of few locations that does not contain any human NPCs at all, with the other locations being the Tentacle Plains and the Hawk's Tower.


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