Worn Silver Ring

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The silver ring is one of eighteen different antiques within Degrees of Lewdity.


"You reach inside one of the pots, and find a small ivory box. It's sealed by a bronze lock. You find a silver ring."

"The Worn Silver Ring sits on a red pillow on top of a pedestal."


For a simple silver band," Winter says while gesturing at an empty pedestal. "Silver was common in jewellery like this. Hardy enough to outlive its owner, so it was often buried with them."

They turn away. "Silver is even known to hold up well underwater, compared to most other metals."`


This item is classified as an antique, meaning it has heavy ties to the Museum. See Winter for appraisal.

Collecting all eighteen antiques will unlock the "It Belongs In a Museum!" feat.



  • Buy Price: None
  • Sell Price: £30