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The Wolf transformation, otherwise referred to as the "wolf TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Animal" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category.
The wolf transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation will vary depending on the player's sex. How the player's transformation is identified as is listed below:

  • As a wolfboy for male PCs.
  • As a wolfgirl for female PCs.

In the characteristics tab, the player's divine transformation also affects how their wolf transformation is identified. For players who has no divine transformations, it's "wolf", for Angels, it's "dog", and for Fallen Angels and Demons, it's "hellhound".


  • Fangs - "Biting is three times as effective."
  • Wolfboy/Wolfgirl - "The spirit of the wild lives within you, making you more defiant over time. Your ears and tail make you more conspicuous."


All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below:

  • Eating Wolfshrooms:
    • Found deep in the Forest (rarely near the Forest Lake, but much more commonly deeper in). It takes two wolfshrooms every day for six days to achieve the full transformation (best case scenario).
  • Gathering mushrooms at Eden's cabin:
    • There's a chance that some of the mushrooms gathered will be wolfshrooms (indicated by the player feeling "angry for no discernable reason"), and will increase progress by three points.
  • Having sexual encounters with wolves:
    • Progress is gained when they ejaculate in the player, when the player is penetrating them as they orgasm, when eating out or scissoring female wolves, when a male wolf ejaculates on a player's penis while frotting, or when the player drinks milk from a lactating wolfgirl.
    • Wolves can be found anywhere in the Forest, but they can be encountered more frequently after venturing beyond the Forest Lake area. The Wolf Cave will give the player the easiest access to the Wolf Pack, upon receiving the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves trait.
      • Note: Ensure that the beast encounter is a wolf, not a dog. This is important. The distinction will become clear as a dog will not advance progress.
  • Taking certain actions at the Wolf Cave:
    • Breastfeeding the wolf pups.
      • If the player is lactating, they will get the option to feed the wolf pups inside the wolf cave once a day. This will increase progress by one point each time the player chooses to continue feeding the pups, up to three points if they're completely fed.
        • Note: This requires the player to have access to the Wolf Cave.
    • Relaxing with Black Wolf
      • Has a 30% chance of granting one point.

Not all of these requirements are necessary to achieve the full transformation. They can be combined to achieve a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation (i.e. eating wolfshrooms) will be sufficient as long as the player keeps working at it.

The Spiked Collar is highly recommended to obtain, and specially maintain, the wolf transformation. This is purchasable at the Shopping Centre.

Transformation progress accumulates at midnight. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the Spiked Collar (can be naked with just the collar) to prevent transformation decay.

Transformation Progress

The "Feral" version of the wolf transformation.

Note: Requires 30 transformation points to access the full transformation.

Progress will be made for every five points gained.

  1. "You have a strange toothache."
  2. "Your mouth feels different. You explore your mouth and wince as your tongue presses against your new fangs."
  3. "Your scalp itches."
    • (if Hirsute is enabled) "Your scalp and pubic area itch."
  4. "You feel something on your head. You reach up and tug, but it hurts. You have a new pair of wolf ears."
    • (if Hirsute is enabled) "You also notice long and fluffy hair has grown in your pubic area."
  5. "Your lower back itches."
  6. "You turn away from your bed and somehow knock your pillow to the floor. You reach behind you and feel your new wolf tail."


  • Stage 2: The player receives the "Fangs" trait.
  • Stage 4: The player receives wolf ears. If hirsute is enabled in Settings, the player will also get untrimmed hair in their pubic regions.
  • Stage 6: The player receives a wolf tail. The transformation is now complete.



  • Unlocks the "Fangs" trait. This grants a bonus to the "Bite" option when penises/breasts hover near the player during combat.
  • Defiance will be increased every day.
  • Unlocks the "Growl" option. During a beast encounter, growling can prevent the beast from mounting the player for a turn (only works if the beast hasn't already mounted the player). It is effective once per encounter. Beware that if the player is in heat or rut, growling will not work as it will sound like a lewd whine instead.


  • Submissiveness will decrease every day.
    • If the player wishes to act submissive, they must find other means of increasing the stat.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • The player can ask Eden for head pats after breakfast, them seeming to know the best way to make the player melt - giving an additional Stress reduction.
  • River will pull on the player's "headband" and ask them to remove it. This can be endured at a cost to Pain and Trauma, or the player can opt to bite them - receiving Delinquency and detention after school.
  • Deviancy is closely tied to this transformation. The player will see some overlap in actions, like 'dealing' with one of the wolves on the way to the lake, or having the option to respond to the wolves howling.
  • Unlocks a new option while at the Tentacle Plains - "Howl". Requires the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves character trait. One of two transformations to involve some sort of intervention from outside sources to lead the player out of the plains.

Alternative Appearance

The hairy wolf/hirsute alternate appearance allows for a more "primal" look, covering the player's pubic regions with untrimmed, bushy hair. With the toggle disabled, pubic hair will not appear at all.

Howling for Help

While in the Tentacle Plains, the player may hear a howl coming from one of the four directions. They can investigate and howl - this is a good way of indicating the direction in which the player has to go to find the door. Note that it has no effect on the tentacles, potentially drawing more attention towards the player if they are not careful - leading them to get overwhelmed. However, it does makes it easier to find the door's location.

Upon finding the exit, the player will notice the Black Wolf snarling and snapping at a horde of tentacles blocking it. The player runs towards the door but accidentally trips, which draws the attention of tentacles who then attack the player. The Black Wolf intervenes, grabbing them by the neck and pulling them out through the door. They give the player a ride home, allowing them safe passage out of the plains until they reach the Wolf Cave.

NPC Interactions


Robin's Room

A new interaction is available in Robin's room - Present belly (0:20) | Wolf | + Robin's Confidence | + Love | - Trauma | - Stress.

An unique scene will appear. Your character will fall on their back and present their belly to Robin. While rubbing you, Robin will comment "Who's a good boy? You are! Yes, you are!".

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