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Zephyr the Pirate is the captain of the Pirate Ship that the player may ride to visit the Island.


Most descriptions of Captain Zephyr are brief and concise, largely simply focusing on their long braided hair and green eyes. If the captain is male, a full black beard is also described. As a pirate, they wear a hat, trousers, and a jacket, which has space for a pistol to be stored within.

First Meeting

There are two locations where the player is likely to meet Zephyr for the first time.

If the player passes out at sea, the player will meet Zephyr as hands pull them onto the deck of the Pirate Ship. If this is the player's first meeting with Zephyr and the pirates, they will be considered scum and be subject to Zephyr setting their crew upon them. See the page for the Pirate Ship for further information on this assault.

The player may alternatively find the pirates in the Smuggler's Pub, through the entrance in the Old Sewers by having sufficient History. However, the pirates will not take note of the player until the player is told about the Island and given their quest by Jordan. After this, the player will meet the pirates when they return to the Smuggler's Pub, allowing them a more willing and safe way to board the Pirate Ship.


Although Zephyr does have a Love stat for the player, the bulk of their interactions with the player depends on the pirate's Respect instead. Zephyr's interactions with the player changes greatly depending on if the player is scum or mate upon the Pirate Ship.

Zephyr's Love can be simply manipulated and increased by asking Zephyr to return to the mainland as a mate. During the ride back, the player has an opportunity to increase Zephyr's Love. The player can then head straight to the Smuggler's Pub to return to the Pirate Ship and go back to the mainland once again. This however will take a lot of time, especially as the ride back to land takes 3 hours.

The Ivory Wraith

On the blood moon, the player can still be possessed by the Ivory Wraith, the Wraith will guide the player onto the deck of ship to dive overboard, placing them deep within the forest, near the Asylum. However, before the player gets a chance to Dive, Captain Zephyr will stumble from their cabin, awoken by a bottle the player breaks.

"Thought I heard a bottle break. It's awful late to be admiring the view, [girl]. Especially on the night of the blood sea."

The wraith speaks to the Captain before they seem suspicious and peer at you through their spyglass:

"Ah. That'd do it." With a silent glare, [he] strides toward you.

This begins a combat encounter with the player being possessed by the Wraith (similar to the Fell Mist Event) against Captain Zephyr. This gives the player additional turns to resist the control of the Wraith, depending on how long Zephyr can bear the combat. Resisting the control will also prevent the player from lashing out at Zephyr, further extending the combat.

Zephyr is capable of bringing the player to max pain if the player resists the Wraith, however this will not end the combat immediately. Instead, further pain will contribute to increasing the Control meter, which will end the fight once it is completely full.

  • If the Wraith-controlled player loses to Zephyr:
    • You stop. You can feel it pushing you to keep going, to keep fighting, but you dig your heels in and focus. You have your body back, and you don't plan on giving it up.
    • The wraith will pull itself from the player, bursting from their chest and leaving them in agony before dissipating into nothingness. Zephyr slaps the player in the face twice before returning to their cabin. - "And stay gone, dredgie." [He] looks you over. "I don't know what ye did to earn that thing's ire. You'd best keep its business out of me ship."
    • This leaves the player on the deck of the pirate ship.
  • If the Wraith-controlled player wins over Zephyr:
    • Zephyr is shoved away to you, falling over [himself]. He slowly stands [himself] up, a grim look on [his] face.
    • The player pulls themselves over the railing, going to dive into the purple whirlpool below. Zephyr attempts to pull the player back but fails to do so in time and the player is transported into the forest. - "You pass through a swirling purple disc, and emerge in a thicket. It looks like the forest just outside town. You look behind you, and see the Asylum."
    • This leaves the player in the deep forest under the possession of the Wraith heading towards the Lake.

If the player thwarted the Wraith's possession, but perhaps changed their mind or involuntarily got exorcised, the player can go back to sleep in the Bilge again before the night ends. This will lead to another possession and Zephyr coming back out of their cabin to engage the Wraith once again.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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