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Wren is a smuggler operating in the Farmlands. They work under Remy, but their loyalty is shaky enough that they can be persuaded to operate in the player's interests.


Wren's description will vary based on their sex. Few details are given, such as them being described to have short hair while male, while a female Wren's will be described as shoulder-length. In either case, they're referred to as a young adult.

While it is not originally included in the first passage the player encounters Wren, they are mentioned to have blonde hair, after the player sits down at Wren's blackjack-dealing table.

First Meeting

Wren can be encountered in three locations, the Docks, Remy's Estate and the Prison.

At the Docks

While sneaking around the docks at night, the player may rummage through various cargo containers. Among the potential loot is a catsuit. Should the player choose to steal it, they'll hear a click as the end of a pistol emerges from the dark. The player will come face-to-face with Wren, who lowers their firearm and remarks that the player isn't who they were expected.

Wren allows the player to keep their findings before disappearing, vaguely mentioning that they may meet again.

At the Cottage

After clearing the first two fields of Alex's farm, the player will gain the ability to infiltrate Remy's estate. On the property they'll come across a cottage, in which Wren and their companions drink and play cards.

Wren will introduce themself and invite the player to a game of Blackjack; in order to make progress with Wren, the player must accept.

At Prison

Wren may encounter the player after lunch in prison. They are described to be wearing prison uniform, but they seem look freer than the other inmates. Then they will tell the player about shark's teeth and to meet them at Fridays after lunch, when they smuggle goods to the prison from the outside, before introducing themselves and brushing past the player.


Wren will always be present at Remy's estate, regardless of the time. Barring their one-time appearance at the Docks, they won't show up anywhere else.


Currently, Wren's relationship with the player is static. They'll offer the same services every time they are interacted with.

Although Wren possesses Dominance stats, it is purely cosmetic and does not affect their behavior. Winning and losing in Blackjack will respectively increase and decrease their Dominance.

Wren also posseses Love stat, if you have high enough love (20%) you can start to bet money in Blackjack. After losing a game of Blackjack, submitting to Wren will increase love, while refusing will decrease it.

Wren has one unique stat - Daring. Unlike other NPC stats, this is only a temporary stat and affects how willing they are to acquiesce to the player's demands. See Sabotaging Remy for more details on what Wren can be coerced into.

Although it is technically impossible to initiate a sexual encounter with Wren, the player is still able to engage in lewd interactions with Wren, including sex. However, these events occur outside of the game's combat system.



One of Wren's interactions with the player involves Blackjack. After accepting Wren's invitation to play, the player is shown the following message:

  • An idea strikes you. They don't seem hostile. For now. You could twist the situation to your advantage, but be careful.

While playing Blackjack can yield bountiful rewards for players investing in Alex's farm, it does not come without risks. Should the player win, Wren will agree to a request from them; however, the opposite will be true if Wren wins. Caution must be exercised when playing with Wren to avoid ending up in a dangerous situation.

After each hand, the player is given the option to leave or keep playing. If the player leaves the cottage at any point, they won't be able to play cards with Wren until the next day. Leaving also induces a slight penalty to Wren's Love.

How to Play Blackjack

Wren's interactions revolve around the game of "Blackjack", which is played with a standard 52-card deck. Players can draw cards, which will add up to their total amount depending on the number of the card they drew. The main goal of the game is to reach a score of 21, or to come as close as possible. To go beyond 21 will result in the player going "bust". Players can draw cards (Hitting) as they see fit, or they can stop (Stay) once they've reached their desired amount. A Blackjack player must make sure that their score is higher than that of the dealer, without going over 21.

  • At the start of each round, the player will be dealt 2 cards.
  • Aside from regular cards which add the amount corresponding to their number, other cards can have other amounts.
  • Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 each.
  • An ace is worth either 1 or 11, the amount depends on which cards the player currently has. An ace cannot be worth 11 if this amount would cause the player to go bust. For instance, if the player has an 8, a 6, and then draws an ace, this last card will be worth 1, as an 11 would cause them to go bust.
  • If either the player or the dealer are initially dealt a card worth 10 (Either a Jack, a Queen, a King, or simply a 10 card) along with an ace, their score will automatically add up to 21, resulting in a Blackjack which immediately wins the round, unless the opposing player draws a blackjack as well
  • In Blackjack, there is always one person filling the role of the "dealer", who in this case is Wren. Besides dealing cards as their name would imply, dealers will compete against the player to reach a score of 21.
  • At the beginning of each round, the dealer will also draw 2 cards, 1 of which will be revealed to the player, while the others remain hidden. Once a dealer reaches a score of 17 or higher, they must stay.

If the player reaches a score higher than the dealer, or if the dealer goes bust, the player wins. Likewise, if the dealer reaches a higher amount, or if the player goes bust, the dealer will take the round.

Wren's Favours

Blackjack victories garner favours from Wren. Wren's initial Daring stat is low; at first, the only thing the player will be able ask of them is to take a drink. However, they can be emboldened by the player's dares. Requests that the player can make of Wren that raise their Daring include:

  • Drink a shot of whisky (+Daring)
  • Kiss a colleague (++Daring | +Arousal)
  • Strip their top (++Daring | +Arousal)
  • Strip their skirt (if female)/trousers (if male) (++Daring | +Arousal)
  • Strip their bra (if female)/vest (if male) (++Daring | +Arousal)
  • Strip their panties (if female)/briefs (if male) (++Daring | +Arousal)

Once Wren is sufficiently daring, they'll agree to actively sabotage Remy's operations on behalf of the player. For more information on the less lewd, more productive favours the player can ask of Wren, see Sabotaging Remy.

Losing to Wren

On the other hand, an unlucky player can quickly find themselves at Wren's mercy. Much like the player, Wren's bets start off small, but steadily grow in severity. Choosing to comply with Wren's dares has the player reluctantly do as instructed, increasing Stress and Trauma; however, if their Promiscuity/Exhibitionism is high enough, they'll be able to flaunt. While the latter option circumvents the Stress and Trauma gains, flaunting will increase Arousal, which can be dangerous if the player continues playing with Wren.

Alternatively, they have the option to run, initiating an Athletics check. If successful, the player manages to escape with whatever clothes and dignity they have left; otherwise, Wren will intercept the player and have their associates strip the player nude before tossing them out of the estate. Whether successful and unsuccessful, trying to run will decrease Wren's Love.

Wren's Demands

To start, they'll focus on getting the player naked. At this point, every loss to Wren results in the player giving up a clothing item. Clothes relinquished to Wren can be recovered, but only by successfully asking for every favour, and then declaring victory. They'll attempt to strip every piece of clothing worn by the player, save for their headwear, facewear, and neckwear.

Wren gets especially frisky once the player loses their underwear. Losing while nude will eventually result in Wren demanding that the player bend over and present their nudity to the room. If the player is wearing a chastity device, the game ends here as Wren forces the player out of the cottage. Otherwise, Wren will move on with their next request.

Losing at this point leads to Wren asking the player to sit on their lap or to sit on the player's lap (depending on both parties' genitalia). This begins the next phase of Wren's demands.

High-Stakes Game

Once Wren or the player is sitting on the other's lap, Wren proposes that they'll play until the player cums, with the stipulation that, if they do, Wren will take their virginity. The player can still leave as normal, or continue to play.

Losses in this stage of the game will result in Wren subjecting the player to various provocative punishments, such as fondling or kissing (the latter of which, if the player loses, will count as the player's first kiss). The player will no longer be able to run away; their only option will be to endure, prompting a Willpower check, in which success limits the amount of Arousal gained from Wren's assault.

The game continues until the player leaves or either party cums. If the player loses too many times and reaches max Arousal, they'll be the first to cum. As stated, this will result in them losing the Virgin trait if they have it. However, if the player manages to weather the storm through strong willpower, Wren will cum before them and relent, letting the player leave undefiled.

Regardless of the outcome, the game will end and Wren will force the player out. They won't be able to return to the cottage until the next day.

Trading Dignity

If the player is naked when leaving, they'll stop and ask Wren for some clothes.

  • Defiant: "You're really gonna leave me with no clothes?" you ask. "Give me a towel or something at least."
  • Neutral: "Could you give me a towel, at least?" you ask. "I'll be in danger like this."
  • Submissive: "I-I have no clothes," you say. "C-could you give me something to cover with?"

In response Wren gives the player a proposition: orally pleasure their friends in exchange for a towel. The player can refuse, leaving them on the estate with no clothes, or accept. If the player's Promiscuity is lower than 4, they'll receive the prompt, "You're not promiscuous enough to take up such an offer. But leaving with nothing will be dangerous." In this case, the player may still accept, at the cost of Trauma and Stress.

To fulfill their end of the bargain, the player must lick the genitals of all five of Wren's goons. If the player's Oral skill is low, the goons may force the player to go at it again until they're properly satisfied, damaging Control.

After pleasuring all of Wren's colleagues, the player is given a small towel, just big enough to cover their chest or their waist - but not both. The player can choose to wrap it around either part of their body, or, if Wren lost their clothes over the course of the game, they can wrap in around Wren's waist instead. Doing so raises their Love, though the player will still be without clothes.

You can still trade dignity even if you win but lost some of your clothing. If that happens additionally to orally pleasing Wren's goons you also need to pay a small price.

Note that trading dignity doesn't seem to add to neither Prostitution fame nor Sex fame.

Prison smuggling

Every Friday, after lunch, Wren can be found selling smuggled goods in the prison yard in exchange for shark teeth. They'll be selling clothes which is the only way for the player to get clothes should they get theirs destroyed while inside the prison. They'll also be selling the following:

  • Clothes
    • Underwear - 5 teeth
    • Prison shirt or trousers - 10 teeth
    • Prisons Jumpsuit - 15 teeth
  • Small hammer - 20 teeth
  • Mirror - 30 teeth
  • Code to the medical room - 50 teeth
  • Poster of a sexy gentleman/sexy lady/cute puppy - 50 teeth
  • Rope - 100 teeth

Additionally, the player can make a one-time only trade with Wren: a key from the anxious guard (received after raising their Love to a certain point) in exchange for 200 shark's teeth.

As well as selling the PC items to aid in escaping, Wren can also smuggle the PC out of prison, for more info on escaping see: Prison


Wren has several unlockable feats, all of which are obtainable via playing Blackjack with them.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Wren the Sly N/A "You gave your virginity to them." Lose the "Virgin" trait to Wren. Go to the cottage in Remy's estate on the moor, and play Blackjack with Wren. After losing enough games that you got stripped from all your clothes, Wren will request to fondle or kiss you if you lose. If you max out your arousal and cum before they do, they will take your virginity. 2
Trading Dignity "Make a one-sided trade." "Orally satisfied a pack of Remy's goons." End Blackjack with your chest/penis/vagina exposed. After playing Blackjack with Wren, if your chest/penis/vagina is exposed, you will be proposed by Wren to satisfy their goons in exchange of a towel. 1
Playing with Fire "Endure a gambler's demands." "Made Wren cum before you." Make Wren cum before you while playing Blackjack. When playing Blackjack with Wren at Remy's Estate in the moor, after being stripped of all your clothes Wren will request to fondle or kiss you, should you lose. It will increase both of yours arousal stat. You need to max Wren's arousal before yours. 2
Firestarter "Win a destructive prize." "Convinced Wren to start a fire." Increase the daring stat to 11 by winning at Blackjack against Wren, then request them to start a fire. When playing Blackjack with Wren at Remy's Estate, after each won round you may request a dare to Wren. Some will increase the Daring stat, and, should it reach 11, you may then ask Wren to set a fire in one of the fields populating the Estate. 1
Five in a Row N/A "Win five games of blackjack in a row." Win five games of Blackjack at Remy's Farm in the moor. Save scumming can help. 1


  • Wren is one of the few NPCs with some knowledge of Bailey's shady practices. If the player encounters them at the Docks after having already met them at the Estate, Wren will greet them with the following line:
    • "And here I thought you were just some boy/girl in over his/her head," he/she says. "Or did Bailey send you? Either way, I won't interfere."


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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